Volume 26 Number 20 February 9 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

The upcoming week looks to be a week full of activities.  With the report cards going home today we look forward to the parent-teacher conferences coming up on Tuesday and Thursday.  Here we collaborate as school and home to help develop students’ talents to God’s glory.  These face-to-face conversations between teachers and parents are important and we see the benefits of a strong relationship between the school and home.  May God bless these conferences and His Name be magnified.

On Monday the grade 8 class will head out to the new Guido for the tour of what, hopefully, 🙂 will be their new digs. The students will leave JCCS shortly after they arrive and will be back after lunch.

Mrs. M. DeBoer hopes to celebrate her birthday on Tuesday.  We wish her the LORD’s blessing in the upcoming year.  I’m sure she will find a way to celebrate it with the grade 7 class.

Our JCCS Defenders have completed their first tournament.  It was well played but did not result in a trophy.  They play their second tournament on Wednesday.

We hope to have some Heritage/Flag Day activities in the school on Thursday.  This includes a Red and White dress-up day.   We thank Miss Bontekoe and Miss Kingma for their efforts in getting these festivities ready!

On Friday our staff will either go to Timothy for the CARE-sponsored PD on Church History curriculum or to the ACE-sponsored EA Day at Grace Christian School.   We pray that the learning on these days may help us as we seek to educate covenant children.

Finally, it would be remiss if I did not thank the Ladies Auxiliary for the wonderful soup and buns that we enjoyed this past Wednesday!  Delicious and heartwarming!  Thank you!

I believe that is all for this week.  May He be magnified in the upcoming week!


Week at a Glance:

Monday –  Grade 8 to Guido

Tuesday – Mrs. Maria Deboer’s Birthday, P/T Interviews

Wednesday – Guido Hockey Tournament

Thursday – CAIRN Hockey Tournament, P/T Interviews

Friday – PD Day(no school)

Classroom News


Thank you so much Ladies Auxiliary and to all the parents who made soup for us to enjoy this past Wednesday! We certainly appreciate it and loved having a special lunch day! We also celebrated with Mrs. Visser who had a birthday this year. We are so thankful for all the work that she does in our classroom! Next week looks to be a busy short week. Here is a look at next week: Monday – SH: Silas; Tuesday – SH: Carson; Wednesday – Valentine’s Day, library day; Thursday – SH: Joshua, Red and White Day; Friday – NO SCHOOL. Have a good weekend everyone. JB

Grade 1

Today is Day 96! Only 4 more to go until we reach our BIG day! If you didn’t get the information letter that went home this past week, please let us know! Thanks to all the moms that have offered to help out. Unless we’ve contacted you about the time slot, please count on coming for the time you signed up for. We’re looking forward to our day! It will be the same day as heritage/flag day, so we’ve chosen to focus our attentions on 100 day only.   This week we completed our unit on transportation and have now begun a science unit on “Seasonal Changes”. We’re eager to learn about God’s continued care of Creation as witnessed by the changing seasons. How fitting that we can learn Psalm 74:10 as our memory work next week! May His Name be praised! 

Grade 2

We were very excited to see some sunshine this week! Grade 2 is finishing up our Bible unit and ending with the story of Jesus’ ascension into heaven. We will be switching to Church History next, learning about John Chrysostom and his work as a preacher in the city of Antioch. Next week, we are looking forward to a shorter week with a P.D. day on Friday. The students are very excited for Valentine’s Day on Wednesday. Just a little reminder: if your child plans to hand out Valentines, please make sure there is one for every student in the class. Flag Day is on Thursday, and we would love to see everyone wearing red and white! Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday. MB & BV

Grade 3

Thank you to the Ladies Auxiliary for the yummy soup on Wednesday.  On Friday, your child will receive his/her report cards.  May the Lord continue to bless our efforts for His glory.  We’re looking forward to meeting with you all next week. (DV) We continue to explore urban, rural, and suburban communities.  Ask your child in what type of community he/she lives.  3B will have a French Quiz on Monday.  The quiz will cover what we know about the four characters in the story “The Three Little Pigs.”  Please look over the sheet that was sent home.  That’s it for now.

Hymn 11:2,3

Text: Exodus 20:12-17

Spelling Words:  See your child’s agenda or check the google classroom.

Grade 4

Report cards are coming home today and we look forward to meeting with all the parents next week to further discuss your child’s progress in Grade 4! We also have an exciting 4-day school week ahead with Valentine’s Day on Wednesday and Heritage/Flag Day on Thursday. If your child plans to bring a Valentine’s Day treat, please make sure there are enough for everyone in the class (4A – 20, 4B – 21 students). There are several “Heritage/Flag Day” activities planned throughout the week, and remember to wear Canadian colours on Thursday – red and white!
Grade 4B: The students will have a Math test on Multiplication and Division Facts on Tuesday. We will continue working with multiplication and division facts in our textbooks, this time working with numbers up to four-digits! Students will also be completing their math drill booklet on the multiples of 3 this week; next up is multiples of 4.

Tues: 4B – Math test; 4A & 4B French quizzes signed
Wed. – Valentine’s Day
Thurs – Flag/Heritage Day, Memory Work: Ps. 107:1 (4B), Is.40:28-29 (4B), Mission $, Spelling test
Spelling Words (Capital Letters): Canada, May, Mr. stairs, running, Ms. , Mars, church, upstairs, having, Friday, Mrs. remember, stone
4B Devotions: Jasmine (Tues) Victoria (Wed) Blake (Thurs)

Grade 5

We really enjoyed all the different kinds of soup on Wednesday! Thank you very much to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for this lunch, and to all the different people that contributed a pot of soup! Our learning continues to move right along in all subjects. In Bible, Grade 5A will be having the last few stories from Unit 3, with more parables about the Lord welcoming back repentant sinners, the story of The Rich Man and Poor Lazarus, and the coming of the Kingdom of God. Grade 5B has begun working their way through Unit 4 and will be having the Parable of the Wicked Tenants, the Parable of the Marriage Feast, and more of Jesus’ teaching about life in His kingdom.  We look forward to seeing you next week at the Parent-Teacher Conferences.

Devotions for next week are as follows:
5A – M. Isaiah, Tu. John, W. Samuel, Th. Alyssa  

5B – M. Ezra, Tu. Cason, Th. Mark, F. Emma 

Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KV

Grade 6

Another busy week has passed us by in Grade 6. Congratulations to the JCCS Ice Hockey Team for placing 2nd in the CAIRN tournament. They look forward to the Guido tournament next Wednesday. We have finished off our Chapter 4 unit on Geometry in Math and will be moving on to fractions next week. Our “Underground to Canada” novel study is well underway, looking at the escape to Canada by 2 slaves. Next week will be a shorter week as Friday the teachers will be heading to Timothy Christian School for our annual CARE day. Enjoy your weekend! TB/CVA

Grade 7A

The reign of King David is coming to an end. Next week we will see what advice and wisdom David gives to the crown prince Solomon. Our next Church History unit will be the continuation of the Reformation, moving from Germany to the Swiss Confederation. One of the most successful and influential people of the past three hundred years has written an autobiography. What will we learn and what advice will Benjamin Franklin give us? After learning about integers in Math, we will next look at linear equations and inequalities. With low order cooperative games coming to a close in P.E. we will hoop it up next. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

It was our most sun-filled week of the year thus far and as we finish the week with beautiful weather and beautiful temperatures, we also turn our attention to the term 1 reports. Please take a few minutes to discuss the results and especially the comments and effort grades with your child. This Friday also saw the regional poetry and public speaking contest and we wish our JCCS finalists well! Next week another major event comes our way with the annual Geography challenge. Additionally, we hope to begin our poetry unit in Language Arts while in History we turn our attention to Governor Simcoe and the creation of Upper Canada. Have a blessed weekend! Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8

Grade 8 is getting our first dose of high school reality on Monday as we head off for our Grade 9 visit day!  Reports should be taken home today and we look forward to conferences next Tuesday and Thursday with all of you.  Thanks again to all our volunteers over the past few weeks for our various speech contests! We truly appreciate having such a willing community of volunteers. Have a great short week this week, RT, AL and RV

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