Volume 26, Number 23, March 1, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We are marching on into March and into the last week before the March Break. We continue to give thanks for God’s guidance and blessing.  We are already in week 25 of the school year and sometimes you wonder where time goes!

This week we welcomed Miss Penninga and Miss Vandenberg to the grade 6 and 7 classes for their in-service training from CCRTC.  We hope that they have an enjoyable time here filled with learning and teaching.  I’m sure Mr. Breukelman and Mr. Witten will make them feel at home in the classrooms while sharing knowledge of the craft!

On Monday Greg Balch will be coming to our school with his wildlife display.   He will have 22 tables filled with stuffed animals (the real ones).   He hopes to do presentations to the various grades in the school.   The gym will be full of these animals and it would be a shame not to share.  If you would like, you can come to the school between 12:00 – 1:00 to take a look at this magnificent display.  If you would like to do a little more reading about Greg and his work you can find it through this link.

We wish Kianna Van Iperen and Tim Ludwig success tonight as they go to the speech competition in Glanbrook church.  Details were posted in the last edition of the Chronicle.

I believe that is all for this week.  May He be magnified in the upcoming week!


Week at a Glance:

Monday –  Greg Balch – Wildlife Display, Basketball Practice – 2:45 – 4:00

Tuesday –  Ed Comm Meeting

Wednesday – Girls (ACRES) Co-ed (JCCS) Exhibition Games (3:00)

Thursday – Basketball Practice – 2:45 – 4:00

Friday – March Break!

Shoe Boxes

Grade 5 is in search of shoe boxes.  If you have some, please bring them to the school. We are looking for larger boxes and so would request that you not send Birkenstock boxes.

Classroom News


During our calendar time this week, we reflected on how we experienced all of the types of weather this week from snow to sunshine, thunderstorms, hail, fog, clouds and rain. Through all of the types of weather, our God remained faithful to us and kept us safe as we travelled to and from school. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! In Math, we have started to explore addition and the students are beginning to have a good grasp on understanding this challenging concept. In our Bible stories we have started to learn about the new leader of the Israelites, Joshua and how he leads God’s people into the Promised Land. If you haven’t sent in a package of wipes, please do so as soon as possible. Our mission money collection also has been very little over the past couple of weeks. Here’s a look at next week: Monday – SH: Hannah; Tuesday – SH: Reese; Wednesday – library; Thursday – SH: Avery. JB

Grade 1

Wow, it was quite a bright day this past Wednesday! Everyone was dressed in bright colours. Speaking of bright, the grade 1 students have become authors. Yes, you read it correctly. They have written their first story, and boy, was it a lot of fun for us teachers to read them! We have begun a new unit in Bible History, called ” David, a King After God’s Heart”. We continue to learn about the changing seasons, and in connection with this unit we hope to go to the Agape Sugar Bush on Thursday March 7. Dress appropriately for the weather (boots is a great idea) as we will go rain or shine. Please pack an easy lunch that is not microwavable. We are really looking forward to this trip. It gives us such a beautiful glimpse of God’s creation as the seasons continue to change in the order God has ordained it to be.

Grade 2

Seems like our weather was a little bit of everything this week, leaving a lot of students soggy during their lessons. Please remember to send extra socks and clothing with your child. Our classes worked hard to finish their anti-bullying posters, after a week of reminders of how we should care for each other. In Church History, this week, we finished off our lessons about Polycarp, and started new with Martin Luther. In Math, we continue to work through adding – double digits, and focus our attention on rounding numbers too. We look ahead to finishing our Zimbabwe unit in Social Studies. Thanks to the parents who passed along their ‘Happy birthdays’ in 2A. Hope you have a great weekend, and a blessed Sunday. BV & MB

Grade 3

We have four more school days before the March Break! We will end this leg of the school year with a social studies test covering material about urban and rural communities/ living and working in Ontario. We wrapped up our church history unit on Hendrik deCock so we will switch back over to a Bible unit. We will be listening to stories about the life of Moses, and how God called him to a very important task to lead His people out of Egypt.

Memory Work: Psalm 108: 1/ Deut. 18:18
See agenda for spelling words.


Grade 4

The week before March Break comes with many final projects! Grade 4A is working on creating a musical instrument (please have materials ready for working in class on MONDAY). In French, both classes are presenting an OUTFIT (in a “who am I” presentation) – the English needs to be finished by Monday, with the French to be done by the end of class on Monday. Google translate is not permitted, please! Students had their final day to type out their writing assignment on Friday – these will be expected by the end of the day Monday. Purple duotangs will be sent home to check over the rubric before submitting.
Grade 4B is in full speed working on our Bioluminescence projects! Students have ample time at school to research their organism and work on their slideshows. Their slideshows are accessible on our Google classroom. Many students are very enthusiastic about working on their projects at home – this is very exciting! Parents, please be advised that sentences must be written in their own words (they may not copy and paste)!! Slideshows are due on Thursday and presentations will take place on Thursday afternoon!

Wednesday: 4B: Math Test
Thursday: 4B Bioluminescence projects due, 4B presentations, 4B Bible Quiz,

MW: Ps 6:1 (4B), Mission $; 8x multiplication (4A)
Spelling Words:  she’s you’re wore someone we’re born won’t storm everyone fort nothing forgot twelve doesn’t
4B Devotions: Waverly (Tues), Adele (Wed), Aiden (Thurs)

Grade 5

As we finish off another week of school, we are reminded how quickly the March Break is approaching! 5A is busily working on their dioramas in the hope of having them complete before the break. 5B has finished reading the novel and will begin the planning process for their dioramas. If you have any shoeboxes at home, we would love to have them! Please send them to school as soon as possible! 5B plans to write the Unit 4 Bible test on Tuesday. Devotions for the week are as follows: 5A – Matthew (M), Hailey (Tu), Lauren(W), Peter (Th). 5B – Liam H.(M), Denver (Tu), Jonathan (W), Sawyer (F). Enjoy your weekend! RK/KVL

Grade 6

In Grade 6B, Ms. Penninga has been a wonderful addition to the classroom. She has done a wonderful job teaching/helping out throughout the day, and we look forward to her teaching more subjects throughout the next 3 weeks. We will be wrapping up our Disease Research Projects with presentations next week. We have begun our second unit in Church History where we will see how the church begins to fall away from God’s Word and how the religion of Islam begins and spreads through the Eastern Roman Empire. Next week is the final week before March Break! Where has the time gone? It will be a shorter week, with Friday being the beginning of the holidays. Enjoy your weekend! TB/CVA/KP

Grade 7A

A change is always nice and so we welcomed Miss. R. VandenBerg into our workspace this past week. She’ll be guiding us through several subjects including the History interactive battle map. In groups, students will select a battle to study and present to the class using written and visual components. We’ve moved on to basketball in P.E. and will develop our dribbling, passing and shooting skills. In Science we’ll learn more about the particle theory and phase change, this will also include a, “find out activity”. Ulrich Zwingli has become a reformer in the Swiss canton of Zurich as the Confederation determines the path forward concerning the Reformation. Can there be a possible alliance between Lutheran territories and Reformed cantons? Stay tuned… Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

We ‘enjoyed’ quite the weather whiplash this week. One day temperatures soared about 0, then back down, then back up again! Through it all we were also able to enjoy several sunny days and regardless of the temperature the extra vitamin D was a welcome treat. As we inch closer to the March Break we continue plugging away at our subject work. In History we have started a new project on the War of 1812. Ask your child which battle they selected and what they have learned about it. We will also have  a Chapter 9 Math Test on Wednesday. Have a blessed weekend. Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8

Science tests have been returned. Overall, they were quite well done! We have started a new chapter on Density and Buoyancy. In English, we are beginning our novel study Shattered. We have switched over to Church History and are learning about the Presbyterian Reformers from the Scottish Reformation. Looking forward to a great last four days before March Break! RT, AL and RV

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