Calvin Chronicle – Volume 17, Number 30

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Grade 1

By the time you read this we hope to have finished another Bible unit with a test. We will be starting a new unit about people in church history. We have also come to the end of another month and realize that the school year is rapidly coming to an end. We are working hard to get everything completed. The children are able to complete a lot more work in a shorter period of time now that they are becoming more fluent in their reading. Please keep up the practice at home; it really helps to boost their confidence. We are looking forward to seeing many parents and grandparents next Friday morning. Please keep on collecting for McNally House. We also hope to see many who are willing to accompany our classes. Please write a note in the agenda. Grandparents are also welcome to join us. Please be sure to let your child wear comfortable foot wear, a John Calvin or McNally House t-shirt and bring a water bottle. Also – please do not send money until the Monday after the walk. We wish you all a relaxed Saturday and a blessed Sunday. JvB & HB


Grade 2

We are very excited for our Open House next week. The students have been busy with practicing a play on the Drinking Gourd and are hoping to perform these plays at that time. Some have asked if they can wear special costumes from home. We would love to encourage the students to do this. On the afternoon of the Open House we will be going on the McNally Walk. We’d love to have you join us! Please jot a note in your child’s agenda so we know who is coming. Have a wonderful weekend! RG/HV

Memory Work: Hymn 49:1

Words: two, those, which, write, won’t


Grade 3

Grade 3B welcomed Mrs. Groen and enjoyed the week with her. We wish her joy and strength during her stay here at John Calvin! In our Bible stories we see how the LORD keeps His covenant with His people as He leads them toward the promised land in His time and order. Ask us about figs and pomegranate soda. Grade 3A had an uplifting visiting with our brothers and sisters at Anchor home. We sang, read books together, and played games. Lots of fun and fellowship! Thanks to our bus driver, Wilma Vis for driving us! Grade 3B had a great visit to Kilean Lodge. Thanks to Mrs. Joelene Ravensbergen for accompanying students on the guitar. And… Mrs. Vis for driving! In our Social Studies unit on Communities we are working on projects. We hope to see many of you at our Open House on Friday morning! (DV) J.B./M.P.

Psalm 43:1; Text: Psalm 23:4-6 (two weeks)

Words: almost, also, always, impossible, independent, lovable, thought, were, weather, whether, whole, hole


Grade 4A


Grade 4B

What fun having a smorgasbord in class! The students were very excited to present their Book Buffet on From Anna today. It was made all the more fun because Miss Bouwman came back to join us for our buffet smorgasbord. The beautiful creations are going home today. Have a peek at all the hard work your child put into this project. In Bible we have come to the end of our unit on the Kings of Israel. We will be doing corrections and a review on Monday with their test happening on Tuesday. We will then take a few days to talk about the kings of Judah before we begin our Church History unit. With the Science test written last Thursday, we once again switch over to Social Studies and the much anticipated (by both teacher and students alike)Medieval Unit. Look in agendas for information regarding who your child will be for our Medieval Feast. If you are planning on walking with our class for the McNally Walk this coming Friday, please jot me a note in your child’s agenda. Thanks Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday. SO

Tuesday: Bible Test on the Kings of Israel

Mon & Thurs. : Phys. Ed.

Wed.: Library

Friday: Open House and McNally Walk

Devotions; M. Susanna, Tu. Elijah, W. Karlee, Th. Victoria, Fr. Jordan


Grade 5

Students should have marked Social Studies quizzes to take home by the end of this week. After Monday, Mrs. Bouwman will be in the classroom full time with Mrs. Boersema. I am very thankful for her willingness to step in during my absence. My surgery will happen on Wednesday and I will likely have to recuperate for quite a few weeks at home. Hopefully, within a few weeks time I will be well enough to start picking up some of the marking work for this class, even if I can’t be here to teach. We have reminded the students to keep working on collecting pledges for the Hike for Hospice which happens next week Friday.

Memory Work: The Holy City (all verses)

Devotions: Weston, Dylan, Ava, Natasha, Kiera

Math Test- Tuesday


Grade 6A

We have completed our lessons on Peter Waldo and will have a quiz next week. God used the Waldensians to bring the light to France through their message of the gospel orally and in written form in French so that the people could read the pearl of great price. The students will strive to complete their book reports next week. A unit on probability was finished in math, along with a math contest. We look forward to classroom visitors next Friday. Remember to wear proper clothing and footwear and bring water for the walk. Have a blessed weekend. CV

Devotions: T-Austin W-Reuben Th- Leanne F-Jenna

Hy.11:5-May 3   Hy.11:6-May 4 Hy.11:9-May 5

Text:Ps.90:1-4- May 5   Church History Quiz-May4 Vocab Quiz-May 5


Grade 6B

We had a busy week here in 6B! We have started our next Church History unit looking at the lives of four forerunners of the Reformation, beginning with Peter Waldo. We began with a review of the Roman Catholic Church at the time and how God over time continues to guide and preserve His church. In Math we have been looking at volume and today the students took part in the Math Contest! In Science we watched a few fascinating chemical experiments which helped us to better understand how a chemical reaction happens. With the Science unit test today we finished our last Science unit for the year. Next week we hope to begin our Social Studies unit where we learn about the lives of the Aboriginals! On Thursday we celebrated Grace Dethan’s birthday with wearing shorts and flip flops all day, despite the cooler weather! Next week Friday we will have our open house in the morning, below is a schedule of the classes for that morning. Have a lovely weekend! MDB

Memory Work Text: Psalm 90: 1-6 (May 5)

Memory Work Song: Hymn 81: 4, 5, 6, 7 (May 5)

Devotions: M. Shaelan     T. Cameron   W. Evan     T. Claire     F. Caleb

Crawford Lake Field Trip: Monday May 30


Grade 7A

Our study of the Reformation has included Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli; next we move on to Jean Cauvin and the Reformation in France. In Math, Chapter Eight deals with measurement. Next week we’ll compare imperial and metric units. After learning about poetic form, language and sound we’ll continue with poetic theme. We’ll explore theme as it relates to poems by Shel Silverstein, Emily Dickenson and Edna Millay. We’re making river basin models out of insulation foam in Physical Geography; ask your child if there are any materials they can bring from home to add to their watershed. Enjoy your weekend.


Grade 7B

Another week has sped by. We are thankful for all that we were able to accomplish. In Bible History we continue to see the Lord’s work in preserving the line of David, in keeping with his covenant promises. We plan to complete this unit with a test next week. In History we are studying the different factors that resulted in the Rebellion of 1837, as Upper Canada moves closer to confederation. Looking ahead to next week we have:

Devotions week of May 2: – Lukas

Devotions week of May 9 – Nicklas

Wednesday – Bible History test – Kings of Judah

Wednesday – MW – Psalm 67:3; The Holy City

Friday – Open House & McNally House hike for hospice

We are looking forward to seeing many of you on Friday at the Open House. KB


Grade 8

Another busy week has come and gone in Gr. 8 (murmurings of a countdown already have started), and despite the ‘regular’ spring weather we enjoyed, it was a tad cold on several days. As my dad would say, “It’s that wind coming off the big ice-cube,” and so we only managed to squeeze in one baseball practise. At any rate, that will continue in earnest next week and if need be we will schedule a make-up practise closer to the tournament. Next week we begin to look at the Reformation in the Netherlands, as well as rebellion in the northwest in the 1880s. Here are some things for next week: McNally walk and Open House on Friday; Practises (DV) on Monday and Thursday. Geography Quiz Thursday. MW: The Holy City; Devo: JB; Cheers, Mr. J

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