Volume 26, Number 22, February 23, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We thank our Bullying Awareness team for the work that they completed this week.  The organizing team consisted of Miss Aalbers, Mrs, Spoelstra, Mrs. Tesfaye and Ms Stoffels.  We thank them for their work in bringing a biblical perspective to this topic.  We thank Rev. Shin for leading the Friday Assembly on Reconciliation.  We pray that this week has fostered healthy conversations as we seek to glorify God and show His grace in every space.

On Wednesday we hope to celebrate a Bright Colours Spirit Day.  These bright colours should offset the rain that is predicted.

Mrs. Blokker will be celebrating her birthday and will get to enjoy it with all of the bright colours on Wednesday.  We wish her the LORD’s blessing in the upcoming year.  

The provincial competition of the Public Speaking Contest will happen on March 1st at Trinity Canadian Reformed Church in Glanbrook. Two of our students will be participating. We wish Tim Ludwig and Kianna Van Iperen success as they participate in this final competition.

I believe that is all for this week.  May He be magnified in the upcoming week!


Week at a Glance:

Monday – Basketball Practice – 2:45 – 4:00

Tuesday – 

Wednesday – Mrs. Blokker’s Birthday, Bright Colours Day 

Thursday -Early Years Morning, Basketball Practice – 2:45 – 4:00

Friday -Provincial Speech Contest 

Public Speaking Contest

Next week Friday, March 1st D.V. is the Provincial Public Speaking and Poetry Recitation Contest! The evening will begin at 7:30 p.m. sharp in the sanctuary of the Trinity Canadian Reformed Church located at 3081 Tisdale Rd., Mt. Hope. The top two student representatives from the three regions will be performing (with a total of 6 speeches and 6 poem recitations). The student representatives are asked to be at the church by 7:15 pm. And please do not hesitate to encourage your local school community to come on out and support our student orators!

Classroom News


Kindergarten thoroughly enjoyed learning all about bullying awareness and how we can be kind friends to each other. They learned what to do in situations where bullying may be taking place and how to forgive when these situations arise. Thank you so much to the team of people that organized this week. If you have some time, pop by the kindergarten hallway and check out the “be kind” collaborative poster that we made! Next week we will be learning all about addition using a variety of manipulatives. In science we will be wrapping up our Animals unit and our final task will be to create a diorama based on our favourite animal. Stay tuned for more details. Here’s a look at next week: Monday – SH: Serayah; Tuesday – SH: Theo; Wednesday – Bright Colour Day, library; Thursday – SH: Andrew; Friday – SH: Pierce. JB 

Grade 1

This week the students enjoyed reading along in our morning devotions as we projected the Bible text onto the front board. Many of the students were even able to read a verse or two. We hope to do this several times a week, until the big day that we give them a Bible of their own to use. And this is what it is all about! How humbling and marvelous to be a part of their great joy in reading God’s Word. It is our prayer that God will always fill their hearts with His Spirit in such a big way!  Over the last couple of weeks, the students have also begun to write in their agendas more and more. Please do check the agenda for their notes about class activities.  In our studies this week, we have completed our second language arts unit and have begun a new unit on ‘Fables’. We’re sure the students will be enthused to read all the stories! Have a blessed weekend!

Grade 2

We hope everyone had an enjoyable Family Day weekend. This week was bullying awareness week at school. We had a lot of discussions about what bullying can look like and focused on how we can be good friends. This week, we started learning about Polycarp in Church History. In Math, we have started with double digit addition with regrouping. Please keep practicing math facts at home, it will make the daily work a lot easier if the students are able to answer the math facts quickly. It was another muddy week at school, please keep extra socks/clothes in your child’s backpack! Have a great weekend. MB&BV

Grade 3

Thank you to the staff members involved in The Bullying Awareness Week.  We are working on a poster that promotes love and service to Christ and others.   In our church history unit, we continue to hear stories of Rev. H. deCock.  Ask your child how the Lord used him to gather His church in The Netherlands.  We finished a math unit on division.  Next week, financial literacy is on the menu. 🙂 Check your child’s agenda for the spelling words.

M.W.  Psalm 84:1

Text:  Deut. 18:18 (two weeks)

Grade 4

It was an eventful week at JCCS! Thank you to the many organizers of our Bullying Awareness activities this week! We are busy putting the finishing touches on our Bible text posters and we look forward to hanging them up around the school. We also look forward to Rev. Shin’s devotional on Friday afternoon about forgiveness and reconciliation. A big congratulations to Emmett, Waverly, Oliver, and Jocelyn who competed in the Grades 4 – 6 Geography Challenge and can be commended for their excellent effort! Grade 4B will be starting a research project on bioluminescent organisms! A letter will be coming home today to outline this project in more detail. Students will need resources at school by Thursday, February 29 to make good use of their class time. We are wrapping up a number of units and activities in 4A before March break – please check with your children that they don’t have homework so these can be done to the best of their abilities!

 Mon – Memoir Rough Draft Due – Blue Notebook  (4A)
Tues – Art Shading – Smile (4A)
Wed – Science Test on Sound (4B)
Thurs – 4B Research Project Resources Due
Fri – Bible Quiz on Lessons 1 – 8 (4B); Math Facts 7, 8 (4A) MW (Isaiah 40:28-29 4A; Psalm 30:1)
Spelling Words: grandfather, popcorn, thank, cupboard, grandmother, playground, third, being, newspaper, cowhands, thirty, doing, these, think
4A Devotions: Scott (Mon), Jace (Tues), Oliver (Wed), Micah (Thurs) Emmaline (Fri)
4B Devotions: Ezra (Tues), Taurie (Wed), Macrae (Thurs), Thomas (Fri)

Grade 5

We enjoyed the Geography Challenge finals yesterday, and we had fun seeing if we could get a higher score than the finalists. Some of us were even successful! Congratulations to all those who participated and those who won. On Friday, Grade 5B will be having a Social Studies quest on the first section of the unit on Ancient Egypt (Lessons 1-4 from the title page). We look forward to seeing everyone in their bright colours on Wednesday. 

Devotions for next week are as follows: 

5A – M. Logan, Tu. Seth, W. Ashley, Th. Brooklynn, F. Matthew 

5B – M. Corban, Tu. Micah, W. Meghan, Th. Robby, F. Liam G.

Enjoy your weekend! RK/KV 

Grade 6

Although it has been a shorter work week, it has been a very busy week. Thank you to the organizers of “Bully Awareness Week”. It was great to reflect on how we deal with our neighbors in our words and actions as we look to follow Christ’s example of love. On Thursday, we were able to participate in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge. Congratulations to all the students for showing their gifts in the knowledge of God’s Creation. Next week, Grade 6B will welcome Ms. Peninga to the classroom as a Teacher’s Candidate from the CCRTC. We look forward to the fresh perspective that she will bring and we hope and pray that she will have an enjoyable and educational experience in JCCS. Have a great weekend. TB/CV

Grade 7A

On Monday we will welcome Ms. R. Vandenberg into our workspace for the next month. She is a third-year student from the C.C.R.T.C. joining us as a Teacher Candidate. We heard from Dr. Calvin Beisner about a Christian view of climate change. That brings our chapter about climate to an end in Geography; we’ll look next at vegetation. In History we’ve begun our study of the War of 1812. We’ve learned about the causes of the war and the major events. Next, students will choose a battle to study more in detail. In Language Arts, young Benjamin Franklin is working for Mr. Keimer as a printer but has plans to start out on his own. How will he collect the capital needed and should he trust the Governor of Pennsylvania? Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

After an enjoyable Family Day break, we were right back at it this week. In 7B we started to study post-Saul Israel as the Lord begins to move to have David on the throne. In History the war of 1812 has been declared and our focus was on the causes. A highlight was Thursdays Geography challenge! It was an enjoyable experience and congratulations to the winners! Have a blessed weekend! Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8

Congratulations to the three grade 8 students who won the Geography Challenge (Tyson – 1st, MacKenna – 2nd, and Keagan – 3rd). Well done! Count on a Science test next week. We also will be introducing how to write an abstract in Science and Writing class. We will have a French quiz on the Futur Simple on Wednesday as well. This week we will begin a new Church History unit (Ref. in Scotland/France). In Geography, we are beginning a unit studying economies and industry within a country. Have a great weekend, RT, RV, AL

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