School Program

Social Studies

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As the name suggests, social studies has to do with people. In purely horizontal terms, social studies investigates human activity in relation to other...   Read More


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Our students may study science as children of the Father Who is also the Creator of heaven and earth. Creation is the second book...   Read More

Physical Education

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The purposeful and organized instruction given to pupils thought physical movement must serve to equip them for obedient service to God. Like the other...   Read More


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Print script is taught and developed in the Primary grades (K-3), with cursive writing being introduced in Grade 2. This is formally taught through...   Read More


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The Lord created man with the ability to make music by organizing sounds of varying pitch and volume into rhythmical patterns for vocal and...   Read More

Memory Work

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The purpose for including memory work in the curriculum of our school is derived from a number of considerations. In the first place, we...   Read More


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The study of mathematics provides our students with skills and tools that help them to describe and understand something of the vastness and complexity...   Read More

Language Arts

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The foremost purpose of language instruction at John Calvin is to teach the student to use language correctly and effectively to the glory of...   Read More

Visual Arts

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God is the Creator and the beauty of His creation never ceases to impress. Mankind, having been created in the image of their Heavenly...   Read More


School ProgramComments Off on French

The program is currently undergoing review and revision. We are looking at adopting the AIM French program for use in Grades K-8.

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