Volume 26, Number 27, April 12, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

Looking back at the week we stand in awe of God’s marvelous and perfect creation.  Many of us had an opportunity to look at the eclipse on Monday.  The moon is 400 times smaller than the sun and the sun is 400 times further away from the Earth than the moon.  The perfect design can only help us see how God reveals himself to us through creation  “All these things are sufficient to convict men and leave them without excuse.” (Belgic Confession, Article 2)

Here at the school, we had a somewhat normal week.  At the moment of publication several students, accompanied by Mrs. Ludwig have gone out to Maranatha to participate in the chess tournament.  We wish Albert, Mason, and Noah success.

We have been working towards having a School Review here at JCCS.   This is something that is done every 5 or so years.  The last review was completed at JCCS in 2016 (that’s five years plus tax).   We are looking forward to having a 360-degree review of the operations of the school.  The evaluators will be here on May 8 and 9 for the onsite visit.  Numerous surveys were sent out to the committees, teachers, admin, and a cohort of parents.  We pray for blessing on this work as it helps us work to fulfill the mission of the school in assisting parents in the education of covenant children to the glory of God.

We will celebrate some birthdays next week.  Mrs. Breukelman and Mrs. Tigchelaar will celebrate their birthdays.  Mrs. Tigchelaar is on maternity leave so we will wish her a happy birthday from a distance!   Mrs. Breukelman will find a way to celebrate it with the students she works with.   We wish you both God’s continued blessings.

I’d like to take the opportunity to give a special thank-you to the Ladies Auxiliary for the wonderful pancake lunch that the students could enjoy!   Thank you for your diligence in feeding the 300+ students at the school with such ease!  It is appreciated.

I believe that is all for this week


Week at a Glance

Wednesday – Gr 6 Ball Hockey Tournament

Thursday – Mrs. Breukelman and Mrs. Tigchelaar’s birthday 

Classroom News


Thanks so much to the Ladies Auxiliary for providing us with a pancake lunch this week. The students were thrilled to have pancakes and they thoroughly enjoyed the pancakes. In Language Arts we have come to the end of Unit 5 of the Core Knowledge program. The students are reading a story called “Ox and Man” and have learned all about title pages, setting, and characters. This past week the students took a black and white copy of this story home. Please take some time to read this story with your child. One other note for this upcoming week: please remember to send mission money with your child. Here’s a look at next week: Monday – SH: Samarah; Tuesday – SH: Kinsley; Wednesday – Library; Thursday – SH: Mathias; Friday – SH: Carson. Have a good weekend. JB

Grade 1

This past Monday we could stand in awe of God’s majesty as we could witness the solar eclipse. The children were full of stories about it. We have begun learning about Israel as a divided kingdom due to king Solomon’s sinfulness. In our CKLA program we have begun a new unit called ‘The Green Fern Zoo’. The children were enthralled reading about the character Vern ‘who will take us to meet animals at the zoo’. We are enjoying the math unit about fractions. Halves, thirds, and  fourths keep us busy. Did you know that the fraction crossed the road to meet the other half? In phys.ed. we are practising our dribbling and catching skills. Thank you to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for the delicious pancake lunch! It was enjoyed by all.

Grade 2

We had a great week in Grade 2 with two big highlights! One being the Monday Solar Eclipse, and having the afternoon off, and the other being Detective Day on Wednesday. We enjoyed dressing up and participating in some fun activities. The students got to play some games where they had to use their detective skills and guess what was in some scented balloons, as well as some mystery bags. We also got to enjoy a delicious pancake lunch, which is Detective Nate the Great’s favourite. BV&MB

Grade 3

The spacious heavens declare

God’s glory everywhere;

the skies proclaim His might.

Psalm 19…Book of Praise

Yes, we sure did see His glory and might.  May the Lord receive all glory and honour.   We finished our Bible unit with a test.  Please check your child’s agenda for the results.  Next, we continue to travel with the Israelites to the promised land. What are joints?  Where are they used?  In our Science classes we have been exploring structures.  Ask us all about it. In Math, we started a new unit on division.  Continue to practice your facts, grade three. Thank you to the ladies auxiliary for the yummy pancake lunch on Wednesday.

Please check your child’s agenda for the spelling words.

Memory Work:  Psalm 65;1

Text:  Psalm 23:4-6 (two weeks)

Have a blessed weekend!

Grade 4

Thank you, Ladies Auxillary, for the delicious pancake lunch on Wednesday! Grade 4 teachers and students are looking forward to Medieval Day on June 6th! Letters will be going home today. Look out for an email with a link to the Google Docs sign up sheet for food. Another sign up sheet for volunteer spots will be coming soon. Students will be selecting their medieval roles this afternoon, which will be written down in their agendas. Students are encouraged to dress up in costume as this medieval role! Students are asked to practice their recorders each week, aiming for 10-15 minutes total, either in 2-5 minute intervals or all at the same time. Grade 4A has finished their unit on Medieval Ages in Language Arts – we will be moving on to our novel study on King Arthur early

next week.

Memory Work: Matthew 6:19-21, Psalm 6:6
Spelling words (4B): lesson, presents, blossom, sign, secret, it’s, person, science, biggest, sudden, present, bottom, picnic, that’s, favourite
Devotions (4B): Taurie (T), Macrae (W), Thomas (Th), Waverly (F)
Devotions (4A): Kenzie (M), Hailey (T), Levi (W), Ethan (Th), Claire (F)

Grade 5

Thank you very much to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for the delicious pancake lunch on Wednesday! Both classes are wrapping up their Social Studies unit about Ancient Egypt. Grade 5A will be having a test sometime next week; keep an eye on the agendas! Grade 5B started the next Science unit about space today! There will also be a planet project with this unit; keep an eye on the agenda pocket for more information about that. 5B will be having a Unit 5 Bible test on Friday. Both classes are very low on Kleenex; please send another box if you’re able! Please continue to remember mission money every week. 

Devotions for next week are as follows: 

5A – M. Lauren, Tu. Peter, W. Dylan, Th. Allison, F. Luke 

5B – M. Jonathan, Tu. Sawyer, W. Oden, Th. Jaelyn, F. Quinn 

Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KV 

Grade 6

We enjoyed the many days of beautiful weather by also having Phys. Ed. outside. The eclipse displayed God’s handiwork for all to see and be amazed. Thanks to the ladies who helped with the pancake lunch which was enjoyed by all. In class the students were reminded to show that they were Christians in their language and behaviour. They were reminded how to act when adults were not present on the bus, playground, and bathroom. Please watch carefully what your children are watching and playing on the internet. The students will be researching an element during keyboarding classes. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7A

We’ve wrapped up our study of the War of 1812, the war that nobody won. We’ll move on next to the development of Upper Canada, the Great Migration, the Underground Railroad, the Welland Canal, and the lumber trade. Thermal energy in a cold climate will be our focus in Science as we investigate fashion and cold blooded animals; also look for a Ch. 9 quiz. Physical Geography will transition to Unit 2: Our World’s Natural Resources: Use and Sustainability, Ch. 5 Our Needs and Wants and the Environment; this unit will tie in heavily to our cultural mandate. We’ve followed the Reformation from Luther to Zwingli and next we’ll be introduced to a Frenchman named Jean Cauvin. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 8

We have our class trip (to the Toyota Plant and Buist Family Farms) next Wednesday. Count on a Bible test likely on Thursday, and a Science chapter test on Friday. We also will have a Shattered book review due for Friday by the end of the day. After this unit in Bible, we will get started on learning about our own rich history as we study the Reformation in Holland and how we came to be Canadian Reformed. Have a great weekend, RT, AL, RV

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