Volume 22, Number 23, March 5, 2021

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General News

The purpose of John Calvin School is to assist and support parents in the education of their covenant children to the glory of God.  In accomplishing this mission, the vision of John Calvin School is to provide excellent Christ-centered education in service to God and our neighbour.

Greetings from the school everyone on this beautiful, sunny Friday morning as we bring the first week of learning and teaching in March to a close.  We thank and praise the Lord that students and staff could go about their daily work without any hindrance or delay.  What a blessing! Unfortunately, due to meltage last weekend and earlier this week, Mount Calvin was sled-less this week. 

It’s a year ago that the coronavirus made its way into this part of the world and things haven’t been the same since. However, no matter how much things change our Father in heaven does not; he remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. Let us continue to put our hope and trust in him today and every day.    

May the Lord continue to provide for those in our community who need Him in a special way; be it those who are sick, who are impacted by the virus, who are dealing with difficult family situations, or those who are grieving the death of a loved one.  In particular, we think of the family of Chelsey Kamphuis, a young mother of three and pregnant with twins, who was killed in a car accident earlier this week.  She was a relative to both Ed and Rachel Gansekoele as well as to others in our school community.  May our God of all Comfort be near to the Kamphuis family, their relatives, and their friends during this very difficult and sad time.

A few matters for your attention:

*One more reminder to students (and parents): Please be respectful to those who do/do not wear a mask. There have been a few reported incidents of students being bullied for wearing a mask or for not wearing a mask. It is the decision of parents for their child(ren) to wear or not wear a mask so please speak to your children to be considerate of others and to keep their comments to themselves.  Thank-you.

*The following is an announcement from the Harvest Foundation.  The attachments are included with today’s Chronicle.

Greetings! Harvest Foundation is planning a will webinar next week. The registration links are included in the attached PDF and should stay live when forwarded to you. With these webinars, Harvest Foundation seeks to achieve two goals:

•               Assist families with stewardship planning

•               Raise long term support for our benefiting schools.

Bernie Kottelenberg, Executive Director, 519 806 7817

*An invitation from River’s Edge Haven of Hope:  River’s Edge is hosting free family tours during the April break to experience the farm/horses, etc.Their newsletter is included with today’s Chronicle.

*Just a reminder that the school is still collecting can tabs for wheelchairs.

*Monday, March 15 is a day off for students and staff.

Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy a blessed day of rest.  We hope to touch base again next week Friday.    G. Hofsink

Classroom News


We had such a fun week in kindergarten this week. The highlight of the week was Wednesday when both KA and KB were here.  A special thank you goes to Mrs deBoersap who came in to partner teach with Miss Broersma!  The students loved being able to play with new friends and eat lunch together as one large class.  Next week will be a regular week for KA and KB. The students have begun to learn new sight words.  Please continue to practice these words with your child by having them point to the words that they know in a book.  We also will be starting our at home reading program.  The students who are ready to begin reading will be receiving a new book each week.  Instructions for the at home reading program can be found inside the black duotang that will be sent home on Monday/Tuesday.  Please also remember to send in an extra pair of clothes and a pair of socks for the wet weather!  Have a great weekend.  JB/NV

Grade 1

We are planning to finish our stories about King Saul and David by the end of next week.  Students should expect a test either on Friday or Monday.  We are fully into our next CORE Knowledge reader Entirely, Gran.  From time to time, the students will take home a page or two that have the text of the story on them.  Please encourage your child to read these to you.  This will give you a good picture of how they are progressing in their reading and it also helps to build your child’s reading fluency.

Memory Work:  Psalm 93:4, Psalm 111:10

Spelling Words: run, tell, us, went, why

Sight words: because, before, ocean, beautiful, down

Grade 2

This past week we have continued learning about God’s continued care for His Church. The students began learning about Polycarp and his work in Smyrna. We will complete a quiz on Tuesday.  Please note that we will not be sending the student notes home for studying. We prepare for the quizzes in class and additional studying often serves to stress the students. In math, we continue to test the students in their knowledge of the math facts they’ve been learning. Keep practicing! We’ve started a novel study in our Language Arts. The students are excited to read Nate the Great, a detective novel. They’re also eagerly looking forward to our Detective day on March 19th. More details to follow! Have a great weekend! BV/RG

Memory work: Psalm 31:1

Spelling: Review (see list in agenda)

Grade 3

We’ve had a full week of learning. In Bible History, we pay attention to the call of Moses by I AM WHO I AM. Clock reading keeps us busy in Math.  Keep practising the times tables facts often, boys and girls. Our penguin poster is finished and will grace our hallways soon. A super job, boys and girls! We hope to begin reading the novel “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” this coming week. Our textured ‘wild things’ have been painted with water colours. How is heat created? Why is the sun placed where it is? Ask us these scientific questions. In gym class, we have been dribbling with basketballs. Please let your child bring an extra pair of socks to school as playing outside can be a ‘wet business’. Greetings, have a wonderful weekend, and a blessed Sunday.

Memory work: Ps. 84:1,   Text: Exodus 20:1-6 (two weeks)

Spelling words: didn’t, doesn’t, general, governor

Library on Thursday and mission $ on Friday

Grade 4

We are in the middle of our novel study From Anna. Students have been enjoying reading about someone their age who is adjusting to life in a new country. In Church History we have been studying about the reformer, John Hus and his work. Count on some extra practice with the times tables and keep reading at home! 

Spelling List Unit 24: caught, everyone, people, having, houses, doesn’t, knew, nothing, cherries, remember, covered, think 

Friday: Spelling Test Unit 24, John Hus Test 4A, memory work Psalm 30:1; Next week: Psalm 6: 1

Grade 5

This week was another enjoyable week here in grade 5.  We have written a Bible test to finish up Unit 4 in Bible class.  Next week we will begin studying the events leading to the death of our Saviour.  Students have learned some fascinating things about some of God’s creatures in our World of Literature studies and we will continue this into next week.  The dioramas have been admired by teachers and students alike and will be coming home on Friday for you to enjoy in your homes!  If you have any shoe boxes to spare, please consider sending them to school for us to use for next year’s dioramas!  The devotions for next week are as follows: 5A  Tyson(M), Taylor(Tu), Chloe(W), Madelin(Th), Evan(F)  and for 5B: McKenna(M), Tanya(Tu), Keagan(W), Blake(Th), Kali(F).  Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KVL 

Grade 6

This week we we’re finally able to do a full five days worth of school! In art class we have been working hard on one point perspective drawings of our dream bedrooms. (Look out parents, these students have some high expectations!) In Bible class we’ve been focusing on the Lord’s continued providence throughout the life of Joseph. As we studied this, we were also able to realize that this providence is constantly extended into our own lives! Wishing everyone an enjoyable weekend and blessed Lords day! CV/AF

Grade 7A

Our new unit in Math has begun; “Measurement” will include conversion factors and the Metric/Imperial systems. The individual study of a battle from the War of 1812 continues as students wrap up the written component; next will be the visual component. Within the Swiss Confederation, cantons are aligning themselves with Roman Catholicism or Protestantism and there are rumblings of war between the two. We’ll see next week where Ulrich Zwingli will stand on the matter. After being introduced to relief and intaglio printing in Art, we’ll move on to creating an intaglio print using linoleum. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 7B

In Church History, we have seen over the past week how Zwingli has been led by the LORD to be a reformer in the Swiss Confederation, and we will see next week the opposition to the Reformation and how the LORD in His providential care allows the Reformation to grow! We continue to make our way through “The Hobbit”, and we will continue reading, doing assignments, and watching installments of the movie. In Physical Geography, we have moved on to Renewable Resources, where we will be looking at soils and agriculture, fish, and forests, to see how we (over)use these resources and look at ways to treat God’s creation better. Independent study continues, and we are now using our journal article to create an annotated bibliography. Have a great weekend!

Grade 8

Spring is creeping in slowly and Mount Calvin is out of commission. Students have begun ball hockey outside at recess with this new weather; wonderful! In History we are working on developing our essays on the Canadian Mounted Police – keeping on top of your research will keep the workload light. In Church History we learned about John Knox and the incredible ways God worked in his life. We are wrapping up our unit on density and buoyancy in Science, preparing for our test on Wednesday. Our morning devotions in 8B are spent slowly going over the story of Esther and discovering how God worked in this woman’s life. Our lunchtime devotion schedule is as follows: Mon – KN; Tues- AS; Wed – CDV; Thur – ES; Fri – AN. Have a blessed weekend! Cheers, Mr. J and Ms. P

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