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Our students may study science as children of the Father Who is also the Creator of heaven and earth. Creation is the second book in which God reveals Himself and, as John Calvin put it, can be ready correctly only through the eyeglasses of the Scriptures. The Scriptures announce that the heavens are telling the glory of God; and the firmament proclaims His handiwork (Psalm 19) and the creation confirms this truth for those who study it in faith. In science, we acknowledge that God created the world and upholds it by His almighty power. The creation reflects His glory and majesty. Science, therefore, has an important place in the curriculum of the reformed school because it teaches the students to stand in awe of the God of heaven and earth Who is willing to be their Father in Jesus Christ.

We also recognize that there are ways to misuse science. On the one hand, the spirit of our times is to revere science because it provides the tools to improve and control the quality of life here on earth. There is a strong temptation also for believers to place one’s confidence in technology as the way to the future. On the other hand, there is the temptation to use science as a tool to prove that the Bible is true. Both extremes rule out faith whereby we hold to be true all that God reveals in His Word; both extremes also place great confidence in what man is able to accomplish. At John Calvin School we try to show our students that the tools and discoveries of science are not neutral: they are used for God or against Him. We teach our students that there does not have to be an irreconcilable clash between science and faith and we humbly admit that our knowledge here and now is imperfect. Teachers also deal with the theory of evolution in simple terms in order to prepare children for what they will find in textbooks, encyclopedias and on the internet.

The Science program we are using at John Calvin is as follows:

Grade K                  Locally developed units: Safety, Seasons, Health & Nutrition

Grades 1-6            CSI (Christian Schools International) Science

This text puts a significant emphasis on the use of the Scientific Method and Investigation, and includes a health component at each grade level. Each topic is handled with a clear and specific recognition that God’s hand in the created order, the infinite and awesome nature of His creativity, yet with due regard for the rules and procedures of scientific investigation.

Grades 7&8         Science Power (McGraw-Hill Ryerson)

This series is quite academically challenging and includes a lot of time devoted to experimentation, i.e. not only the theory but also the practice of using the Scientific Method.


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