Board of Directors

John Calvin School is a private, Christian school from the Canadian Reformed Church denomination in Smithville.

Each family with a child enrolled in Kindergarten – Grade 8 must maintain a membership in the Society. The Society has an elected Board of Directors as well as Staff that work together to direct the operational aspects of the school.

The Society holds, at a minimum, two annual meetings for members and supporters. There are also voluntary advisors comprised of parents, staff and supporting members to offer support and information on educational, operational, financial and community relations matters.

Society Board members are elected individuals who are passionate and committed to provide leadership and see that the  mission and operations of John Calvin School are realized.

This governance model provides parents and supporters the opportunity to actively participate in providing quality Christian education for the students.

Position NAme email LOCAL
Chairman Roy Hummel Smithville
Vice-Chair Harry Ludwig Grassie
Secretary Marty Schulenberg Grassie
Treasurer Mark DeBoer Lincoln
League Rep Kristy Alkema Lincoln
Policy Director Marc Rozema Tintern
Board Member Tom Linde Smithville
Board Member Henry Dekker Smithville
Board Member Andrew DeBoer Grassie
Board Member Anthony Ouwersloot Tintern
Board Member Brian Vandenoever Lincoln
Board Member Trevor Schulenberg Tintern
Board Member  Dan Huizinga  Smithville

Committees of the Board                 __________  Chairman of committee        * Non-board committee member

Education Finance transportation building Human Resources Promotion
Roy Hummel

Harry Ludwig

Anthony Ouwersloot

Ed Dam*

Neil DeVries*

Marge Ludwig*

Gerry Poort*

Jason VanIperen*

Ian VanSydenborgh*



Mark Deboer

Albert Breukelman

Brian VandenOever

Henry Dekker

Andrew DeBoer

Greg Donker

Dan Huizinga

Brian VandenOever

Anthony Ouwersloot

Tom Linde

Trevor Schulenberg

Andrew Deboer

Brian VandenOever

Henry Dekker

Trevor Schulenberg

Harry Ludwig

Marty Schulenberg

Kristy Alkema

Carrie DeVries*

Ken Stel*

Dan Schulenberg*

Dave Mans*

Ian Dokter*

Jon Reinink*

Ryan Kingma*

John Ravensbergen*

Ed Gansekoele*

Terry VanAndel*


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