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The study of mathematics provides our students with skills and tools that help them to describe and understand something of the vastness and complexity of the world which God has created and to carry out their work within that creation. When children learn to calculate distances in space or write mathematical equations to describe creation processes and forces, for example, they also learn more about how great the Creator is.

While teaching and learning for understanding is clearly important, it is also significant that students know their number facts “off by heart”. To that end drill in basic functions is still very much a part of the math instructional program at John Calvin. Parents can help by supporting that learning at home.

The following Math programs are used at John Calvin:

Kindergarten      locally developed program

Grades 1-3            JUMP Math

Grades 4-6            Math is Everywhere (Harcourt Canada)

Grades 7&8         Math Makes Sense (Pearson Publishing); supplement with Math Power (McGraw-Hill Ryerson)

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