Volume 21, Number 3, September 20, 2019

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General News

Greetings parents, grandparents and other members of the supporting community on this beautiful 4th last day of summer.  Next week Monday morning we begin a new season with the autumnal equinox taking place at 3:50 a.m. EST.  Thus far, a lot has happened in and around John Calvin School.  We thank the Lord for His blessing and guidance during the first three weeks of September as we carried out our daily work of learning and teaching along with participating in various special activities and events.

                Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who need the Lord in a special way, be they at home or in the hospital. 

Mr. Hofsink is planning to attend the National Principals’ Conference in Sumas, Washington from September 23-25.  He hopes to return to school on Friday, September 27.  In his absence, Mrs. Elgersma will continue to look after matters in the office, and Miss Buist and Mr. Joosse will look after admin team matters.

A few items for your attention:

*The annual food drive for the West Lincoln Community Care Food bank continues until Friday, October 11 at which time the goods will be delivered to or picked up by Community Care.  Baskets have been set up in different locations in the school and are starting to fill up.  That is great to see.  Thank you very much everyone for your consideration and participation in this act of service for the broader community.

*Thank you everyone for your cooperation with respect to pick-ups and drop-offs.  It is much appreciated by students and teachers.

*Superb selling job students!  There are no more boxes of chocolate left in the school to be sold.  Mrs. Elgersma and I think that this is a record for the quickest that the boxes have been cleared out of the school (10 school days).  Thank you to all the children in Grades 4-8 who sold chocolate for your hard work in this fundraising venture for your field/class trips.  A good chunk of chocolate bar fundraising money is in; however, there is still quite a bit more that needs to come in.  Please return the money for the box(es) you have sold as soon as possible.

*Service:  Thank you to the Grades 7&8 students who helped out at the Anchor Home garage sale last week Saturday.

*The soccer players and their coaches continue with their practices leading up to the tournament scheduled for Saturday, September 28.  The annual Canadian Reformed Schools Invitational Soccer Tournament is once again hosted by John Calvin School.  As in previous years, it will take place at two venues, West Lincoln Leisureplex (boys’ and girls’ divisions) and John Calvin School (co-ed division).  We hope to see many of you there to cheer on the school’s teams.  All the tournament games for the JCS boys’ and girls’ teams will take place at Leisureplex.  Their schedules are as follows:

GIRLS                                    BOYS

9:05        JCS vs Covenant 8:00        JCS vs ACRES

11:15      JCS vs Heritage   10:10      JCS vs Timothy

2:30        JCS vs DACS        12:20      JCS vs Grace

If either or both of the teams make it that far, the semi-finals take place at 3:45 p.m. and the final is scheduled for 5:00 p.m.

*Training continues next week Tuesday and Friday at lunch recess for the annual Canadian Reformed Elementary School Cross Country Meet.  On Tuesday, the coaches are planning to take the team to Kinsmen Park in Beamsville.  They are in need of a couple of drivers.  If you are able to help out, please give Mrs. Heemskerk a call (905-957-6001).  Mrs. Heemskerk and Mrs. Kelly are training the athletes in preparation for the annual meet scheduled for Friday, October 11 at the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.  This event is hosted by Guido De Bres Christian High School.  The students in Grades 5-8 are also in training for the first annual Golden Horseshoe Invitational Cross Country meet hosted by Cairn Christian School.  This meet is scheduled for Thursday, October 10 at Southward Community Park in Grimsby.

*Please Note:  Unfortunately, Bus #3 (Wilma Vis) will not be in service for the afternoons of next week.  At the time of writing, parents will need to seek alternative transportation.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

N.B.  School Calendar change:  The Open House/Community Fundraiser originally scheduled for May 1 is changed to May 8 to correspond with the Guido PA Day.  Guido Arts Alive is on May 1st hence the change. 


*Once again, we are participating in the Scholastic Book Club.  If you decide to purchase books from different flyers, you just need to write one cheque, made payable to John Calvin School, not Scholastic.  Thank you.  If parents do not wish for the flyers to be sent home, please let the school know and we will take your name of the list.

*If your child has music lessons in the school or in the church, please ensure that they are aware of when the lesson takes place.  Even though they may have written a permanent note on the board, it is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind the student of their lesson.  Music lessons are conducted by Mrs. Rianna Slaa each Tuesday (church) and Thursday (school), Mrs. Rebecca Bosscher each Tuesday in the school, and Mrs. Kathryn Cushing (in lieu of Mrs. Kara North) each Monday in the church.  Miss Kathryn VanAmerongen is teaching violin to several students in the church each Wednesday.

*Grade 7A is planning to visit Beacon Home on Monday afternoon, September 23.

*Grade 3A is planning to visit Anchor Home on Wednesday afternoon, September 25.

*Grade 7A is planning to visit Kilean Lodge on Thursday morning, September 26.

*Grade 4B is planning to visit Shalom Manor on Friday morning, September 27.

*You are welcome to join us for the Thanksgiving Assembly on Friday, October 11 beginning at 1:45 p.m. in the school gym.

Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed Sunday.  It looks like a good one, weather-wise.  We hope to communicate with you again next week, D.V.         G. Hofsink

Classroom News


It was a busy week for kindergarten and we experienced many firsts again this week.  We had our first picture day, our first fire drill, our first library time and our first buddy reading with Grade 8.  So many things for the students to learn and they are doing an excellent job.  We have started learning how to sort objects in a variety of ways.  We also learned all about the letter Aa and next week we will be learning about the letter Tt.  Next week Thursday and Friday will be red day so please remember to dress your child in red and pack their lunches with many different red things for them to enjoy.  Have a blessed weekend!

Grade 1

This week we have been busy doing investigations during Science classes.  We enjoyed looking at, touching, smelling and tasting popcorn as well.  In our Bible stories we see how God always keeps His promises, not only to Abram, but also to all of us.  On Wednesday we hope to visit the Feenstra’s apple orchard and go for a hike on the Bruce trail.  The forecast for Wednesday looks great (that could change), please check the weather forecast  as to whether you need to send boots along with your child.  We could use a few volunteers to join us on the trip.  If you are able to join us please let us know via email or in your child’s agenda before Wed. Please do not send any MICROWAVE lunches on that day. Today we could work with the Grade 7 students on an Art project showing how buildings have lines.  You may see the finished work in the near future. Please continue to practice the sight and Spelling words. FYI, the students have been very tired this week. Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a blessed Sunday.

Memory Work for Friday, Sept. 27 – Ps. 79:5, Gen.1:1, 31a

Spelling Words:  are, for, he, on, was

Grade 2

In our Science classes this week, Grade 2 continues to stand in amazement at the way God created our bodies. The students learned about fractures; and how God created our bones with the ability to heal. They also learned the importance of getting good exercise and eating/drinking foods with lots of calcium to keep their bones strong. In our Bible classes, we are studying the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. The students heard about His baptism and later, how the devil tried to tempt Him. In math, we added more facts to the students’ bags. Keep practicing! Have a blessed weekend! BV/RG

Memory work: Ps 86:4

Spelling: rain, school, house, does, people

Grade 3

Bonjour!  Au revoir!  Comment t-appelles tu? Yes, we live in a bilingual country and grade three enjoys speaking French! Try it at home too! We finished our Bible unit on Creation with a test that we did together and now move on to hearing stories of John Eliot. Ask us how the LORD used him to gather His church from all times and places. On Tuesday we had our pictures taken.  We can’t wait to see the results! We started a novel study “Sarah, Plain and Tall.”  Ask us what the story is about so far. Continue to do those drills and bring them back the next day, grade three.  Thank you. Have a wonderful weekend under the Lord’s blessing. J.B./M.P.

Words:  again, because, could, favourite, have, into, off, people, said, they, until, very, want, who

Psalm 50:1; Old Testament Books

Gym clothes on Tuesday and Friday.

Library books on Thursday.

Mission $$$ on Friday.

Grade 4

Grade 4 continues to be hard at work. By now, the first couple of quizzes of the year have been written, marked and returned. In Bible, we hope to finish up our first unit about Samuel and then move on to the life of Saul. In Math, we hope to finish our first unit about place value and then move on to addition strategies.

Here are a few things to note for next week:

Thursday: Unit 1 Math Test: place value to the hundred thousands, rounding to the hundred thousands, comparing and ordering numbers, writing numbers in standard, word and expanded form.

Friday: Unit 1 Bible Test: 1 Samuel 1 – 15

Friday: Spelling Test: late, nails, paint, safe, saying, takes, wait, were, guns, past, hate, stayed, crayon, holes

Friday: Song: Hymn 25:1

Next Memory Work: Song: Hymn 13: 1,2/1 Samuel 15:22

Grade 5

The Grade 5/6 students were able to sign up this week for the 2 kilometre cross country run coming up on October 10. We have started practicing in Phys. Ed., and it would be a good idea for the students to practice at home as well! In Bible we continue to look at Jesus’ early life and we can see how John the Baptist prepared the people for Jesus’ ministry. Music duotangs will be going home close to the end of the week so the students can study for the Mozart Test that will be coming on Monday, September 30. Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KV

Memory Work: Ps. 25:2; Text: Luke 1:46-50

Devotions: 5A – M. Sydney, Tu. Aaron, W. Morgan S., Th. Meghan S., F. Madden

5B – M. Logan, Tu. Taiya, W. Jenna, Th. Camrynne, F. Taylor

Grade 6

The students had a very productive week. Mrs. Folkerts has started teaching them some of the chords for the ukulele. Their T shirt art project is in the colouring stage and we hope to have some hanging up in the hall soon. A variety of seeds and leaves were used in their experiments to observe the characteristics that are necessary for flight. In math we will continue to work with equations. Have a blessed weekend, AF/CV

Grade 7A

This past week we learned how Saul was indeed a king, “like all the other nations”. We also heard the promise of God to appoint a, “man after His own heart” to be the next king. Our number sense chapter in Math is coming to an end; next we’ll look at number theory which involves primes, composites and multiples. We’ll learn about the king of France’s problem in History; should he promote the fur trade in New France or should he encourage settlement? In Science we’ll learn about structural efficiency and apply the formula to our own structures. At this time in our independent study, students have now selected two books to read about their topic; they have to acquire one of those books. Parents, please help your child with this by bringing them to the library. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 7B

In Bible History, we are looking how Saul is rejected as King for not following the LORD’s commands and how the LORD raises up a King after His own heart. In Math, we begin looking at Number Theory next week. In History, we will start looking at a more in depth look at the fur trade as well as the missionaries that came to New France in 1605. For Independent Study, please make sure that your student has their book for Wednesday’s class. Devotions – Thomas B. Have a great weekend!

Grade 8A

Our 3rd week has come and gone and we have (mostly) settled into our routines. In Math we have worked our way towards our first test on Tuesday. In Bible we saw how Daniel 11 mapped out the Seleucid empire hundreds of years before it came into being. In History we began to discuss the five main causes behind the push for Confederation. Next week promises to be busy with the Soccer tournament on the horizon. The soup green fundraiser is also in full swing; stay tuned for some exciting new ideas! Have a blessed weekend. Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8B

We ended up postponing our Bible quiz from last Wednesday to coming Thursday. In the meantime, the students have researched a particular faction or group that developed during the intertestamental times and they will present their findings to the class on Tuesday.  We hope to continue our Bible studies in the gospels and to talk about Jesus’ early ministry. In Science we’ve spent time reviewing how to use a microscope and experimenting with observing and analyzing slides under the microscope. Students have written their first History quiz and hope to see the results very soon.  Please encourage your children to sell their chocolate bars and return the money to the school.

Sobey’s/Foodland          X25     X50   X100  
Fortinos/NoFrills/Superstore       X50   X100   X250  
Food Basics       X50   X100   X250  
Dutch Shop           X25  
Giant Tiger         X25     X50  
Pioneer         X50   X100  
Petro-Canada         X50   X100  
Tim Hortons         X10     X25  
Canadian Tire       X25     X50   X100  
M&M’s           X25  
Kelsey’s           X25  
Shopper’s           X25  
The Keg           X50  
Winners/ HomeSense           X25  
Boston Pizza           X25  
Walmart           X50  
Costco          X100  
Starbucks       X25      

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