Volume 21, Number 5, October 4, 2019

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General News

Greetings and salutations everyone on this chilly, autumn morning as we bring to an end the first week of learning and teaching at John Calvin School for the month of October.  How quickly the temperature changes; from a record high on Tuesday to frost warnings at the end of the week.  

                Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those who need the Lord in a special way, be they at home or in the hospital. 

Jessica Alozou, our new student in Grade 3B, had a great first week at JCS.  We wish her all the best and the Lord’s blessing as she becomes more and more familiar with her new surroundings.

You are welcome to join us for the Thanksgiving Assembly on Friday, October 11 beginning at 1:45 p.m. in the school gym.  Mrs. Gansekoele and Mrs. Tesfaye will be leading the assembly.

A few items for your attention:

*The annual food drive for the West Lincoln Community Care Food Bank continues until next week Friday at which time the goods will be delivered to or picked up by Community Care.  Baskets have been set up in different locations in the school and a number of them are filled to overflowing.  That is great to see.  Grade 7 students have been diligent in reminding us of this venture.  Thank you again everyone for your consideration and participation in this act of service for the broader community.

*With gratitude we can report that over $2650.00 was raised for the Grade 8 Gatineau/Ottawa trip at the soccer tournament.  Apparently this is the most ever that was raised at the concession stands.

*Most of the chocolate bar money is in; however, there is still more out there that needs to be returned.  Let’s strive to get that in by the end of next week so that we can wrap up the fundraiser before the Thanksgiving weekend.  Again, thank you to all the children in Grades 4-8 who sold chocolate for your hard work in this fundraising venture for your field/class trips.

*Last week, Grade 7A could visit the residents of Beacon Home, Grade 3A could spend time with the residents of Anchor Home, and Grade 7A could interact with the residents of Kilean Lodge.  It is good for the children to be able to participate in these acts of service for our special needs brothers and sisters, and seniors in the broader community.  Grade 4B was planning to visit Shalom Manor this morning.

*Aside from a few sprinkles here and there and a rain shower during the semi-finals the weather, for the most part, cooperated during last week Saturday’s tournament.  We were thankful for that especially considering the forecast earlier in the week.  Even though they did not come back with any hardware, the girls’ and boys’ teams put in a great effort and did their best in the games they played.  The boys’ team made it to the semi-finals where they lost to the eventual champions, Heritage.  Thank you coaches (Mrs. J. Groen, Miss K. Vanderlaan, Mr. T. Witten, Mr. T. Vanderkooy, and Mr. B. Hofsink) for the time and effort you put into getting the teams ready for tournament day.  It was great to see so many parents and grandparents cheering on the teams from the sidelines.

*The students on the Grades 5&6 cross-country team have one more training session early next week as they get ready for the inaugural Golden Horseshoe Invitational Cross Country meet.  The meet takes place next week Thursday at Southward Community Park in Grimsby.

Grades 7&8 cross country practices are going well and the coaches have seen some good improvement. The Guido de Bres Christian High School invitational meet at Dundas Valley Conservation Area is just one week away (Friday, October 11) for the athletes. The coaches would like one more practice at Kinsmen Park on Tuesday, October 8.  If there are any parents willing to drive for this, it would be greatly appreciated.  The team would leave JCS at 12:00 and make their way to the park for the run.  Parents offering to drive would also be asked to help with keeping time for some of the runners.  If you are able to help with this, please contact Jenn Heemskerk at 905-541-4847. Thank you.  

*Apple Theme Week:  We are planning our first theme week from October 15-18.  We are looking forward to a fun-filled week learning more about this popular fruit.  Here is what we are planning for each day of the week.

Tuesday:  Orchard Day- We are planning a whole school visit to Feenstra Orchards (except for Grade 1 who has already gone).

Wednesday:  Dress-up in the colours of your favourite apple day

Thursday:  Apple Food Day; lunch recess activity- bobbing for apples

Friday:  In-class apple activities.  It will be a 2/3 day because of the Community Appreciation pig roast.

General: Parents and grandparents are invited to read an apple story to the children at any time during the week; just let the classroom teacher know when you wish to do so.  Parents, if you have any apple paraphernalia that we can borrow for the week that would be great.  Please drop it off at the school anytime.

Please note:  Included with today’s edition of the Chronicle, is a note from the board regarding a change to the Grade 7 vaccinations administered by Niagara Public Health at the school; once in November and once in May.  

N.B.  School Calendar change:  The Open House/Community Fundraiser originally scheduled for May 1 is changed to May 8 to correspond with the Guido PA Day.  Guido Arts Alive is on May 1st hence the change. 

To follow up on an email that was sent last week Friday:  Good afternoon members of the supporting community of John Calvin School.  The staff and school board are planning a community appreciation barbecue/pig roast for Friday, October 18.  In order for us to gauge how many people to expect at the event, we would like you to RSVP the school, office@johncalvinschool.com, if you are planning to attend.  Please include the number of persons.  The barbecue/pig roast is for adults only as well as teens that support the school.  Thank you for your continuing support. Staff and board of JCS


*Thanksgiving Day on Monday, October 14

*Due date for News &Views contributions is Tuesday, Oct. 15.

*Friday, October 18 is a 2/3 day because of the Community Appreciation barbecue.  The buses will be taking home the children at 12:10.

*A head’s up for the students in Grades 7&8:  The annual ANCHOR WORK DAY is coming up in three week’s time. The usual information about the event will be sent home next week.  Perhaps the students and parents can begin to think about the different jobs in which students can be involved. 

                Have a good weekend and a blessed day of worship, and we’ll communicate via the pages of the Chronicle again next week, the Lord willing.          G. Hofsink

Classroom News


It was a wonderful week in both KA and KB this week. I stand amazed at each and every one of these children as they adjust to new routines and new expectations in a completely new environment. As the children learn the new routines, they become more and more familiar with each other and new friendships are beginning to form! This week kindergarten was learning about the birth of Isaac and the test that Abraham had to go through to show who he loved more, God or his son Isaac.  This was a difficult concept for the kindergarten children as they know that they should love God the most but to kill someone you love to show this?? In math we continued to learn about different kinds of patterns such as AAB, AABB, ABAB and so many more.  Ask your child to show one of the patterns they learned this past week. Next week looks to be a very busy week as we are going on our first field trip as we head to Bry-Anne pumpkin farm!  KB will be going on Tuesday October 8 and KA on Thursday October 10. I will send out more information on seesaw. Thanks so much for the many parent volunteers who are coming along on the trip.  Don’t forget to send a bag labelled with your child’s name on it so they can take home their very own pumpkin! Have a blessed week!

Grade 1

In Bible we have seen how God always keeps His promises and blesses His people.  In Math we are learning to count by 2s, 5s, and 10s as well as how to work with the hundred chart.  We have learned quite a few of the Jolly Phonics letters, gestures and songs.  It’s great to see how many of the parents of our students are reviewing the spelling words; it really shows when they write their spelling test on Friday.  Keep up the good work.  In Science we are enjoying learning all about our five senses. Ask your child about some of the activities we have done. Please label all of your child’s clothing etc. Some of the students have had things go missing already.  Enjoy your weekend and have a blessed Sunday

Memory Work for Friday, Oct. 11; Psalm 116:1; Gen.17:7

Spelling Words: at, be, from, have, this

Grade 2

After learning extensively about bones and muscles in our first Science unit, we will wrap up the unit with a test this coming week. We’ve enjoyed learning some pretty amazing facts and have often stood in awe of our Creator as a result.  600 muscles, 200 joints,  and 206 bones! Our God is so great! Next week we will continue practicing a song that we’ve learned and plan to sing at the Thanksgiving assembly. The students are quite excited! We’ve also added new math facts to our bags this week. Thanks for all your hard work practicing! In our math unit, we’ve been working with both addition and subtraction,  and it’s clear that learning the math facts is really helping the students with their proficiency. That’s all for this week! Have a wonderful weekend! BV/RG

Memory work: Psalm 43:3

Spelling words: really, what, our, line, whom

Science test: Wednesday (2B) and Thursday (2A)

Bible quiz: Friday

Grade 3

Here we are again!  Groeten!  Thought a little Dutch should be included since French had a turn already. We had a little pioneer quiz on Thursday.  Ask your child to show you the results. Here is a reminder of the pioneer trip to Ireland House on October 23. We are sure the outfits will be authentic! Our class moms, Mrs. S. Dam and Mrs. L. Dinga have been found willing to go along on our pioneer trip.  No other volunteers are needed. Thank you. We are having fun with soccer skills in our Physical Education Classes. Ask us to dribble and trap the ball at home too. John Eliot has our attention in Church History. The Lord uses weak and sinful people from all times and places in His Work of gathering a church for Himself by His Word and Spirit. Thanks to all students who brought in food for the Food Drive.  May the Lord be glorified in our giving. 

Psalm 19:1; Genesis 3:15

Words:  getting, laughed, pretty, prettier, prettiest

Gym clothes on Tuesday and Friday.

Library books in a library BAG on Thursday.

Mission $ on Friday.

Grade 4

We are already into October. This month we are working on Church History with a focus on the Household of Faith. In math, we are continuing to work on addition. Students should continue reviewing their times tables. In Science we are switching units. 4A is beginning the Light Unit and 4B will be studying sound. If you remember, please send grocery or store flyers in with your child. We plan to use them in Math. 🙂 Spelling words are: alive, bikes, kids, drive, tie, seat, till, tied, life, cried, went, wide, died, hike (4B extra words are precious and sluggish)

Friday: Spelling Unit 5, Memory work Psalm 130:2

Memory work : Bible Memory Psalm 100: 1-3, Hymn 76:3

Grade 5

We have started our novel study on “Call it Courage” in 5B, and everyone is thoroughly enjoying it! 5A looks forward to beginning it on Monday. Next week, we will be starting projects for Social Studies, which will be done completely at school. Papers have gone home or will go home with an explanation of what is all involved. The school will supply some of the main supplies (such as paint, glue, plasticine, etc.), but the students will need to bring in materials to help with this. They cannot bring in any prefabricated things, like Lego figures or plastic animals. Thank you in advance for your help with this! We will be starting recorder in Music class on Monday, so the students need to bring in their recorders for that. The cross country run for is on Thursday! Students will need to eat nutritious food and drink lots of water on the day of, and they are also reminded not to pack sugary snacks. Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KV

Devotions: 5A – M. Angelina, Tu. Silas, W. Logan, Th. Brooke, F. Brianna

5B – M. Torey, Tu. Alyvia, W. Mattheus, Th. Carson, F. Olivia

Grade 6

We had an exciting week this week with our trip to the Warplane Heritage Museum. Not only did we get to do science experiments with gliders and water guns, but we also got to learn a little history by going into a number of different war time air crafts, and hearing stories of the brave soldiers who risked their lives for our freedom. The students in grade 6A/B have been hard at work practicing their ukulele chords and learning the song “This Little Light of Mine.” They have also started to wrap up their T-shirt artwork, which you will find hanging in the Grade 6 hall! Enjoy your weekend!


Grade 7A

So the first month of Grade Seven has come to an end. How is your child doing with the new curriculum and classroom routines? How is your child adjusting to the new teacher? Please feel free to contact me anytime at theodore.witten@johncalvinschool.com. On Friday of next week some of us will be attending the Canadian Reformed Elementary School Cross Country Race; the remainder of us will be dropping off the JCS Food Drive donations at West LIncoln Community Care (Industrial Road). We’ll need some volunteer vehicles to transport the food and students; please contact me if you’re able to drive. Next week we’ll wrap up our “Samuel and Saul” unit and in timely fashion switch to the Reformation in Germany. We’ve learned about structural efficiency in Science and we’ll apply the equation to structures we’ll build ourselves. Independent Study continues to move along; thank you parents for helping your child access a book on a topic of their choice. Enjoy your weekend.  

Grade 8A

We had a true Southern Ontario range of weather this week, didn’t we! In class we were busy with our first major project of the year, an investigation into the British North American Colonies during the 1860s. On Tuesday we wrapped up our Intertestamentary Period unit with a unit test. The class as a whole received an 80% class average! Well done 8’s! With much thankfulness and appreciation to our coordinators we were also excited to report that we raised over $2600 with our soccer concession stand! This is a major help to our fundraising efforts for Ottawa. Have a blessed weekend. Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8B

Students should have taken home marked Bible and Math tests.  We wrote a Science test today and a History test on Thursday.  So ask to see those results near the end of the week.This week Thursday we will be working at the Gleaners to wash and chop veggies.  On Friday we will begin packing veggies in the morning and continue until they are done. We will be continuing our Bible stories about the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, especially focusing on the message to ‘repent and believe’.

Devotions:  Alayna, Abbey, Jordan, Jazmin, Leah

Memory Work:  Psalm 28:5;  Joel 2:28-32 (Students should choose the verse they want me to test.)

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