Volume 23, Number 1, September 10, 2021

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General News

The purpose of John Calvin School is to assist and support parents in the education of their covenant children to the glory of God.  In accomplishing this mission, the vision of John Calvin School is to provide excellent Christ-centered education in service to God and our neighbour.

As you may already be aware, this year’s theme text is Psalm 124:8, “Our help is in the name of the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (NIV)

Greetings and salutations from John Calvin School everyone on this sunny but cool Friday morning as we bring week one of teaching and learning to a close.  There was no thunderstorm on the night before school started this year, but certainly a doozy the night of and into the morning of the second day, an awesome display of God’s power and majesty in creation.  Welcome to volume twenty-three of our weekly newsletter, the Calvin Chronicle.  Through this newsletter we will keep you informed as to the goings-on at JCS on a regular basis.  If you have anything to contribute to the Chronicle, please make sure you send it to the office on or by the Thursday evening prior to publication. 

This past Tuesday morning, the doors of John Calvin School could open for the 58th time.  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!  On that morning, 312 students, 18 full-time teachers, 4 part-time teachers, 10 EAs (full- and part-time), 1 TA, 2 members of the IBI team working with one of our Learning Resource Special Needs students, and 2 part-time office administrators (along with 5 bus drivers and 2 janitorial crews) could take up their respective tasks for another year of teaching and learning in His service. 

After missing out last year, it was great to be able to gather together as school community (students, staff, parents, grandparents, board) at the opening assembly. During the assembly, we could sing praises to the Lord, reflect on this year’s theme text and be reminded that God is our help in all situations and circumstances. Time and again we are confronted with things we can’t control. Our only solution to all of life’s troubles is rooted in the Lord, who made heaven and earth.  He is our help and protection.  We were also reminded that as prophets, priests and kings, we are to strive each day to follow our Chief Prophet, Priest and King.  The board chairman spoke a few words of encouragement and support as well. To conclude the assembly, we could welcome new students and new staff and help the CCRTC kick off its 40th year of operation teaching women and men to become teachers in our schools.

What a blessing it is to once again to assist the parents in educating his covenant children in the fear of his Name.  We pray that our Heavenly Father will continue to provide wisdom and understanding to the parents, the board and its committees, the principal and the staff, as they provide Christ-centered education for his covenant children.  We pray that a clear vision, a spirit of openness, trust, cooperation, and communication may once again encompass all those involved in the education process at John Calvin School.     

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with those in our community who need the Lord in a special way; in particular we think of little Sammy Gansekoele who, while recovering from a break in the one leg, broke the other. We pray for healing and a speedy recovery for the little fellow. 

Tomorrow, we remember the 20th anniversary of this world changing event.  Where were you on September 11, 2001?

A few items for your attention:

*Sadly, with the cancellation of the West Lincoln Fair, students from Grades 4&5 were not able participate in the Fair’s Spelling Bee.

*The annual soccer tournament has also been cancelled.  In lieu of the cancelled tournament, we are looking at organizing a mini-tourney with three other schools to take place on the soccer fields of a couple of the participating schools. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.  

*Due to the busyness of September and adjusting to the routines of school after being away for five months, we decided to move Book Week from September back to its original time of year, February.  Book Week is scheduled for February 22-25, 2022.  Our October theme week (October 13-15):  Horse Farming is still a go.

*We would like to remind everyone that when you come to school to pick-up or drop-off your child(ren) that you use the north driveway and then make your way to the church parking lot to drop them off. Please do not drop them off along the driveway.  You are also reminded that there is no parking by the kitchen and the storage room during the day. Thank you for your cooperation.  

*Also, with respect to drop-offs and pick-ups, we would like to remind parents to come to the office so that office staff can inform the classroom teacher via intercom of a pick-up or drop-off during the day.

*The chocolate bars for the annual chocolate bar sale arrived on the second day of school. All students from Grades 4-8 are encouraged to participate so that the work is shared as well as the profits. The profits are placed in the Student Fund to support the costs of class trips and such items of direct benefit to the students. If everyone sells at least one box, we will be a long way to our goal. The cost of the individual bar/box is the same as in previous years, $3.00. Thus, those students who sell an entire box need to bring in $90.00 to the school. 

*Later this month, a bus evacuation drill and review of bus expectations will be held with all the students. Stay tuned for when that will be. At this time, I would ask that parents also remind their children of the expectations that are listed in the Parent Handbook.  Bus behaviour needs regular monitoring and, if a problem arises, it would be appreciated if you would inform the transportation committee or school administration.  We can only address those situations that we are made aware of.


*Please note that class mom/volunteer forms must be returned on or by next week Friday, September 17. Class moms/volunteers are required to get a Vulnerable Sector Check, cost covered by the school board.  These can be done online.

*If your child has music lessons in the school, please ensure that they are aware of when the lesson takes place. Even though they may have written a permanent note on the board, it is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind the student of their lesson.

*Please have the Emergency Medical Treatment form and any other forms returned to the school by Monday. 

*We would like to remind parents that if they have any questions or concerns about the procedures and routines of the school to please contact the school either by telephone or by email as opposed to discussing questions and concerns via other means of communication, e.g. social media.  In this way, we can keep each other better informed about what is happening in and around the school.

*All medication, e.g. puffers, epi-pens, needs to be properly labelled. For those students who require oral prescription medication, Tylenol or Aspirin, the school has a form that parents will need to fill out so that the medication can be administered by the classroom teacher.

*John Calvin School is planning a Fall Food Drive for West Lincoln Community Care from September 20 to October 9.

*Picture Day is scheduled for Tuesday, September 21, and the first Fire Drill for Wednesday, September 22.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and may the Lord grant you a blessed Sunday.  We hope to touch base again next week.  

G. Hofsink

Classroom News


Praise God from whom all blessings flow! A new school has started and the students were welcomed to school for in person learning! This week was filled with many firsts for the kindergarten students. First time on the bus!  First time coming to this school for a WHOLE day! First time playing on the playground! First time having gym! First time learning their memory work and Bible text! There were so many new experiences and so many new learning opportunities for each of the children. The students are quickly learning the routines and expectations of school! We learned all about creation and how powerful our God is. He was able to just speak and the world was created! How great is our God! Next week we will learn about man’s fall and Cain and Abel. In math we are learning about positional words such as above, below, on top, bottom, middle, and between. Next week we will be learning about more positional words like left and right. In social studies we read “Chrysanthemum;” a story about a mouse who goes to school.  Next week we will begin our social studies unit on the five senses! It was an absolute pleasure having each of the students here this week and getting to know their unique personalities.  Have a great weekend.  JB/SV

Grade 1

We had a good first week. The children have learned a LOT of new school routines and by day 3, we have also seen a LOT of progress in consolidating them.  Some of the children have been struggling with feeling hungry long before the recess break.  Perhaps their bodies need to adjust to the new school routine as well…. maybe add a little extra protein to their breakfast to help tide them over???  Even though the weather is cooler outside, it still gets quite warm in our classrooms.  We still can only use the fountains to fill water bottles, so please remember to send your child to school with a full water bottle.  (Unfortunately they cannot stay at school overnight as they get in the way of classroom cleaning.)  In Social Studies we began our first unit which is all about Safety. We learned a bit about fire safety and what to do if there is a fire. We practiced how to leave the classroom/school building if there is a fire. We also talked about what to do if there is a fire at home. At this point there was a bit of fear evident on some faces. We talked about how we should talk about fire safety with our families and what to do if there is a fire at home, mostly because each home/family is different. I would urge you as parents to do this, especially to reassure your child. We will talk a little bit more about fire safety on Monday and then move on to playground, bus and stranger safety.  We are really enjoying getting to know your children.

Memory Work:  Hymn 10:1, Psalm 124:8

Grade 2

We have had a great start to the school year here in Grade 2! Students and teachers are starting to adjust to classroom routines. We’ve started our first Bible unit in the New Testament beginning with the birth of Jesus. We will be having a quiz sometime next week, please check your child’s agenda. In Science, we started learning about bones! We’re learning about how God has created the bones in our bodies so fearfully and wonderfully! Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!


Grade 3

Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! We could begin the school year with a real assembly; thank you, Mr. Hofsink. In class, we have been focusing on posture and listening to the teacher and others. In Bible History, we are learning about God’s perfect creation, and the fall into sin. In reading, we have been introduced to the novel, “Sarah, Plain and Tall”. Pioneers keep us busy in Social Studies, and fitness keeps us busy in gym class. We are so thankful to be back in school; blessings from above! It is also good to see the children enjoying their friends again. Greetings and have a good weekend and blessed Lord’s Day.

Memory work: The books of the Old Testament will be sung throughout the year, so we will go on to Gen. 3:15 (two weeks) and Hymn 64:3 (1 week)

Spelling words: again, because, could, favourite

Friday: Mission $, Spelling Test, Bible Test, memory work due

Grade 4

What a blessing it was to welcome the new Grade 4 students to our classrooms this week! We look forward to getting to know them and working with you this year. In Bible, we have been looking at the life of Samuel as he  grew up in the tabernacle. In Science, we’ve been looking at types of energy, especially in connection to sound and light. In Math, we’ve been working through some place value review and addition math drills. In French, we’ve been working through some basic expressions and number and letter review. We have a lot to look forward to this year. A few things to keep in mind for next week:

Spelling Test on Friday, September 17: hop, mud, there, hunt, frog, buzz, their, rocks, such, swam, clock, shop, bug, cup

Memory Work: Ps. 122:1/Text: Psalm 124:8

Upcoming Song: Psalm 66:1

We wish you a blessed weekend.


Grade 5

We have enjoyed a successful first week of school as students got back into the daily routines. It is good to see so many students in the building once again! Our Bible lessons are beginning with the birth of Jesus and his ministry on earth. This connects nicely with our Social Studies unit about Ancient Rome!  Grade 5B will be starting with student-led devotions this week.  The schedule is as follows: M. Graydenm Tu. Dayna, W. Austin, Th. Trevin, F. Jakob.  Have a restful weekend! RK/KVL 

Grade 6

How blessed we were to start another school year together. Our week has gone by quickly. It may seem that we didn’t accomplish much, but I’m sure that the students will attest to the fact that we did in fact do many different things. We have made a start to our various units. We look forward to using the talents and gifts that the LORD has given us to complete our work to His glory and honour. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any cares or concerns or leave a comment in the agenda. Have a blessed weekend. IDV/CVA

Grade 7A

As the LORD in His grace allows us to gather in-class, we were able to familiarize ourselves to new routines and expectations. Among the new expectations is the selection of a topic for learning more about in our “Independent Study”. Be sure to ask your child what they would like to learn more about. Next week we hope to take a field trip to the St. Catharines Public Library Central branch to learn more about finding quality books; more details forthcoming. If there are any questions regarding your child’s adjustment to Grade 7, please don’t hesitate to contact me with the details I supplied earlier. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 7B

We are back! What a blessing to be able to teach God’s covenant children again IN the classroom! We are off to a roaring start in 7B covering topics like, ‘What is Geography’? and ‘What is HIS STORY’? One of the highlights this week was the beginning of our Independent Study. Students took some time to try and pick a topic and we aim to learn more about researching at the St. Catharines Central Library next Thursday. Have a blessed and restful weekend. Cheers, Mrs. Ludwig and Mr. J

Grade 8

We are so thankful to have completed our first week with a full classroom. We are still waiting on agendas, so please count on emailing if you need to get a hold of either of us yet.

Memory work: Psalm 103: 5, 7 (following week Psalm 10: 7 and John 1: 1-7

Building in Thankfulness Baseball Tournament

Summer is just about over but there is still time to play some ball! We are organizing another co-ed baseball tournament on October 2 at Southward Park in Grimsby to raise funds for our Building in Thankfulness campaign. Vineyard Canadian Reformed Church in Lincoln is hoping to build an addition to our church so the building is more accessible for our elderly members as well as the residents of Anchor. If you love baseball and some friendly competition please consider putting together a team and come out for a day of fun. There will also be a BBQ lunch in support of the cause. Email Carrie DeVries (devries3361@gmail.com) for more details and to register a team.

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