Volume 24, Number 38, June 23, 2023

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

We have reached the final week of the year. We give thanks that God has blessed us as we worked heartily for him in the upcoming year. Our K – 6 students could enjoy a wonderful outing to Marineland and Wet ‘n’ Wild on Tuesday. The grade eight students have returned safe and sound from Ottawa with many fine memories. Praise God for his goodness in the concluding events of the school year.

We say farewell to Mrs. VanGoolen and Mrs. Kelly. We give thanks for their work here.  We pray that God will be with Mrs. VanGoolen as she takes some well-deserved time off.   Mrs. Kelly will be heading off to ACRES in order to be a little closer to home next year.  We pray that she will be a blessing to that community as well.   We also say farewell for the second time to Mrs. VanBrederode as she re-retires.  We are grateful that she should step in over the past 7 and a bit months in the grade 3 classroom.   Enjoy your re-retirement, Mrs. Van Brederode.

We say farewell to Sawyer, Hayden, and Neve Witten as well as Allison Bosscher as they will be leaving JCCS and attending ACRES in September.  We will miss you but pray that you soon feel at home in ACRES.

The class lists will be going out today.   We have sent along with the lists the Class Redistribution Policy.  A lot of effort was put into producing these lists and the teachers have worked with this policy in order to ensure that a balanced class has been created.

Graduation will happen on Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the Smithville Canadian Reformed Church.  We invite all of you to this event.  The students and their parents will be attending a post-grad party at the Helder residence. 

If you still have some books from the library that have not made their way back, we will be in school for the first few days of next week.  Please bring them in so that they can be sorted for the beginning of the next school year.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the volunteers and people who have worked hard behind the scenes in order to make this year a success.  The volunteers, board members, Fallfest, Ladies Auxiliary, promotions, and the list goes on are thanked for their tireless efforts. The school has been blessed by your work.

It has been a pleasure to serve the community over the past year.  I thank you for your graciousness as I learned the ropes here during the past year.  We pray that God continues to bless the work that is done here at JCCS as we work to serve him heartily in all areas of life.   We pray that the students and their families will have a blessed summer vacation and look forward to seeing you again, the LORD willing, on September 5th as we start the 2023-2024 school year!   JVI

Classroom News


It was a busy, exciting and fun-filled week! First we went to Marineland and enjoyed seeing the animals as well as going on many of the rides! Thanks so much to the parent chaperones that were willing to come along on the trip! Wednesday was spent cleaning the class, doing crafts with Grade 5A and watching the teachers lose to the Grade 8 baseball team! History was made that day! Thursday was KA’s last day of school and Friday was KB’s last day of school. Each day was filled with cleaning up the classroom, packing up the last of the classroom work, and enjoying time with each other. Thank you so much for all of the gifts! The students all grew in so many ways this year and it has been our pleasure walking the kindergarten journey alongside all of these covenant children! Have a fun filled relaxing summer! JB/SV

Grade 1

It’s the final day of the school year! As we reflect over the year we can thank our Father in heaven for the rich blessings he bestowed upon us. So much learning has taken place. Mrs. Kelly and I (Mrs. VanGoolen) are thank-you all for your prayers over the year. As we both move on from JCCS we pray that God will continue to richly bless you all. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Grade 2

What a fun final week we’ve had in Grade 2! We’ve enjoyed a trip to Marineland, an afternoon of sunshine while the Grade 8 students beat the teachers at baseball, and an afternoon of popcorn with a movie. We’ve also worked on completing our science research projects and reviewing our year in math.  It has been a wonderful year, and we are very thankful that we could be part of your child’s educational journey. It has been a joy to get to know each and every one of them. We wish them God’s blessings as we go our separate ways for the summer. May He guide our paths and keep us safe! Thank you for all your support this year! BV/RG

Grade 3

A great day was had by all at Marineland. Thank you parents for being such great chaperones. Thank you Mrs. Stieva for driving us to and fro. Thank you Mrs. VanBrederode for teaching grade 3A. It was a new adventure for you.  Wishing you a well-deserved retirement (again). Thank you for a wonderful school year, students and parents. We treasured your encouragement, well wishes, and most of all your prayers. May we all have served our gracious Father. God’s blessings as we part ways. Enjoy the summer and stay safe. Until we meet again.

Grade 4

This last week of school has flown by in grade 4. We finished up projects in various subjects and had a crash-course on the writing of the Heidelberg Catechism (4A) – your children should be able to tell you about the three parts of the Catechism and some details about Prince Frederick III! We also had a brief discussion about the different complex systems in our bodies – how intelligent of a God we have! Students also watched their teachers lose in the staff vs. grade 8 baseball for the first time in quite a while. We really enjoyed our time at Wet ‘n’ Wild. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come and lead different groups!

Grade 4, thank you for the fantastic school year! We wish you the Lord’s blessings as you have a well-deserved rest during the summer and as you prepare for grade 5!

Mrs VanAmerongen & Miss Oosterhoff

Grade 5

Summer is here! We are grateful for God’s care over us this past school year. We are also thankful for the support and encouragement we received from parents. We hope that you all have an enjoyable and safe summer break!

Miss VanderLaan & Mrs. Kelly

Grade 6

What a blessing it has been in Grade 6 throughout the year. We wish the students a very restful and relaxing summer holiday and we pray for the LORD’s blessings as they carry on to Grade 7. Have a great summer! See you next year!

Grade 7

By God’s grace we could arrive at the end of the academic year. May God add His blessing to our work in Grade Seven and forgive the sins committed by students and teacher alike. We’re thankful that day by day and lesson by lesson we could go about our daily task uninterrupted and free of serious harm and injury. Enjoy your summer.  

Grade 8

Mr. Joosse, Mrs. Ludwig and Mrs. Tesfaye would like to wish everyone a blessed and restful summer! Thank you for the gifts and for the fantastic year! Congratulations to the grade 8 grads! We will miss you. All the best next year at Guido. Don’t be a stranger! RT, AL, MJ

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