Volume 25, Number 07, October 20, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

School culture is one of those topics that is good to address from time to time.  What makes our school distinctly Christian, or reformed?  Is it the teachers?  Lesson plans that have God’s covenant promises, that confess his glory, that display the enmity that we see in the world, or how we work as a communion of saints?  Or is it the students?  Do they reflect God’s glory in their work, in the way that they show Christian love to each other, in how they model a Christian lifestyle?  Is it the parental involvement in the school?  Does the community involve itself in the school?   Do we know what happens at school and support it at home?   By now you would have seen that all of these things work together to form the basis at our school.  We need to talk about these things at school and at home.  Please involve your children in this conversation as we continue to work to educate children to the fear of his name and promote a culture in our school that reflects our walk with God.

This Chronicle will cover two weeks of material and so will be a little lengthier.  This is due to the fact that we have a short week next week with the Compass Reformed Educators Conference which is being hosted by Bellstone Christian School on Thursday and Friday.

Students from grades 5 – 8 ran in the Golden Horseshoe Cross Country Run last week.  The results can be found here.  The day was beautiful and the students performed well!

We had great eggspectations for our Chicken Week and it was im-peck-able!  The egg drop on Thursday and chicken and rooster calls were a highlight!

Volleyball practices will start for the grades 7-8 classes.  They will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We hope to send 3 teams in this year, boys, girls, and mixed team.

On Wednesday, October 25th, we hope to have a hotdog day!  I know that this date was moved on the calendar due to the lack of people available because of Women’s League Day.  Students are looking forward to this tube steak delight!  This day will be accented by plaid. Yes, it will also be Plaid Day!  This will be a memorable way to end the shorter week!

On Tuesday, October 31st we hope to have an Early Years Morning.    We also hope to have a Reformation Day Assembly at 1:45 p.m.  This will be held in the gymnasium.  All are welcome!

We have some staff birthdays coming up.  We wish a happy birthday to Mrs. Spoelstra on Friday, October 27th and we wish a Happy Birthday to Miss Oosterhoff on Friday, November 3rd.   We pray that God will bless both of you in the upcoming school year.

That is all for this edition.  Wishing you all a blessed weekend!


Oct 23 – 27:

Tuesday – Volleyball Practice

Wednesday – Hotdog Day – Plaid Dress-Up Day

Thursday –  PD Day

Friday – PD Day, Mrs. Spoelstra’s birthday

Oct 30 – November 3

Tuesday – Early Years Morning, Reformation Day Assembly, Volleyball Practice

Thursday – Volleyball practice

Friday – Miss Oosterhoff’s Birthday

Classroom News


Chicken week was a success in the kindergarten classroom. We all practiced our chicken and rooster calls. We learned the chicken dance. Ask your child to show you how to do the chicken dance. We had chocolate eggs, enjoyed a visit with some chicks from the Jonker farm, ate chicken nuggets and French fries and so much more. Thanks so much to the planners of this week! It was an “egg”xcellent time. Here’s a look at the next 2 weeks:

Monday – Special Helper: Noah

Tuesday – Special Helper: Reese

Wednesday – combined day, Hot Dog Day, library day

Thursday/Friday – no school

Monday – Special Helper: Ivan

Tuesday – Special Helper: Addison

Wednesday – combined day, library day

Thursday – Special Helper: Autumn

Friday – Special Helper: Lennon

Hope to see you tomorrow at Fall Fest! JB

Grade 1

What a great chicken week we had! We saw chicks hatching in the
incubator. Mrs. Jonker brought in 24 chicks in the classroom. Thank you Mrs. Jonker! We did hen art with grade 5A, and lots of chicken activity sheets as we walked into the classroom each morning. We watched a slide show about chickens. Eggs were dropped off the school gym, we did the chicken dance, and an egg race. And, chicken soup and buns were provided by parents! Delicious! Thank you, MOMS!! Wow, it was fun, fun, fun! A big THANK YOU to the team organisers for all the
work they did preparing for this week long event. It was EGG-CELLENT! Yes, we did work as well. We could finish another Bible unit with a test and begin learning about one of the patriarchs. In Science we continue to learn about differences between living and non-living things. And, we are enjoying learning to read in our CKLA program.  We are looking forward to hotdog day and plaid day next week Wednesday. Please dress up in plaid!

Grade 2

Grade 2 enjoyed a fun and busy chicken themed week! In Bible class we heard stories about the first parables that Jesus told. We learned that parables are earthly stories with heavenly meanings. In Science we started our next unit on Liquids and Solids. Please remember to keep practicing math facts at home! This will help the students with their math book pages too. Next week we look forward to a hotdog lunch and the whole school wearing plaid on Wednesday! Grade 2B is excited to welcome Miss Lof from Covenant Teachers College for three weeks starting October 30. We hope and pray that she has a great practicum with us! Hope you have a great weekend! See you at the Fall Fest!     

 MB & BV  

Grade 3

Looking back on Chicken Week, we are so thankful for the fun activities we could participate in: crafts, chicken book buddy reading, egg races, the chicken dance, watching the egg drop, and even some chicken treats. All of these activities were im-peck-able! As we look ahead to the next two weeks, there are so many more things to look forward to, as well. We would like to remind you of our trip to the Jordan School House on Tuesday, Oct. 24th. Students are encouraged to dress for the occasion. The very next day (Oct. 25) is plaid dress up day and hot dog day! Please keep an eye on the agendas regarding an upcoming math test. We wish you a wonderful weekend (attending Fall Fest?) and a restful Sunday.

Words:  pretty, prettier, prettiest, laughed (Nov. 3)

Memory Work:  Hymn 52: 1 and Genesis 12: 1-3 (Oct. 27); Psalm 23: 1 (Nov. 3)

Grade 4

This week has been full of activities that have sometimes made our classrooms sound like barnyards. Students enjoyed practicing the chicken dance and showing off their chicken and rooster calls.
Students are enjoying their novel study and are learning about the adventures of Bruce and Billy. Hopefully they are not trying to persuade you to have more pets in your home. Keep an eye out in your child’s agenda for vocabulary quizzes or comprehension quizzes. We have also started our unit on Canada! Practicing provinces, territories, and their capitals is a great way to prepare for map quizzes! In math, we are beginning our unit on subtraction. Both classes did extremely well in our addition unit – great work! We are learning the Lord’s Prayer in french class – hopefully by our next chronicle your child will be able to read along and pronounce the words correctly. We will not have library next week because of the PD days – hopefully you are able to find other books at home or in your classroom libraries to enjoy!

Mrs. VA & Mrs. T
Monday 23: Phys Ed. outside
Tuesday 24:
Wednesday 25: Phys Ed. outside; Hymn 60:1,4 (4A); Psalm 100:1-3 (text)

Monday 30: Phys Ed. outside
Tuesday 31:
Wednesday 1: Phys Ed. outside
Thursday 2: Library
Friday 3: Spelling Test; Psalm 20:1 mission money.

Grade 5

This past week was filled with so many fun chicken activities, yet the students were still busy learning! We have completed the first unit in Bible History and plan to begin with Jesus’ ministry next week. 5A is moving on to the next math chapter about multiplication. We will be welcoming two student teachers into our classrooms. Miss Makayla Kruisselbrink will join 5A on October 23, and Miss Claire DeVries will join 5B on October 30. We look forward to meeting them! Devotions for Oct 23-25 are as follows: 5A – Joey (M), Nadia (Tu), Logan (W). 5B – Sawyer (M), Oden (Tu), Jaelyn (W). For the following week, Oct. 30 – Nov. 3, 5A – Seth (M), Ashley (Tu), Brooklynn (W), Matthew (Th), Mitchell (F).  5B – Quinn (M), Jodine (Tu), Amryn (W), Ezra (Th), Cason (F). We wish you a wonderful weekend and hope to see you at Fall Fest! RK/KVL

Grade 6

As we come to the end of a very busy week, we thank the organizers of poultry week for a wonderful time! Next week, we once again have a 3 day week with the Teacher’s Convention at the end of the week. We will continue on with regular classroom activities. We also look forward to Hot Dog day on Wednesday. Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing many of you at Fallfest on Saturday! TB/CVA

Grade 7A

In History we learned about the division of land in New France called the seigneurial system and how it can be traced all the way back to the Romans. After looking at everyday life in New France, we will examine conflict and change on the continent as the British and French fight. Will the promise the LORD made to David come true, will he become king? “Foxes have holes and the birds of the air have nests”, but David has no place to hide while evading Saul. We’ll wrap up our Science unit with Chapter 15, all about balance and centre of gravity. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

Between Chickens, Soup Greens, and Fall Fest the school has been a beehive of activity these last few days. Much excitement is in the air as Fallfest is upon us with many of the last minute preparations taking place today and this evening. This didn’t stop us from progressing in our work! In History we studied the French Catholic efforts to convert the indigenous populations of the new world and how that is connected to our own Reformation history. In Church History we have been exploring the world at the start of the Reformation as well as the early life and education of Martin Luther as the Lord began to work in his heart. Next Wednesday we will have a quiz! Be sure to look over the map, the names of important leaders, as well as some of the memorable dates we talked about. Have a blessed weekend! Mr. J

Grade 8

It’s been a whirlwind week. Thank you for all the help and support this past week for our Ottawa trip fundraiser. Next week is a short one. We also welcome Mr. Ben Kampen as our Student Teacher on Monday. Wishing you a great weekend! RT, AL

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