Volume 26, Number 34, May 24, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We have enjoyed a nice warm week of school.  The weather sure made it feel like summer is on its way.   We were happy with a little respite later in the week.

Our baseball teams will be in Dorchester this weekend, participating in the annual Baseball Tournament.   We thank our coaches Mrs. VanBrederode, Mrs. Spoelstra, Mr. Breukelman, Mr. Mans, and Mr. DeVries for their willingness to pass on these skills to the next generation.   I’m sure we will hear the results of the tournament next week.

On Tuesday we welcome the Guido band and choir to our school at 10:30 for an hour-long performance.  This will be held in the gym.  All are welcome to attend this event.

We will have some excitement here at the school on Wednesday as we welcome next year’s kindergarten class on Kindergarten Day.  Their new teachers will be there to meet them.  I am sure Mrs. VandenOever and Mrs. Vis have exciting plans for this event.

On Friday we will have the gym doors open for an Early Years morning.  This event starts at 9:30.   All those with preschool children are invited for some play time and fellowship!

I believe that is all for the week, wishing you God’s continued care and blessing in the upcoming week.


Week at a Glance

Tuesday -Guido Band Performance @ 10:30

Wednesday – Kindergarten Day, Mrs. VandeOever’s birthday

Friday -Early Years Morning

Classroom News


The highlight for kindergarten this week was going to Happy Rolph’s and the splash pad for the day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather and we were so excited to spend the entire day outside in God’s creation. We marveled at nature and the different animals by completing an ABC scavenger hunt. Thank you so much to Mrs. Stieva who drove us there and to the many moms who came on the trip. To sum up this day I’m going to quote one of the kindergarten students…”THIS WAS THE BEST DAY EVER!” Special helper and show and tell wrapped up for KB this week and will wrap up for KA next week. Here’s a look at next week: Monday – SH: Autumn/Ariana; Tuesday – KB day; Wednesday – NO SCHOOL; Thursday – SH: Jace/Quintan; Friday – KB day. Have a good weekend everyone. JB

Grade 1

The children had many stories to share about their long weekend. It is always a pleasure hearing them talk about their lives outside of school. In Bible we have learned about Naaman, the fall of Israel, and King Hezekiah. We have begun a new unit on graphs in math class. In Science we were building structures using cups. What was the best way to make a structure? Running long jump, standing long jump, and throwing baseballs kept us busy practising for the local Track and Field day. In art we finished our beautiful spring flower paintings. Monday, May 27, will be our last time to take out books from the library. Remember to bring library books in a plastic bag. The grade one students love to visit the library and chat with our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Jen Lof. Every week she has spoiled us with a story. Maybe Mrs. Lof will come and visit us in June and read us a story in class. Will you, Mrs. Lof?? Next Wednesday, May 29, the children may bring their school stuff in anything, but a schoolbag. Let’s get creative and think of how you would bring your lunch, agenda, extra socks and such to school, just not in a backpack.

Grade 2

Grade 2 has had a very exciting week! Our trip to Ripley’s Aquarium on Tuesday was enjoyed by all. It was neat to experience and hear the students talk about these amazing animals and their habitats. Thank you so much to our bus driver and parent volunteers for joining us on this trip. Today our Grade 2, twenty-day countdown begins! Ask your child what happens each day! In Bible, we are continuing to learn about Paul and his missionary journeys. In Math, we are wrapping up our unit on larger numbers and hope to start fractions next. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! MB&BV

Grade 3

The sun is shining and we were able to enjoy a beautiful week! We praise the Lord for His goodness to us and His power that we can witness in the changing seasons. Looking ahead to next week, there will be a math test to wrap up our unit. Students will need to know all about shapes and figures, area and perimeter, transformations, symmetry, and ordered pairs. In Church History, we’ve started to look at the life of Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandria. There is lots of learning taking place and seeing the students grow and get excited about their learning has been wonderful! 
Memory work: Hymn 77: 1, 2

See agenda for spelling words

Grade 4

Grade 4B will be finishing their Church History unit on William Carey with a review and quiz this week. Our next Church History unit will be about Rev. A. VanRaalte, an immigrant minister.
PE classes over the next few weeks will focus on track and field events, including distance running, triple jump and long jump.  A reminder to send water bottles as most of these classes are outside. PE is every Monday and Wednesday.
Monday: PE; 4a: Esther Lessons 1-3; Comics 1 -2
Wednesday: PE. CH quiz (4B) Pizza Vocab French Quiz (4A & 4B)
Thursday: Library, Writing Good Copy 4A
Friday: MW, Mission $, Spelling Test
Devos: 4B: Thomas (T), Waverly (W), Adele (Th), Aiden (F)
4B Spelling words: summon, anchored, fast, rose window, spire, devote, exquisite, destined, humble, sacred, determination, penetrate, tactic, retreat, pursue, draw, resistance, mass, commission

Grade 5

Despite the long drive, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the Science Centre yesterday, and we marvelled at the power and creativity of our awesome Creator! Our classrooms are also filling up with planets. The students did a great job with their projects! For Science next week, Mr. Van Iperen and Mrs. Kelly will be teaching the Science unit about the endocrine and reproductive systems. We look forward to finishing reading Mystery at Cranberry Farm next week, after which we will start “cereal box” book reports for the book. We will not be using actual cereal boxes, so don’t worry about sending any in. 

Devotions for next week are as follows: 

5A – M. Samuel, Tu. Alyssa, W. Kaylin, Th. Lincoln, F. Joey

5B – M. Cason, Tu. Mark, W. Emma, Th. Evan, F. Corban 

Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KV

Grade 6

Another busy week has come and gone as we move towards the final 4 weeks of Grade 6. We have begun our Church History unit on the forerunners to the reformation, where we will be looking at how God used men like Peter Waldo and John Hus to pave the way for the Reformation to begin in Europe. We continue to work our way across Canada in Social Studies, where we are looking at the different Aboriginal groups that occupied the country before the arrival of the Europeans. Next week we look forward to a performance by the Guido band on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend! TB/CVA

Grade 7A

As we continue to discuss the foundations of personal finance, we begin Ch. 3 “Education, Careers, and Entrepreneurship”. We’ll cover, what will you do?, earning an income, and be your own boss. We would like to interview an entrepreneur from our supporting community at the end of the chapter; if you’d like to volunteer, please let me know… In L.A. we’ll be introduced to a shape shifter who detests orcs and goblins almost as much as the Company; thing will also begin to get somewhat murky. As we prepare for summer vacation we’ll learn in Geography how tourism is threatening Antarctica. We’ll review a report filed by Lord Durham in History, and consider his proposals including an Act of Union. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

It was a warm week for the school with the classic hustle and bustle of late May in full effect. Exhibition games, field trips, changes to the schedule are all a part of the norm now. This weekend is the baseball tournament and with that soon in the rearview mirror our attention turns more intentionally to the Track and Field Meet coming up on June 7. In Language Arts we continue our studies of The Hobbit. The adventurers found themselves, ‘Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire’ this week but after a welcome rescue from the eagles found themselves on the other side of the Misty Mountains. So end the unofficial first part of the book. Have a blessed weekend! MJ

Grade 8

Time is flying by. We have a couple of major year end projects to complete. Students voted on the valedictorians today and we hope to have some time over the next few weeks to relive some of the more memorable experiences from our time here at JCCS. The book review for Voyage of the Lucky Dragon is due Friday. Parents, check your emails to make sure you have completed and submitted the Wilderness Tours permission slip online. 

Have a great weekend, RT, AL, RV

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