Volume 24, Number 32, May 12, 2023

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

There is something beautiful about a regular week of school.  After the busyness of last week with Open House and McNally walk are in the rearview mirror.   We have been focusing on the school concert pieces over the last number of months and are looking forward to sharing with you the final product.   We will have a matinee concert on May 25th at 1:00 and an evening concert on May 26th at 7:00.

Next week has a regular plan as well.   Thursday is Ascension Day.  There is no assembly on that day as we are preparing to share this message at our school concert.

We hope to have an Early Years Morning on Tuesday.   We look forward to seeing all of you here.  It is wonderful that we can start to make connections before starting school.  

I believe that is all for the week.  May continue to provide for us as we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend.  JVI


Monday – Baseball Practice

Tuesday – Early Years Morning

Thursday – Baseball Practice

Thank You

The McNally Hike for Hospice team wants to thank Mrs. Z. Linde, Mrs. Sandra Linde, Ms. Judy Kingma, Mrs. Beth Stel, Parker Kelly and Mason Evers for their wonderful help stamping the students’ hands (arms, or faces😊) last Friday. We also want to thank the Ladies’ Auxiliary for the delicious popsicle that was handed out after our walk. As staff, we want to express our thanks to the school community for coming along on our hike. May the Lord have been glorified in this community event!

Please return pledges/donations as soon as possible so they can be handed over to McNally House. The final date for handing in pledges is Wednesday May 17. Thank you for your support!

Classroom News


Thank you so much to everyone who was able to join us in the kindergarten classroom last Friday. The students and teachers enjoyed having all of the visitors at our classroom. A highlight for the students was having their special guest play guess who with the silhouettes on the bulletin board in the hallway. We also enjoyed the McNally Walk. Thanks to all of the volunteers that were able to walk alongside us to help keep us safe!

The kindergarten students have been hard at work practicing the concert songs for the Ascension Day Concert happening at the end of the month. Keep up the great work, kindergarten! In Bible we learned about the story of Jonah and how it is impossible to hide from the Lord. In math we continue to work on developing our subtraction skills. Many students have a firm grasp on this concept. In science, we have finished our last lesson on animals and will begin working on our dioramas next week. Here’s a look at next week:

Monday – CYG – Samuel R.

Tuesday – CYG – Kenzie

Wednesday – Combined day! Library Day!

Thursday – CYG – Hunter and Micah

Friday – CYG – Ryland

Have a great weekend everyone. Happy Mother’s Day! JB/SV

Grade 1

We are continuing in our living and nonliving science unit in grade 1. We are learning about characteristics of living things and conducting some experiments. Both grade 1’s had Bible tests this past week, and we are now on our last unit in Bible on Esther! After that unit we are moving on to church history. Grade 1 will be wrapping up their math unit on adding and subtracting larger numbers this upcoming week. We will be starting our new unit on maps and graphs! 

Memory work: Psalm 121:1 

Spelling words: animal, favourite, frog, pretty, zoo 

Happy Mother’s Day and have a great week! KK/EVG 

Grade 2

Good afternoon! We are so thankful for the beautiful sunshine we could have this week! Grade 2 has been learning about habitats in Science in connection with our Investigating Animals unit! Next week Wednesday is our field trip to Toronto to Ripley’s Aquarium! We are planning to be back in time for the buses that afternoon. In Bible we continue to study the stories of Paul and his missionary journeys. Once again we would love it if you could help us out and bring a kleenex box in! Have a great weekend! RG/BV

Grade 3

We had a busy week. Our Bible unit about the Israelites traveling to the promised land is almost finished. Look for a test date in your child’s agenda. Clock reading in math class proves to be hard for some students. Check with your child how he/she is doing. Our penguin posters are coming along nicely. Keep up the good work, boys and girls. We have begun a community project in class. The students are learning how to work together, as well as encouraging each other. If you haven’t handed in the McNally walk pledges/donations, please do so quickly. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, a beautiful Mother’s Day, and blessed Sunday.

Memory work: Ps. 86:1   Text: Joshua 24:15 (two weeks)

Spelling words: REVIEW: almost, also, always, hole, impossible, independent, it’s, its, lovable, thought, weather, were, weather, whether

Library on Thursday

Friday: Mission$

Grade 4

Grade 4B and 4A had a recorder assessment this past week and it was clear that many students still need a lot of practice. Please check with your child if they are able to play the notes B, A, G, E, and D. These can be practiced with the songs up to #21. The recorders can stay home all week so there can be lots of opportunity to practice.

Tuesday: Science terms quiz (4B)

Thursday: Computers Quiz – The Keyboard (4B); Church History Test – Mission Work (4B)

Friday: Spelling test; Library books, Mission Money

Memory Work: Psalm 46:1; 2 Timothy 3: 16, 17

Spelling List: sound, turn, mountain, which, count, others, allowed, fur, about, suit, clouds, bird’s, west, man’s, bounce (Possessives & OU/ OW)

Grade 5

We are enjoying our Church History unit in which we are learning about how God established His New Testament church and made it grow. Students can expect a quiz soon; keep an eye on the agenda for the date. 5A is doing well with Math Chapter 9, adding and subtracting fractions. 5B will be starting Chapter 11 this week.

The trip to the Ontario Science Centre will take place on Thursday! Please remember that we will not be back on time for the afternoon bus. We will leave at 3:00 and hope to be at the school at 5:00. Devotions for the week are as follows: 5A Keziah (M), Macen (Tu), Michael (W), Sawyer (F), and for 5B, Claire(M), Eddie (Tu), Holden (W), Seth (F). Enjoy the weekend! RK/KVL

Grade 6

We look forward to our class trip next Tuesday to Crawford Lake. Since most of the day will be outside, please dress accordingly. No microwavable foods for lunch. We have learned about one of the forerunners of the Reformation, Peter Waldo. The truth was brought to the people by peddlers going door to door with the true message and ‘The Pearl of Great Price’. We have enjoyed the beautiful weather this week during recess and phys ed, Have an enjoyable weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7

Thank you to Mr. A. Breukelman who visited our classroom in connection with our “Foundations in Personal Finances” Math unit. He helped us understand giving, generotiy, budgeting and the work of the Deacons. Our next Chapter in Math will deal with debt. In Science we will prepare to build an energy transfer system. In an unexpected move, the City Council of Genva has asked Calvin to return as minister. Calvin will accept the call and bring about changes to the city, including a Reformed school. In Geography we will examine patterns in river systems and identify parts of watersheds. Enjoy your weekend.   

Grade 8

Another week has flown by! The countdown to Ottawa has begun and students’ excitement is palpable. In Science we have come to the end of another chapter, which will end with a test next week Friday and a quick key terms quiz on Monday. We will also begin building our own hydraulic models so students should be brainstorming ideas to make this a reality. There is also a field trip scheduled for Thursday to a dairy farm and Amber Stairs which ties into our Geography unit. We wrapped up our novel study on Shattered and will begin a non-fiction unit next week. Have a fantastic weekend soaking up all this sunshine. MJ, RT, AL

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