Volume 20, Number 30, April 26, 2019

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Good Friday morning everyone as we bring another week, and month (almost), of instruction to a close at John Calvin School.  Wow!  We are already at the end of April and that means that only 20% remains of the 2018-2019 school year.  We pray for the Lord’s blessing as we prepare to carry on with a new month of learning and teaching in His service.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those in our school community who need the Lord in a special way; in particular those who are dealing with cancer and other serious diseases.  We continue to pray for Mrs. deVisser who received her third chemotherapy treatment last week and continues to recover from that.  She is scheduled to receive a fourth and final treatment sometime in mid-May.  It is nice to be back at school again after flying in from BC early this morning.  It was good to be with my father as we received an official diagnosis from the geriatric doctor who specializes in the disease, a progressive form of dementia, and were able to investigate several possibilities for a potential move to an assisted living residence. Thank you Mrs. Elgersma, Miss Buist and Mr. Joosse for looking after things during my absence.

            It was good to get together on Wednesday evening at the Spring Membership meeting.  We are thankful that another budget could be passed.  Several staff members (Miss VanderZwaag, 35 years; Mr. Hofsink, 35 years; Mrs. Elgersma, 30 years; and Mrs. Holtvlüwer, 5 years) could be recognized for their years of service in the teaching profession.  Welcome on board the school board, Mrs. Daniëlle Ravensbergen, as the secretary in training with a view to taking over as the board secretary in the fall.  May the Lord continue to bless the work of the board and its committees.

A few items for your attention:

*Progress reports (on a needs basis) went home today.  If you would like a follow-up conference with your child’s teacher, please contact the teacher and she/he will arrange with you for one day after school, it they haven’t already done so.

*The Open House for parents and grandparents/seniors is scheduled to take place on Friday morning, May 3 from 8:00-11:45.  Lunch for the grandparents/seniors will be provided for and served by the Ladies’ Auxiliary beginning at 11:30.   We strongly encourage parents to leave their pre-school children at home when they come to visit.  There will be enough busyness and distractions for the students with parents, grandparents, and seniors in the classrooms.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.  Included with this week’s Chronicle is the morning schedule for each class.  Please read it over to find out what your children/grandchildren are up to in their classrooms next week Friday 

     The same afternoon, the school is planning to participate in the community fundraiser walk (Hike for Hospice) in support of McNally House.  We pray for good weather so that we can hold our walk.  We encourage all participants that the pledge sheets be filled, and don’t hesitate to seek out the support of your neighbours—they are often quite willing to give to such a cause and in this way it doesn’t always come out of the same pockets.  Those who are participating in the walk are encouraged to wear their John Calvin School t-shirt or a McNally House t-shirt received from a previous walk.  Parents and grandparents are also welcome to join us on the hike, but no pets please.  Those who are planning to participate in the walk are requested to write a note in their child’s/grandchild’s agenda to let the teacher know which class they will be walking with that afternoon.  The John Calvin School community has raised substantial sums for this cause over the past number of years and hopes to do so again.  I believe this is the eleventh year that JCS will be participating in the Hike of Hospice.

*It was good that the students in Grades 1B and 3B were able to visit the residents of Shalom Manor and Kilean Lodge, and Grade 1A was able to spend time with our special needs brothers and sisters at Anchor.   Grade 5A is planning to visit Beacon Home next week Monday and that will complete our cycle of “home” visits for the 2018-2019 school year.

*Four students (Ava Witten, Kierra Ravensbergen and Clarissa Lof, and Caleb VanIperen) will be participating in the first LCRSS Science Fair which will be held at Maranatha Christian School in Fergus on Saturday, May 4.  

   We plan to hold our local Scitory Fair on Tuesday, May 7.  In addition to the Science Fair projects, four students (Jewel Bouwman, Ilse Ravensbergen, Leah Ravensbergen, and Mya Witten) will be displaying their History Fair projects at our local fair.  

*Baseball practices continue next week Monday and Thursday after school from 2:50 until 4:00.  Hopefully we will be able to make use of the ball diamonds.  Mrs. N. VanBrederode and Miss A. Linde are coaching the girls’ team.  Mr. G. Hofsink and Mr. R. Mans are coaching the boys’ team.

*One further reminder about parking at the end of the school day:  When parking, please leave a wide enough space for buses to drive in or out.  At times, it is a pretty tight squeeze.  Thank you.


*Please continue to collect tabs for cans for Jude V. so he and his family can get a wheelchair for his sister Anna.   

*May 3 is a Guido De Bres Christian high school PA Day.  That means that our buses will be running their afternoon routes in reverse for the morning run.

*The ASC committee is organizing its annual spring meeting for Monday, May 6th at Covenant Canadian Reformed Church in Grassie beginning at 7:30 p.m..  The topic for the evening is a continuation of the theme, Belongingness,and the speaker once again will be Mrs. Sara Pot. 

*Dental screening on May 6 & 7 for students in Grades K, 2, 4, 6, and 8.  Parents do have the option to opt out.  Please contact Niagara Health and let them know if you choose to opt out of the program.

*JCS Scitory Fair on Tuesday, May 7.

Have a good weekend everyone and a blessed Sunday.  Until next week Friday, D.V.

                  G. Hofsink

Kindergarten A/B
Miss N. Ravensbergen
8:15- Classroom: Morning Greeting and Devotions
8:30 – Classroom: Story – Tops & Bottoms
Activity: Planting seeds and Learning Centers
9:45 – Washroom and Snack
10:45 – Classroom: Bible Story and Picture (Daniel and the lions den)

Grade 1A/B
Mrs. J.VanBrederode
Mrs. J. VanEs
8:00 – Opening Exercises
8:30 Bible Review – Elijah worksheet, word search
9:15 Math: Chapter review: both review sheets, drill
10:45 – Reading a Story
Phonics: – Review digraphs – puzzle game; Making Words Lesson; Opposite Riddles
Spelling- review words using actions; clay words; Buddy reading with parent/ grandparent/friend

Grade 2A
Mrs. R. Gansekoele
8:15 – Math
9:15 – Library
9:45 – The Drinking Gourd Group 1 presentation
10:00 -The Drinking Gourd Group 2 presentation
10:50 – The Drinking Gourd Group 3 Presentation
11:05 – Sharing the novel and lapbooks with our guests
11:15 – Bible and Church History Trivia

Grade 2B
Mrs. B. Vanderee
8:00 – Devotions
8:15 – Math
9:15 – Drinking Gourd Play-Group 1
9:30 – Group 2
9:45 – Library
10:50 – Group 3
11:05 – Sharing the lap book and novel with guests
11:15 – Bible Trivia

Grade 3A
Miss J. Breukelman
8:00 – Bible Trivia
9:15 – Do you know your multiplication tables? Join us for some fun and games in Math!
10:45 – Spelling Bee with Miss B
11:05 – Fun with Poetry!

Grade 3B
Mrs. M. Poort
8:00 – Devotions/Bible Trivia
9:15 – Multiplication games
10:45 – WORDO – Having fun with alliteration

Grade 4A
Miss Y. Hoeksema
8:00 – Devotions
8:20 – Math: Multiplication Games
9:15 – Bible: Daniel’s Three Friends Saved from the Fiery Flames
9:50 – Spelling Review
10:45 – Writing: Reviewing Common, Proper, and Collective Nouns
11:15 – Singing (Gr. 4B will be joining us!)

Grade 4B
Mrs. R. Tesfaye
8:00 – Devotions
8:20 – Math games (FACE-ing math), multiplication games
9:15 – French Pictionary and Verb games
9:40 – Bible story Daniel

10:45 – Sparkle Spelling Game
11:15 – Singing in the grade 4A classroom

Grade 5
Mrs. R. Kelly
Miss K. Vanderlaan
8:00 – 8:15 Devotions
8:45 – Science: Lunar Crash Landing
9:15 – Math: Problem solving with fractions
10:45 – Create a collage in the style of Henri Matisse

Grade 6A

Mrs. C. VanAndel
8:00 – Opening Devotions
8:15 – Math Contest Questions
9:00 – Singing
9:15 – Spelling Bee
9:30 – Bible Trivia
10:45 – Current Event Story
11:15 – Phys. Ed. Outside

Grade 6B
Mrs. S. Oosterhoff
8:00 – Opening Devotions
8:15 – Math Drills, Math Games for Area, Perimeter, and Volume
9:15 – making posters that deal with the different types of offerings the Lord commanded them to offer to Him.
9:45 – Describing scenes using French vocabulary
10:45 – Singing
11:00 – Novel Study Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension work from Chapter 5&6 of Lost in the Barrens

Grade 7A
Mr. T. Witten
8:00 – Opening Devotions
8:10 – Church History “Why is Our School Called John Calvin?”
9:15 – Math “Foundations in Personal Finance”
10:45 – L.A. Vocab/Memory Work
11:20 – History “Upper Canada Develops”

Grade 7B
Mr. T. Breukelman
8:15 – Church History – Why is our school called “John Calvin”?
9:15 – Foundations in Personal Finance
10:45 – French (G.H.)

Grade 8A
Mr. M. Joosse
8:15 – Math Challenge
9:15 – Bible Jeopardy

10:45 – PBL (Sustainability at JCS)

Grade 8B
Miss A. Buist
8:15 – Church History
8:45 – Math
9:30 – P.E. (outdoors, weather permitting) or Science
10:45 – PBL (Sustainability at JCS)

Special Education
P. VanderZwaag, M Ravensbergen, M. Blokker, D. Aalbers
8:15 – Grade 5 Spelling/writing (MR); Grade 4 Math (MB); Grade 2 Math (DA); Grade 6/8 Math (PV)
9:15 – Grade 7 Math(MR); Grade 3/5 Math (DA); Grade 2 Language, Spelling, Phonics, Reading (PV)
10:45 – Grade 6 Language (MR); Grade 4 Language (MB); Grade 1 Phonics (PV); Grade 7 Language /Writing (PV)
11:15 – Grade 5 Language (MR); Grade 1 Language (PV); Grade 7 Study Skills (PV)

Classroom News


This week was a lot of fun in kindergarten! On Thursday and Friday we had the opportunity to visit the Superstore. At the Superstore we could enjoy lots of treats from the different departments. The comment was made from the tour guide that the students from JCS were well mannered and well behaved. For the past couple months we have been faithfully practicing our concert songs. With only a month left to go we will continue singing these songs at school. It also helps if the songs are sung at home. Our last bible story was about Jonah and the big fish.  Next week we will focus on God’s faithfulness to Daniel. In math class we have discovered addition and the “plus” sign. The students have especially enjoyed counting with fruit-loops! During our language learning centers we have been focusing on beginning, middle, and ending sounds as well as sight words and blending small words. In our math centers the students have the opportunity to play the game of “SORRY”, count using ten frames, use play dough to make the number and count how many ducks are in the pond. Next week Monday and Tuesday we look forward to having BROWN DAY! We wish you a lovely weekend! NR&JB

Words of the Week: they, brown

Blends: ng, oo

Grade 1

Both Grade One classes had the opportunity to visit Anchor Home on Wednesday and could enjoy singing, visiting and colouring with the residents. Thanks to our bus driver, Mrs. VanLuik for taking us there. We are coming to the end of our mapping unit soon and will have a test to follow next week.  We will finish our Bible unit on Thursday but will not have the test on Friday because of the Open House. The test will be on Monday, May 6 and we will do a review on Friday. Please continue to collect sponsors for the McNally walk. If you would like to join us,  jot a note in the agenda.  We look forward to seeing you at the Open House.  Have a good weekend and a blessed Sunday.

Memory Work for Thursday, May 2: Ps. 47:2;  The Lord’s Prayer

Spelling Words: because, little, thing, very, who

Grade 2

This past week we spent time learning about the early Christian Church after the ascension of Jesus Christ. We learned about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, about signs and wonders being performed in Jesus’ name, and also how the Lord kept His Church pure through discipline. In our writing classes, we finished up a project based on the story, “I Wanna Iguana”. The students were excited (and quite creative!) in writing letters of their own requesting a new pet. Hopefully they shared their letters with you! We look forward to seeing many of you at the Open House next Friday. The students are working hard in preparation for presenting their Novel Study plays.  Please check the schedule for the times.  Have a wonderful weekend! BV/RG

Memory work: Psalm 111:5

Spelling words: those,  two,  won’t,  write

Bible quiz: Wednesday

Grade 3

Christ has risen! Hallelujah! Christ’s work continues on. In Bible we hear that God was willing to live among the people; amazing grace. We are continuing learning about the tabernacle, the offerings, and the priestly duties. We had the privilege of smelling incense: thank you, Miss B. In Math we have finished multiplying and hope to take up divisions once again. Extra practise at home with our math fact cards would be of great benefit to the children as this will help them in doing divisions as well. We are looking forward to seeing you at Open House! Please sign up (in agenda) for coming along on our McNally Walk on that same day, We would love to have some helpers. We wish you a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday. JB/MP

Memory work: Ps. 77:5   Text: Deut. 18:18 (two weeks)

Spelling words: lovable, were, thought

Monday and Thursday~ gym clothes

Friday Mission $

Grade 4

The week ahead is a busy one. Please make sure students are collecting pledges for the McNally House walk. Students need to make sure they are dressed for the weather and are wearing appropriate shoes for long distance walking. Spelling list is from lesson 30. Words are as follows: cousins, built, minutes, does, different, interesting, months, weather, science, lesson, except, kitchen (4B extra words: admonish, foreign, gallery, harass). 

4A Canada Presentations are due May 6!

Memory work: Psalm 79:1, next weeks will be Psalm 11: 1.

Wed: 4A Bible Quiz Lessons 11 – 17, 4B Math Quiz Decimals

Thurs: Spelling Test Lesson 30, Science Quiz Light Lessons 1 – 7, Memory work

Grade 5

Grade 5B is looking forward to their visit to Beacon Home and the opportunity to interact with the residents on Monday.  We are also excited to many of you at our open house on Friday!  If you’d like to walk with us for Hike for Hospice please write a note in the agenda.  Please have your children wear a JCS shirt or a McNally House shirt for the walk.  Devotions for Grade 5A: M. RaeAnna, Tu. Landon, W. Teagen, Th. Merrit, F. Hannah.  5B: M. Trinity, Tu. Parker, W. Amanda, Th. Declan, F. Kaden.  Have a blessed weekend!  RK/KVL

Grade 6

It is hard to believe that we have just completed our last full week of April.  The school year is just flying by and we are busy in our classrooms, working hard to complete all of our work. We are busy with our novel study, Lost in the Barrens. We are also learning about Aboriginals in Canada in Social Studies It is so nice to have these two subjects tie in so nicely together. In Math we continue to build on our previous knowledge of area, perimeter, and volume. We are excited for you all to see our latest art projects next week Friday.  The students have been very busy in getting these ready. I…Mrs. Oosterhoff…am once again sending out a request for a few parent volunteers to walk with Grade 6B next Friday.. So far I have one parent and I would love to have a couple more. Have a blessed and restful weekend. SO/CV

Grade 7A

This past week we wrote an adventure essay and explained what we learned from the event. Next in our non-fiction unit will be an autobiography by a famous American politician and inventor. The independent study interview requests have been sent. It is imperative that your child be able to interview a professional/ expert of the topic they are studying. Students have prepared questions and will rely on parents to drive them to their interviews. Thank you in advance for your help. This interview will also need to be recorded(audio). Next week we’ll welcome a guest speaker who will talk to us about investments and insurance. Next week we’ll also learn why our school is named after John Calvin. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 7B

We are coming to the end of our Church History unit, with a test on Wednesday and a project on Thursday and Friday. In Math, we look forward to another guest speaker coming to talk to us about investing and insurance. In Language Arts, we also are coming to the end of our Internet and Digital Footprint unit. In History, we have come to the end of our projects on the War of 1812 and look forward to moving forward with the development of Upper Canada. Independent Study continues to progress, and I look forward to hearing more interview dates being set. Devotions – Julia R. Have a great weekend!

Grade 8A

After an enjoyable Easter weekend it certainly took some time for us to find our groove again. This week we wrapped up our History projects with presentations to begin next week. We also received our most recent math tests back with some mixed results. In Science we began investigating fluids and discussed the three states of matter and the particle Theory of Matter. Have a blessed weekend. Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8B

We have finally completed our Church History unit about the Reformation in Scotland. This week we watched a very interesting video about the intense persecution suffered by the ‘Covenanters’ in the 1600s. We covered a lot of information in this unit. The students have been told that they may use the notes they have written to help them complete the test/quiz that we will have on Tuesday next week. We are working hard in our Math lessons as well. Students have had some difficulty mastering the concepts of probability as well as using distributive property to simplify algebraic expressions. We will continue to practise until we have a greater degree of mastery and independence in completing these problems. Baseball has started both in gym classes as well as after school team practices. Long pants might be a better option for gym classes during our baseball unit, especially when we play outside.  Students should bring a baseball glove on gym days as well.  Hopefully, students are collecting pledges for the Hike for Hospice that will take place of Friday afternoon. Please remember to have a JCS tshirt or MacNally House t-shirt to wear during the walk. Any parents willing to walk (or run) with us?

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