Volume 24, Number 5, October 7, 2022

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

Give thanks!  We enter this Thanksgiving weekend giving thanks to God for all that he has provided for us.   We are thankful that we can have a Christian education, food shelter, clothing, and the host of blessings that we have been provided with.   We thank Rev. DenHollander for leading our Thanksgiving Assembly. We have much to be thankful for!

This past Saturday our soccer teams could challenge themselves at the Annual Soccer Tournament.  It was great to see such a good turnout.  The men’s team placed 6th and the women’s team placed 2nd.  Congratulations to all the players, and we thank our dedicated coaches. Mr. Witten, Mrs. Groen, Miss Vanderlaan and Mrs. VanAmerongen.  The grade 8 class could also raise around $4000 for their Ottawa trip.

We have the Golden Horseshoe Cross Country Run happening on Thursday, October 13.   We hope to be at Southward Park at 10:00 with the students.  The official races start at 11:00.  They start with grade  3/4 girls, then boys 5/6 girls, then boys, etc.   We will not be sending any students from grades 3/4  so you can expect the races for our students to start after 11:30.  If you are looking for a map of the race course, here it is.

Fallfest is coming up.   There is still time for you to sign up for a time when you can help out.  Fallfest Sign Up   You will also read about the Ladies Auxiliary bookmark fundraiser elsewhere in the Chronicle.

Next week, albeit a short one, will have us celebrating a theme week on Pumpkins.   Several of the younger grades will be heading off to a pumpkin patch, there will be a pumpkin food day and a pumpkin drop.   I am sure you will hear more about it through the classroom channels.

There will be another early years morning in the gym.  The event starts at 9:30 and goes to 12:00.  If you have not been yet and would love to join you are welcome.

I know that many of you are waiting for the school pictures to come your way.  As they have not arrived at the school as of yet we have moved the retake and class picture day to November 2nd.

I believe that is all for the week.  May God enrich you through His Word this weekend!



OCT 11 – PD Day

Oct 12 – 14 – Pumpkin Week

Oct 13 – Soup Greens

Oct 13 – Golden Horseshoe Cross Country Run @ Southward Park

Oct 14 – Early Years Morning – Gym

Our new Ladies Auxiliary initiative – THE BIG BOX CARD FUNDRAISER All families should have a box of cards home to show around and try to sell. Thank you for your part in this! We would like to CLARIFY YOUR PAYMENT options.

Please make all cheques out to John Calvin School with LA-CARDS noted in the memo line, or e-transfers can be sent to ladiesauxiliary@johncalvinschool.com with  LA-CARDS indicated in the message box as well as your name and the name of the child that you ordered from.

Questions? Contact Julie DeHaan at 905-807-1394 or wilcoandjulie@gmail.com

Classroom News


The students have become experts on the names of lines.  Ask them to show you how to make a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line!  This is an important step in learning how to correctly form and write letters and numbers!  Thanks so much to everyone who donated for the fall fest basket as well as non-perishable items for the food drive!  It looks like the food drive was a success!  Next week will be a shortened week as Monday is Thanksgiving and Tuesday is a professional development day for the teachers at JCS.  Enjoy the extra long weekend as we set time aside to thank the Lord for all of His many blessings. JB/SV

A look at next week:

Monday: Thanksgiving

Tuesday: PD Day

Wednesday: Combined day

Thursday: SH: Ryan

Friday: SH: Magnolia

Grade 1

A huge thank-you to the Ladies Auxiliary for the hot dog lunch on Wednesday. It was a big hit! We have been looking forward to this coming thanksgiving weekend as well, and now it is finally here! It is our hope that you all are able to enjoy this long weekend and recognize again how many blessings God has continued to lavish upon us not only on Thanksgiving Day but everyday! Next week is Pumpkin week and to kick it off grade 1 gets to go to the pumpkin patch first thing in the morning on Wednesday. Please ensure your child is dressed according to the weather. There will be many more fun pumpkin themed lessons and activities happening throughout the week! Finally, here are our spelling words and memory for this coming week: a, and, of, the, to

Memory Work: Psalm 116:1; Gen 17:7

Have a blessed thanksgiving everyone!

Grade 2

This week in Grade 2 we’ve continued with our Bible stories about Jesus and His ministry, and we also talked about the Sermon on the Mount with a special focus on the beatitudes. In Science we learned about involuntary muscles, we are so thankful that God created our bodies in such an amazing way that we don’t need to keep track of things like breathing, blinking, and hearts pumping! We’re looking forward to next week’s theme week on Pumpkins!! Next Wednesday, we are planning to visit The Good Earth Farm for a mini field trip! Please dress for the weather, and rubber boots are always a good idea too! Have a restful long weekend and happy thanksgiving!! RG/BV 

Grade 3

What does thankfulness look like?  Why do we need to be thankful?  Our God has given us another week to serve and glorify Him.  May He bless the work of our hands.  We finished our Church History unit with a quiz.  The Lord uses weak and sinful people to further His Kingdom. Math is all about different addition strategies.  Ask your child to show you some. And…guess what?  We are planning a trip to Jordan Pioneer House at the end of October.  Grade 3A will be going on Tuesday, October 25 and Grade 3B on Wednesday, October 26.  We’re so thankful that we may do this trip. For this day, the students will also be dressed up as PIONEER boys and girls.  More information on this will come on Friday. Finally, thank you to the ladies auxiliary for the yummy hot dog lunch on Wednesday.  Much appreciated by all! Have a blessed Thanksgiving! J.B./M.P.

Psalm 19:1; Text:  Genesis 3:15

Words:  getting, laughed, to, two, too

Gym on Wednesday 

Library on Thursday.

Spelling Dictation, Memory Work, Mission $ on Friday.

Grade 4

Thanksgiving is coming up shortly, what a wonderful opportunity to have a break and reset. Next week is a very short week for students. Students from both classes will have a math test on Friday on Unit 2 material (Rounding, adding large numbers, problem solving with addition). An email was sent out to parents about bringing in a pumpkin-themed snack/dessert on Wednesday; please let us know if you would like to contribute (other days are welcome!). Students will enjoy a field trip to a pumpkin patch on Thursday to fit into our pumpkin week! Have a great weekend!

Spelling Words: alive, bikes, kids, drive, tie, seat, till, tied, life, cried, went, wide, die, hike

Memory Work: 1 Samuel 15:22, Psalm 130:2

Grade 5

Thank you very much to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for the delicious hotdog lunch on Wednesday! On Thursday next week, a number of our students are looking forward to running in their first cross country meet! More details can be found elsewhere in the Chronicle, but we wish them all the best. Grade 5B will be having a Social Studies test next week Friday. Duotangs will be sent home on Wednesday and Thursday to study. We also look forward to participating in a number of pumpkin related activities for our theme week next week. It looks to be a full but fun week.

Devotions for next week are as follows: 5A: W. Judah, F. Macen

5B: W. Addison, Th. Miss VanderLaan (because of cross country), F. Claire

Have a wonderful long weekend as we give thanks to God for all that He has given us! RK/KV         

Grade 6

Another week has flown by here in Grade 6. We look forward to an extra long weekend where we can remember all the things that the LORD has blessed us with and give thanks with friends and family. Next week we look forward to Pumpkin Week! The week will be filled with fun pumpkin-related activities! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving weekend and we will see you back at school on Wednesday!

Grade 7

This past week we visited West Lincoln Community Care, where we dropped off the JCS Food Drive donations and toured their facilities; afterwards we toured and volunteered at Niagara Christian Gleaners. Thank you to all those who drove. In History we learned what, “romanticize” means, as we studied the “coureurs des bois”. We also learned about the Roman Catholic Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation and how that influenced Canadian history through the Society of Jesus. Chapter Two in Math will wrap up this week, Number Theory, next is “Fractions and Decimals”. In Bible History, the LORD has chosen a man after His own heart to succeed Saul as King of Israel; next week we will learn how this succession happens and how the LORD keeps His promises. Please continue to help your child attain a book for their Independent Study; students need to purchase or borrow a book related to their study topic. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 8

As we approach Thanksgiving weekend we can thank our heavenly Father for the work we could do during these opening weeks of the school year. We have begun to progress into new chapters of study and the flow and routine of the school year has set in. We are very thankful to our parent volunteers whose organizing and valuable time has helped us raise over $4000 towards our Graduation Trip already! Have a safe and restful weekend everyone! Cheers, Mrs. Ludwig and Mr. J/ RT

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