Volume 25, Number 11, November 24, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We are heading into the last week of November already.  This means that we will have completed reading month.  The Reading Logs this week added to the excitement of tracking reading.  This coming week students will enjoy Buddy Reading on Wednesday.  This will wrap up our reading month.

We remember Seraya Schutten this week.  She will be missing from school for a few months.  She had quite extensive surgery and hopes to rehabilitate in Toronto for the next few months.  We’re thankful that the surgery went well and pray that God will continue to support and care for this family as they get used to this new normal.   In Seraya’s words, “We love you so much!”

The grade 7-8 volleyball teams have been honing their skills over the past number of weeks.  They hope to see how well they have developed them at the Volleyball Tournament at the F.H. Sherman Recreation Centre on Friday, December 1st.

We look forward to your presence at the JCCS membership meeting.  From what I understand there will be a presentation from the League Coordinator, John Wynia about the upcoming school evaluation as well as the presentation of the updated logo for the school.  

Through email, you will have received an invite to a presentation from Jonathon Van Maren on the Digital Age, Social Media, and Pornography.  This presentation will happen at 7:30 on December 11th in the school gym.

We have a pair of skates and a helmet that were left on Bus 1, here in the office.  If you have a pair that is missing, please contact the office.

I believe that is all for the week!


Tuesday – Volleyball Practice

Wednesday – 1 & 7 Skating, Pyjama Day, Buddy Reading, Membership Meeting

Thursday –  Volleyball Practice, Grade 6 Warplane Museum

Friday – Volleyball Tournament @ F.H. Sherman Recreation Centre

Classroom News


Skating was the highlight for the kindergarten students this week! A big thank you goes out to the Grade 8 students who accompanied the kindergarten students. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you also to the many parents who came along to help with tying skates and the extra support on the ice! There was so much laughter and smiles to be seen! If you haven’t done so already, check out the Google Classroom to see the videos that Mrs. Visser posted on the skating experience. I’m sure by the end of the videos, you too will have a smile on your face. This week in Math, we were learning all about equal and not equal parts. This was a little bit more of a tricky concept for the students to understand but by the end of the week, they were able to differentiate between the two. Next week we will be learning how to write and identify numbers 0-10! Here’s a look at next week’s schedule: Monday – SH – Silas; Tuesday – SH – Kinsley;  Wednesday – PJ day, library day, combined day; Thursday – SH – Josh; Friday – SH – Carson. 

Have a great weekend everyone. JB

Grade 1

The children had a busy week. We worked on a Church History test as well as a math test. Well done, boys and girls! This coming week we hope to have some fun activities. On Wednesday we have pyjama day and skating. Skating will happen from 12:15-1:15. Come on out and join us, we’d love to see you there. The children need to take along snow pants, helmet, mittens, and skates. It would be good to place these items in a sturdy grocery bag. Please label everything. In art we focused on shapes. The artist Henri Matisse showed us how to make a collage using a variety of shapes. Catching and throwing keeps us busy in phys.ed. class. Next week we hope to learn about clock reading in math. Continue to practise reading the tricky words at home. Remember, these are words that we do not sound out. 

Grade 2

In Grade 2 we are close to completing our Science unit on Solids and Liquids. We look forward to a new unit – in Social Studies this time. We will be studying the community of Nunavut together with its cold weather. We hope to be looking at both maps of Canada and exploring a bit on Google Earth.  In Bible Studies we are looking toward finishing another section in our unit about Jesus’ Ministries where we have been hearing a lot of His parables, and learning about the miracles He did. Please remember to send along some dry socks, or even a change of clothing as the cold/wet weather has arrived. That’s all for this week; have a blessed weekend! BV/MB

Grade 3

This past week our classes talked about two different forces: magnetism and forces. In church history, we discussed how we can share in each other’s sorrows. Students should know how to clap out a word to find out how many syllables a word has (did you know there’s a trick you can use with the vowels in a word?)… and just like that, we are looking ahead to December. There has been much growth and progress over the last few months and we look forward to what the next month will bring.  3B will have a Church History quiz on Friday, covering material from our unit on the body of Christ.

Words:  first, hopeless, journal, let’s

Memory Work:  Hymn 17: 1, 3, Hymn 16: 1, 4, 5 (Christmas Program verses)

Grade 4

We are finishing off a gloomy weather week in grade four (en francais, Il y a beaucoup de nuages et il fait mauvais). In french class, we are wrapping up our unit on weather by creating and presenting a weather report (all in french!). Students should be expecting to have a french quiz next week Wednesday (December 6) on different types of weather – it is a good idea to start preparing!. Grade 4A has put a pause on our coding unit (to be continued in the new year) and grade 4B has finished their unit on financial literacy. What interesting skills to learn! Both classes will be starting the unit on geometry next week and starting to learn multiplication math facts. We are wrapping up our Church History unit on the household of faith, and have learned about the different roles that we have in building up our brothers and sisters in Christ. Our students have created beautiful autobiographies in writing class, which must have brought back excellent memories for parents as well. Students in both classes are getting ready to work on their research project about a province or territory of Canada next week. Grade 4B enjoyed a wonderful trip to the Gleaners, where they received a tour of the facility and were able to volunteer as well! Grade 4A, we will be volunteering on December 4. If you would like to come with, please write a note in your child’s agenda.

Since we have been learning many Christmas program songs, students won’t have a memory text assigned for memory work. 

Mrs. VA & Mrs. T



Wednesday: French Weather Presentation (4A and 4B); Math quiz (4B); Vocab quiz (4B); Pajama Day!

Thursday: Library

Friday: Spelling Test; Psalm 5:1

Spelling Words (review week): said, know, too, off, because, friend, where, chief, piece, surprise, write, please 

Grade 5

We have been hearing stories of Jesus’ teachings and the miracles that accompanied them. In our first Science unit, we are learning about the benefits of making healthy food choices. 5A has begun to play the bucket drums and they’ve really got the hang of it! We hope all the classrooms near us are enjoying our music as much as we are! 😉 There are a few students who do not bring P.E. clothes; please check if they are at home. We are also quite low on mission money contributions and would love to be able to give more. Thank you!   

Devotions for the week: 5A – Ashley (M), Brooklynn (Tu), Matthew (W), Mitchell (Th), Peter (F). 5B – Quinn (M), Jodine (Tu), Amryn (W), Ezra (Th), Cason (F).

Have a great weekend! RK/KVL

Grade 6

We look forward to our class trip to the Warplane Museum next Thursday. Please have the students bring a lunch that doesn’t require a microwave. The students are not allowed to bring  phones. Next week the students will start writing paragraphs using the research gathered on a bird of their choice. They may look for and print or cut out pictures to put on their display. The new art project is drawing a scene in pencil following the guidelines given on the computer. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7A

With many of our units of study concluding we are well into several projects. The History project, “New France”, gives several student options; poster, interview, battle map, model and brochure. Be sure to ask your child who they’re working with and on what. In Science we are done the design phase of our bridge building and are now into the construction phase. Action produces reaction, and we will learn in Church History how the 95 Thesis led to the beginning of the Reformation in Germany and beyond. In Art we will apply the principles of movement, rhythm and pattern. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

Greetings from 7B! In History this week we continued our study of New France with the outset of the 7 Years War. Soon we will begin our first group project on life in New France. In Geography we worked on reading and creating Climate graphs in our study of Climate regions and patterns. To close out the week we formally began our Public Speaking unit. Next week we look forward to skating on Wednesday. Have a blessed weekend, Mr. J

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