Volume 21, Number 4, September 27, 2019

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General News

It became officially the autumn season this past week, but the summer weather lives on. For how long, we don’t know.  Students and teachers are enjoying it nevertheless, especially when soccer practices can take place outdoors.  The cross country club has also been able to practice in warm and dry conditions.  John Calvin School is hosting the annual elementary soccer tournament this weekend. All the games will take place both at Leisureplex  this yearl. See elsewhere in this Chronicle a schedule of when our teams will play. Thank-you to the coaches who have given of their time after school and all day Saturday to help the teams participate in this tournament. Also thanks to those who help out at the concession stand. All proceeds go toward the grade 8 Ottawa trip.

The grade eights with their parents and teachers have already solicited many of you to buy chopped veggie packs and jars of red pepper jelly to help raise funds for their Ottawa trip.  This year something new has been organized.  The grade eights have been given permission to use the facilities of the Niagara gleaners in order to chop their veggies.  We will still be bagging them at the school, so the pick-up place is the same.  We are so thankful to the Niagara Gleaners for this opportunity.  You should probably expect a somewhat different texture to your veggie packs, since they will go through a dicer rather than a food processor. 

Even though Jude has collected enough pop tabs for his sister’s wheelchair, we are going to continue to collect pop tabs and donate them to “Pop Tabs for Wheelchairs”.  This organization helps families to purchase wheelchairs and other assistive materials.  There is a bucket near the office where tabs can be deposited.  A staff member will bring them to a depot in Burlington when we have a pail full (Unless there is a parent who wants to take responsibility for this project).  We believe collecting pop tabs (tabs from baby formula, other food cans or beverage containers) is a great way for us to be of service to the people in our community.  Here is a link to a website if you would like more information about this organization.  http://poptabsforwheelchairs.ca/ In that respect, we are also continuing with the Community Care Food Drive. 

If all goes well, we will be welcoming a new student in Mrs. Poort’s grade 3 class on Monday.  Jessica comes to us from Syria via Beirut.  Her family has been sponsored in Canada by the Smithville Canadian Reformed Church. 

Although we are only four weeks into the school year, there are already items in the lost and found.  Can we please urge you to make sure that your child(ren)’s possessions are labelled with their first and last name.  Many of our students are not always very particular about whose gym clothes they pick up from the floor and without names to label them, it is almost impossible for us to help sort out who has whose shirt or shorts. 

Please Note:  Included with today’s edition of the Chronicle, is a note from the board regarding a change to the Grade 7 vaccinations administered by Niagara Public Health at the school; once in November and once in May.

Mr. Hofsink hopes to be back at his desk sometime on Friday after having spent some time at a Principal’s conference in Washington and with his family who live nearby in Chilliwack B.C.  As many of you know, his father has been in ill health.  How nice that he has the opportunity to visit while he is close by.

‘Til next time, when Mr. Hofsink will be occupying the ‘Chroncile writer’s chair’.  AB

Soccer Schedule for Saturday September 28th:

GIRLS                                    BOYS

9:05 – JCS vs Covenant      8:00 – JCS vs ACRES

11:15 – JCS vs Heritage     10:10 – JCS vs Timothy

2:30 – JCS vs DACS            12:20 – JCS vs Grace

If either or both of the teams make it that far, the semi-finals take place at 3:45 p.m. and the final is scheduled for 5:00 p.m.

Classroom News


It was another busy week in kindergarten this week.  In Bible this week we learned about the promises that God made to Abraham.  God promised that Abraham would have so many children that they would be as many as the stars in the sky even though Abraham and Sarah were very old when they had their baby, Isaac.  In Math we are learning about patterns and the different kinds of patterns that we can make using different shapes, colours and sizes. One of the highlights that we have in kindergarten is going to Grade 3 with Miss B to sing songs.  The children love singing the funny songs that Miss B is teaching and the stories that she reads with us!  Next week we are going to continue learning about patterns and the promises that the Lord makes to Isaac.  Have a blessed weekend.

Grade 1

We had an absolutely wonderful day at the Feenstra Orchard!  The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed spending time learning about all the things that happen in an apple orchard.  A big thank you to Mrs. M. Feenstra and her family for hosting us.  Thanks to our bus driver, Mrs. VanIperen, as well as our parent volunteers.  We have started a new chapter in Math dealing with shapes and patterns.  We will be finished our Bible unit on Monday, with a test to follow on Tuesday.  Notes will be in your child’s bag on Monday.  We have completed our Science unit and will have a follow up test on Tuesday.  Please to continue to review all the sight and Spelling words.  Some students know how to spell the words but not write them.  Please practise printing them at home.  Have a blessed Sunday!

Memory Work for Friday, Oct. 4 – Ps. 131:1; Gen.17:7

Spelling Words:  as, his, I, they, with

Grade 2

This week in our Bible classes, Grade 2 has been studying stories from the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. We learned about the wedding at Cana, the cleansing of the temple, and also when Jesus began calling his disciples. We will have a Bible quiz on Wednesday. Once again, the notes will come home on Tuesday night.

In math class, we began our second unit on number sense.  The students have already seen that practicing their math facts makes learning the concepts easier. Please continue to practice together with your child! In our Science classes, we learned that the human body has 200 joints. Ask your child what life would be like if God didn’t design us with joints! That’s all for this week,  have a wonderful weekend! BV/RG

Memory work: Hymn 15:1; Text: The 12 Apostles

Spelling: Why, have, saw, family, came

Bible Quiz: Wednesday

Grade 3

Grade 3A could visit with their special needs brothers and sisters at Anchor Home. What a blessing to be able to sing and have fun at the same time. Thank you, Mrs. K. Bos for driving us to and fro. Our first math test has been done; and now we move on to addition. In Church History we may hear how John Eliot wants to bring the gospel to the natives and how it was received 400 years ago. Sarah Plain and Tall keeps us busy; reading as well as lots of activities about the book. Pioneer Day will be on Wednesday, October 23rd. Our class moms have been found willing to come along and help. Continue to practise spelling words on a daily basis, as well as singing memory work at home. We want to welcome Jessica Alozou to Grade 3B. We hope and pray she may soon feel at home with us. Have a blessed weekend and LORD’s day. MP/JB

Memory work: Hymn 53:2 ; Text: Gen. 3:15 (two weeks)

Spelling words: city, community, countries, exciting

PE on Tuesday/Friday, Library on Thursday, Mission $ on Friday

Grade 4

This week we are beginning our new unit in math on Addition. Please continue to work with your child on reviewing their times tables. We are also beginning a new unit in Church History on the Family of Churches. This should coincide nicely with our trip to the seminary in October. Spelling lesson 4 words are as follows: tea, cars, need, ocean, whale, net, clear, watch, deep, feel, hear, chest, sea, free (grade 4B extra words are treacherous, compete, conceal and permanent). On Friday, October 4, Grade 4B is also visiting Shalom.

Tues: French Quiz Weather Expressions and Dates 4A + 4B

Wed: Science Quiz Light 4B

Fri: Science Quiz Sound 4A, Spelling Test 4A + B, memory work

Memory work due for Friday: Hymn 13: 1+2 and Bible memory is 1 Sam. 15: 22.

Next week’s memory work is Psalm 130:2.

Grade 5

Another week of learning is wrapping up in Grade 5!  We have written our first math test and are planning to move into Chapter 2 – Add and Subtract.  Our first Bible unit is also coming to an end and will be completed on Tuesday with a test.  Over the weekend students can review what we have learned about Mozart in preparation for the quiz on Monday.  Devotions for the week are as follows: Grade 5A  M. Maraya, T. Sierra, W. Linden, Th. Laura, F. Olivia.  Grade 5B M. Abigayle, T. Reuben, W. Ryeanne, Th. Daeton, F. Ella.  Enjoy the weekend! RK/KVL  

Grade 6

The students completed 5 experiments in Science to predict and write the outcomes of each activity. We look forward to our class trip on Wednesday to the Warplane Museum. This is a guided tour so no extra volunteers are needed. Please remember to bring a loonie for the bus and no MICROWAVE foods. The students are encouraged to use their class time wisely. Some work that is not completed after a reasonable amount of time is given will need to be completed at home. Please continue to assist where necessary with memory work, vocab/spelling and math facts. Have a blessed weekend. AF/CV

Grade 7A

Our Independent Study continues as students should have a copy of the book they want to read about their topic by now. Please ask your child if they have their book, and if need be, help them acquire it. We’re moving from soccer in Phys. Ed. to flag football; button hooks, down and outs and pass patterns. In History we’ll learn about the Roman Catholic Church’s response to the Protestant Reformation and what that response looks like in New France with the Jesuits. We’ll continue to study short stories in Language Arts next week, this time with a focus on setting. We were reminded of Proverbs 11:25 this past week as we visited Beacon and Kilean Lodge; we watered and were ourselves watered. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 7B

In Bible History we are continuing through 1 Samuel, looking at the rise of David, a king after the LORD’s heart and the fall of Saul. In Math, we continue looking at number theory, focusing on greatest common factors and least common multiples. In LA, we are working through what makes a good story. Next week we will be doing some creative writing, specifically looking at describing setting. Devotions – Madelyn DB. Have a great weekend!

Grade 8A

In Gr. 8 this week we investigated what was swimming in Mr. Joosse’s pond at a microscopic level. In History we discussed what factors pushed Canada towards confederation. In Bible we began to wrap up our unit on the Intertestamentary Period and are planning for a test on next week Tuesday. This Saturday we have the soccer tournament. All the best to our competitors! A special thanks goes to our volunteers who took on organization of the concession booth. Have a blessed weekend! Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8B

We are coming to the end of the first units of study in quite a few of our study areas, so expect a few first tests and quizzes in the next weeks. Students have written Bible, Math and History quizzes. It always takes a little while before students and teachers get accustomed to each other’s working styles.  So we will try to be a little bit accommodating at first if things don’t go so well.  However, there is an expectation that students prepare for tests and assignments adequately.  We try to give good notice about the tests and we expect students to budget time accordingly, especially if they have other evening commitments.  The students have also been working on writing their first story assignment in Grade 8.  The rough draft needs to be e-mailed to me during the next week. A final draft should be printed and handed in by the end of the week. A history quiz will also likely be written on Thursday. 

Devotions:  Mya, Jewel, Melissa, Arie, Alayna

Memory Work:  Ps. 27:6

Dear Parents,

Each year the Niagara Public Health offers services to families by coming directly to schools for dental screening and vaccination clinics. Currently the John Calvin School grade 7 students receive two vaccinations at school in the late fall and spring; Menactra (Menningococcal disease) has been offered since 2004 and Energix (Hep B) since 2000. Each year parents have received an information paper to read and sign before the nurses come to our school to administer the vaccines, with the option to withhold your child(ren) from the vaccination. Since 2007, the Gardasil (HPV) vaccine has been made available by Public Health but until now our school had omitted this vaccine from the available options. Upon further discussion at our recent Board meetings, we concluded that it is not the position of the school to reject or to endorse these vaccines and so from now on all three will be made available at John Calvin School. It is the responsibility of each parent to make an informed decision for his/her child(ren). There is information available at your local doctor’s office on all three vaccines, as well as on the Public Health website (niagararegion.ca/health/vaccinations).

If you have further questions for the Board, please contact Kristy Alkema at kristy.alkema@johncalvinschool.com

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