Volume 24, Number 12, November 25, 2022

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

To question why you do something is part of our curriculum development here at JCS.  We spent some time on Friday going through the rationale and biblical framework for our Science curriculum.   When we read Psalm 19 “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.”.  Building a framework for students to understand that we can see a reflection of the majesty of God in science is critical.  We live in a world that sees human mental prowess and science as the ultimate expression of man’s ability is counter to what we see in God’s creation and word.  He created it all.   As a staff, we challenged ourselves in building this framework to help us teach in a way that brings out God’s glory.  We’re thankful that as part of confessing him we understand all facets of his creation and how they are his!

We remember the Breukelman family this week.   Mr. Henry Breukelman passed on to glory.   While we mourn at the loss, we rejoice that he is now in glory.   May our gracious God encourage and strengthen the family in this time of loss.  Mr. Breukelman a father-in-law, grandfather, and uncle to Emily Breukelman, Tim Breukelman, and Jolanda Breukelman.

This week has had some excitement with the cast of Beauty and the Beast being posted. There was a lot of excitement as the cast gets ready to work on this production. We wish the coordinators and directors strength and joy as they work to have the production ready for the spring.

The grade7/8 volleyball teams will head over to Hamilton on December 1st in order to compete in the Volleyball tournament.  This will be one of the regular tournaments once again.   We are thankful for this opportunity.

We do have some birthdays coming up this week amongst staff.   Mrs. Ludwig and I share the same birthday on Dec 3rd.   We are thankful for the work that Mrs. Ludwig does in the grade 8 classroom and we pray that God will strengthen and uphold her in the tasks that she is given.

I believe that is all for the week. JVI

This week!

Mon – Volleyball practice

Wed – K and Grade 5 Skating

Thursday – Volleyball Tournament – Hamilton

Saturday – Mrs. Ludwig’s and Mr. Van Iperen’s Birthday

Classroom News


For the first time in forever, both KA and KB classes could enjoy days where all the students were present! The students and teachers alike were excited to all be back together! The students spent some time on the iPads this week using a new program called Splash Math.  Here the students were expected to count objects from 0-10 and fill in the miss numbers. Many of the students struggled with this. Please take the time at home to practice counting from 0-10 as well as writing the numbers independently. Next week in Bible we will be beginning our new unit stories on the birth of Jesus and the events surrounding His birth! In Language Arts we will be learning the letter “i” sound as well as starting review and assessments of the information learned. Here’s a look at next week’s plans:

Monday – SH: Micah

Tuesday – SH: Hayden

Wednesday – library day and RED DAY!

Wednesday – SKATING from 12:15 to 1:15. Parents please pack skates as well as a helmet!

Thursday – SH: Evelyn

Friday – SH: Jonah

Have a good weekend! JB/SV

Grade 1

With our final full week of November under our belts, it’s in many ways hard to believe it’s nearly December already. This past week both classes have been busy investigating their senses, from taste testing to smelling different smells and listening to different sounds. We once again stand in awe of our Creator as we’ve been learning just how important our senses are and how they connect to each other. We will be completing this unit very soon and moving on again to social studies.With the blanket of snow that we received last weekend, the students were able to enjoy building forts and snowmen. In their play, the students often get wet socks, and mittens. If you are able to fit an extra pair of these items in your child’s bag it would be appreciated.

Here’s what’s coming up for this week:

M.W.: Hymn 7:1

Spelling words: can, said, we, when, your

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! KK and EVG

Grade 2

The changing of the seasons always brings excitement to the primary classrooms! The students love getting out on the hills to dig forts, or to roll balls of snow into all sorts of creations. Please check if your child’s mittens and snowpants are labeled to help prevent mix-ups. Thanks so much for all the help tying skates and getting on the ice with us on Wednesday. It’s always appreciated!

We are close to completing our Science unit on Solids and Liquids. We look forward to turning our attention to Social Studies. We’ll be studying the cold weather community of Nunavut. We’ll begin by looking at maps of Canada and exploring a bit on Google Earth.  That’s all for this week; have a blessed weekend! BV/RG

Grade 3

We had a busy week! Our highlight? Skating, of course! It was a lot of fun for the children. Thank you all for coming and helping tie skates. It is so good to see children, parents and grandparents participating in this event. Thank you Mrs VanPykeren for bring us to and fro. In Bible History we are focusing on Isaac and Jacob.  Even though many sins were done, the LORD used it for good. The children did very well on their math test. Excellent job, boys and girls. We have turned to the unit about multiplication. Practise the 2 times table!!! Stories about Aladdin keep us busy in reading class. In 3B positive and negative space collages following the artist Henry Matisse were made in art class, and 3A made picture cut outs to learn about this concept as well. We have a big spelling review next week. Take the time to study these words well. May the Lord strengthen Jasmine B. and Mason V. with the passing of their great-grandfather. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday.

Memory work: Hy. 17:1,3 Text: Ps. 23:4-6

Spelling word review: beautiful, before, discover, enough, first, hopeless, journal, let’s, recycle, their, there, they’re, went

Thursday: Library

Friday: Mission $ and spelling test

Grade 4

The last full week of November was a very eventful week! Next week, grade 4A will be wrapping up the Church History unit on the “Family of Believers” and grade 4B will be wrapping up their Bible unit on the life of David. Both classes are studying Geometry in math class, and wrapping up “Owls in the Family” in Reading.

Tuesday: Owls in the Family Final Vocabulary Test – (4A + 4B); both grades will have a “Healthy Foods” presentation by a Niagara Dairy Educator.

Wednesday: Grade 4A will have their 3rd and final quiz on the map of Canada, with no word bank! Students will be responsible for knowing the provinces and territories, capital cities, Great Lakes, Oceans, and select other bodies of water.

Thursday: Grade 4A be receiving their “Recorder Homework Booklet” – please practice notes “A, B, G, E”, and be ready to present “Hot Cross Buns”. Grade 4A will be having a Church History test, and 4B will be having a Bible test.

Spelling Words (Review): said, off, where, surprise, know, because, chief, write, too, friend, piece, please

Memory Work: Psalm 5:1; Text (Next Week): John 1:1-4

Grade 5

We continue to learn about Jesus’ work on earth in Bible class. The unit is nearing completion and we plan to write a test on Friday. Grade 5A is putting the finishing touches on their Roman building projects and next week will begin a science unit about nutrition. In connection to this, on Tuesday both classes will be watching “Dairy Goodness”, a presentation by Cynthia Buist, Dairy Educator. Wednesday is our skating day! Sharpen your skates and join us from 1:15 – 2:15 at the Smithville arena. Students playing hockey are required to wear a helmet, others are encouraged to do so as well. Devotions for the week: 5A – Jayce (M), Judah (Tu), Keziah (W), Macen (Th), Michael (F). For 5B – Thomas (M), Geneva (Tu), Arli (W), Lauren (Th), Zac (F). Enjoy your weekend!

Grade 6

A reminder for all students to come to class prepared for tests, quizzes, devotions, and memory work. Many students could benefit from spending time at home going over these things. Parents, please read over and sign the prayer your child has written, making sure they have three specific prayer requests.  Students should be looking for and printing and or drawing pictures for their bird project. Make sure to have extra gloves and socks during this wet and colder season. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7

Our Science project has transitioned from the design stage to the construct stage. The students have also been encouraged with regard to their science fair projects; go for it! Start the experiments! And remember the steps. In History the English officials of British North America are wondering what to do with tens of thousands of French subjects. The Canadien have a different language, religion, judicial and land holding system; should the British try assimilation through Anglicization? Martin Luther will share his new found treasure with the Roman Catholic Church officials, but he will not find them very receptive as they send a Cardinal to investigate. Moving along in our Public Speaking unit in L.AS.; next is gestures and non-verbal communication. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 8

Grade 8 is finished with the first part of the Ministry of Christ, and will be starting a Reformation in England unit next. Students are working on the second oral presentation of the year (a children’s story) and will be expected to bring in a children’s story that they have read through several times so that they are comfortable presenting it to a younger grade. In Literature, students are reading through chapters 6 – 10 of Tom Sawyer. In math, we will be starting a new unit on Statistics. History projects are ongoing. Have a great weekend, RT, MJ, AL

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