Volume 26, Number 37, June 14, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

Here we are, heading into the final week of the school year.  All of the learning and shaping that has happened this year is under the LORD’s blessing. We praise God for his faithfulness in the work that we could do this year.  As I write this Chronicle, the grade 8 class is returning from a wonderful week up in Ottawa.    Outside my window, the activities of the local Play Day are in full swing. The weather is beautiful and we give thanks for these opportunities as well.

This coming week will be a busy one.   On Tuesday you are invited to come out at 1:00 to watch the staff play against the grade 8 class.  Under the capable umpmanship of Mr. Roland VanAndel, I think the game will be well governed and fair!   We thank him for his willingness to step in and ump.

On Wednesday K – 6 will be going to African Lion Safari and Bingemans.   There will not be any afternoon bus service, rather students from K – 6 should arrive at the school at around 4:00.  An update will be emailed to parents in the afternoon.   If you have a child in grade 7 or 8 you will need tot pick up your child at the school at 2:35 as the buses will not provide afternoon service.

On Friday the report cards go home. Staff have been working hard to produce these reports to accurately reflect the learning that your child has had during this past term.   Please take time to review this report with your child.    We will also have our closing assembly at 11:00. You are invited to join us in the gym for this final assembly.  We hope to dismiss the students after the assembly, which will be noon.

We will celebrate some staff birthdays this week as well.   We say happy birthday to Ms. Stoffels on Thursday and happy birthday to Mrs. J. Deboer on Saturday the 22nd.  We wish them continued blessings in the upcoming school year.

We say thank you to Miss Leah Ravensbergen and Miss Karlee Jonker for the work that they did within the Resource Department over the past term.  They completed their grade 12 placement as part of the Co-op program here at JCCS.  I can say that their work has been a blessing to the school and we hope that the experience was a blessing to them.  Thank you!

I believe that is all for the week. May God bless us during this last week of school!


Week at a Glance

Tuesday – 1:00 – Staff vs Grade 8 Baseball Game

Wednesday – Class Trips K – 6, no afternoon bus service

Thursday – Ms. Stoffels’ birthday

Friday 11:00 final assembly, noon dismissal.

Need some JCCS clothing? 


Classroom News


This week we spent our time in kindergarten reviewing all of the concepts that we have learned in kindergarten up to this point. The students did remarkably well with displaying their knowledge. Some highlights for the week were learning more about some of the miracles that Jesus performed while on earth, buddy reading with Grade 5 and of course play day. Thank you so much to the Ladies Auxiliary for providing us with delicious snacks and a yummy lunch! Next week is our last week of school. Please look for an email coming your way with more information for the African Lion’s Safari trip on Wednesday. Don’t forget to send in your child’s remaining library books. Have a great weekend. JB

Grade 1

And so we are going into the last week of the school year. Where has the time gone? The children were learning about the return of the exiles and Esther in Bible class. We have begun a review in Math about all we have learned this year. In reading we are learning about Kate’s stories in her book. Did you know that the grade 1 students can read big words? They were enthralled when they read words like meditate, lookout, hailstones, faithfulness, and encompasse? The children have come so far, they blew their teachers away with their reading skills. Keep up reading over the summer, boys and girls. At the time of writing, Play day has not yet taken place. The children are looking forward to showing off their abilities in each of the events. Thank you to the Ladies Auxiliary for providing snacks and juice, and a delicious hotdog lunch. Next week will be another fun week for grade 1. Of course, the school trip will be the best of al

Grade 2

Another exciting week has flown by! Our countdown activities brought a treat for track and field day, a picnic lunch outside, an extra recess, hat day, and a day in the dark with flashlights and glow stick bracelets. We’re thankful such a fantastic day could be organized for the students today. In Grade 2 we’ve been practicing these activities and were looking forward to it.  In our Science classes this week, we finished a research project to study an endangered animal and learned more about what it looked like, its habitat, predators,  and diet. Thank you to Grade 6 for helping us! We are looking forward to one more week with our students! BV&MB

Grade 3

Are we there yet?  Almost…stay tuned! We had an eventful week!  Wednesday, we dressed up in our favourite hobby or sport outfit!  Great participation, grade three!  In math, we continued exploring fractions and hope to look at measurement next week. DV Friday was our famous Playday…Field Day…FUN! Thank you to all who organized and helped out in the various activities!  Well done, students for your teamwork and good teamspirit! That’s it for now. Have a blessed weekend!

Grade 4

What an eventful week! At the time of writing, we have not yet participated in Field Day, but it is sure to be a day full of fun and great shows of athletic ability for the school. Grade students have worked hard creating their Father’s Day surprises, great work! The students also performed well in their “mock spelling bee” with Mrs. Baartman on Thursday. We have some excellent spellers in grades 3 and 4! We look forward to picking a team to represent JCCS at the West Lincoln Agricultural Fair in September. Students have worked hard this term to master the verb “avoir” and the pizza vocabulary – for lunch on Monday, we will be creating pizzas based off of a menu they created! Please remember to still pack a snack for your child. Please return all outstanding library books, as well as washed costumes that were borrowed for Medieval Day.
4A, you still have some time to earn your ice cream treat for memorizing all of your multiplication tables! Don’t forget to brush up on the ones you are struggling with. We have our end of year trip on Wednesday! Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, a hat, lots of food, and a bathing suit and towel, of course. Labelling your items will help ensure they will not get lost in the business of the day! Have a great weekend as we prepare for the last week of school! Mrs. VA Mrs. B Mrs. S

Monday: PE (bring water); French – Pizza Party (4A & 4B)
Tuesday: Mrs. Stel’s last day
Wednesday: end of year trip to Bingemans
Thursday: Final mock Spelling Bee
Friday: early dismissal at noon
4B Devos: Peri (M), Jasmine (T), Victoria (Th)

Grade 5

This past week was a busy one in grade 5! We’ve created cereal boxes that connect to our novel study and produced advertisements that promote the product! 5A is practicing the French play and we hope to perform it for a few younger grades. We are looking forward to the end of year activities and hope for an enjoyable day on field day and on the school trip! Devotions for the week are ass follows: 5A – Matt (M), Mitchell (Tu), Hailey (Th). 5B – Oden (M), Jaelyn (Tu), Quinn (Th). Have an enjoyable weekend! RK/KVL

Grade 6

We enjoyed the cooler temperatures this week so that we could concentrate on our work. The students have made their signs for track and field day. They are anticipating an exciting day. Thanks to those who organized this event and to the ladies who supplied the refreshments. Next week is our last week and the highlight will be the year end trip. Students are reminded to wear their gym shirts. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CV

Grade 7A

At the time of writing, we are eagerly anticipating our Niagara Trip. The itinerary has been reviewed and we’re all set to go. On Friday the Gr. 7’s are being asked to assist with “Play Day”, a role and responsibility that they have embraced. In History we’ll learn if Lord Elgin, the Governor of Canada, will embrace the “Rebellion Losses Bill”. In L.A. we’ll continue reading “The Hobbit” and see if Bilbo embraces the hard heartedness of the Dwarves who refuse to show compassion. Why is our school named after John Calvin? That is the question the students are attempting to answer in Church History class. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

The last week is upon us! We enjoyed a great field trip on Wednesday and a beautiful Play Day on Friday. It gave us an excellent opportunity for service. Buckle up for the last few days! It promises to be a warm one. Have a blessed weekend. Mr. J

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