Tuition & Fees

At John Calvin School, tuition is based on a family rate, rather than a flat cost per student rate.

If you’re interested in having your contributions deducted using the pre-authorized payment plan, you can download a PAP form here.

2020/2021 Fee Structure

Regular Membership: $250/month

Pre-tuition 1 (3 years prior to Kindergarten: $285/month

Pre-tuition 2 (2 year prior to Kindergarten): $415/month

Pre-tuition 3 (1 year prior to Kindergarten): $555/month

Kindergarten (oldest child in Kindergarten): $705/month

JCS (Grades 1-8): $830/month

The Canadian Reformed School Society of Smithville and Surrounding District is a charitable organization and, as such, parents will provided with a donation receipt for a portion of their contributions over and above the “cost per student” amount during the calendar year.

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