Volume 20, Number 24, March 7, 2019

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General News

Greetings from the school everyone as we bring another short week of learning and teaching to an end.  Students and staff alike are looking forward to some rest and relaxation during the March Break.  May the Lord be near to us all and keep us safe and in good health during the break, whether we are spending it at home, travelling or vacationing elsewhere.

We congratulate Darryl and Alisha Bos who recently received a baby boy (7 months old) named Joshua Curtis Stanley.  This week they signed the papers to start a six month probation which will lead to his full adoption by the Bos family.  The girls (Mya, Grade 5B and Eliza, Grade 1A) are absolutely thrilled to have a baby brother in their home.  We pray for the Lord’s blessing and guidance on the process that the Bos family still needs to undergo.  (Our children all are gifts of God, our sons and daughters his reward—each one a blessing from the LORD, as heritage on us bestowed.  Psalm 127:3, B0P)

May our Heavenly Father continue to provide for those in our school community who need Him in a special way. We thank the Lord that He spared Miss Broersma from serious injury in an accident she was in yesterday which totalled her car. It is good to pause and reflect that we need to thank God every day for travelling mercies and do not take them for granted. We also think of Mrs. deVisser who continues with her chemotherapy treatments.


A few items for your attention:

*Thanks again everyone for your participation in the “Toonies For Anchor” campaign.  The envelopes will be passed on to the Anchor Association.

*Grade 1 had a great visit to the Agape Sugar Bush on Monday.  For more details see the Classroom News section.

*After the March Break, Miss Breukelman will enter her last week at JCS while Mrs. Folkerts and Miss Vis will have two weeks remaining, including an induction week.

*Grade 5B was able to enjoy a pizza lunch on Thursday, March 7 thanks to having read the most pages for our Book Reading Contest as part of Book Week.

*Basketball practices for the boys’ and girls’ teams continue on the Monday and Thursday afternoons after the break.  The annual Guido de Bres invitational tournament is scheduled for Friday, March 22 at the Arcelor-Mittal Dofasco Center in Stoney Creek.  The boys’ team is coached by Mr. Joosse and Mr. Witten and the girls’ team is coached by Mr. Hofsink.  The schedule for the tournament looks like this:

Girls                                                       Boys

8:00        JCS vs ACRES                     8:00   JCS vs Grace

10:30      JCS vs Timothy                    11:00 JCS vs ACRES

1:30        JCS vs Heritage                   2:00  JCS vs Heritage

3:30        2nd place vs 2nd place      3:30  2nd place vs 2nd place

4:30        Finals

Because of the 8:00 start and the tournament possibly ending after 4:30, parents of the basketball players will need to bring and pick-up their children from the venue.

*As school community, we are planning a Spring Food Drive in support of West Lincoln Community Care.  The Food Drive is scheduled to take place over the course of three weeks from Monday, March 18 to Friday, April 5.



*Please continue to collect tabs for cans for Jude VanVeen so he and his family can get a wheelchair for his sister Anna.

*Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday morning, March 10.

*The first day back after the break is Monday, March 18.

*Please note the following changes to the school calendar:  The Special Membership meeting re:  Mission and Vision document is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, and the Spring Membership meeting originally scheduled for May 22 has been re-scheduled for Wednesday, April 24.

Have a great March Break everyone and we’ll touch base again in a fortnight, D.V.           G. Hofsink

Classroom News


Although we had another four day week in kindergarten we still managed to get a lot done! We were able to listen to two Bible stories. In the first Bible story we heard about God’s judgement on Eli and his two sons through Samuel. Our second Bible story taught us how to continue making good choices and obey God’s commandments. In Math class we continued to look at numbers 11-20. These continue to be a challenge for a few children. It would be very helpful if you could review these numbers at home during the March break. Speaking of which, we wish you all a lovely week with your families! NR&JB

Letter of the week: Vv

Words of the week: here, orange

Memory Work: Hymn 56:1 & Psalm 136:1 (Text)


Grade 1

We had a great time at the Agape Valley Sugar Bush on Monday.  It was very cold, but also very beautiful with the snow gently falling down on us. We learned all about the how the Indigenous people lived and how they made maple syrup and how it is done today. We met Mr. Bucket Head and Sammy the squirrel, ate delicious pancakes with maple syrup and enjoyed a Curious George book. A great trip! Thanks to our bus driver and class moms for joining us on our trip. We managed to complete a lot of work this week as well. In Bible we see how God listens to the request of his people for an earthly king. We hope to be finished this unit at the end of our first week back. If all goes as planned, the test will be on Friday March 22. Most students are doing well on their weekly agenda words and Spelling words.  Thanks for taking the time to help your child practice the words on a daily basis.  We wish you a relaxing, enjoyable, and safe March break.  Have a good Sunday!

Memory Work for Friday, March 22 – Hymn 36:1; Ps. 111:10

Spelling Words:  day, did, down, get, long


Grade 2

Another week has come and gone! In Math, we have made a switch from addition to subtraction! Please practice your new facts during the break. In Social Studies this week we have learned about the homes and food in Zimbabwe and have compared it back to Nunavut. We will be wrapping up this unit after the break. Have a safe and relaxing March Break! BV/RG

Spelling: phone, ride, skate, children, best

Memory Work: Hymn 32:1

Thursday: Zimbabwe Test

Friday: Polycarp Quiz


Grade 3

After the break, we hope to begin with a new Social Studies unit about communities, a new reading unit, and a new Bible unit about Moses. In Art, we are finishing our tactile textured project and hope to learn more about visual texture after the break . We will also talk about taking on more responsibilities for studying as we will practise our spelling words less in the classroom and more at home. This is an important stepping stone for getting ready for Grade 4. Have a great weekend and enjoyable March Break. May God keep us safe. Don’t forget to set the clock forward an hour 😊. JB/MP

Memory work: Hymn 33:1, 4; Text: Ex. 20 1-6 (2 weeks)

Spelling words: another, confusion, I’m, its, question

PE clothes for Monday and Thursday    Library on Tuesday

Mission $ on Friday


Grade 4

We are writing this in anticipation of a nice, restful and blessed March break. We hope that all have an opportunity to spend some extra quality time as a family together. If time allows, students can be working on their Canada project research (specifically collecting and organizing information about geography and climate, agriculture and industry, points of interest and perhaps a few interesting facts), studying the times tables and reading for fun. 4A, Spelling Unit 23 words are: everyone, fort, nothing, forgot, doesn’t, storm, twelve, wore, someone, born, won’t, we’re, you’re, she’s. 4B, Spelling Unit 24 is a review unit, and will be our new list. The words are as follows: caught, everyone, people, having, houses, doesn’t, knew, nothing, cherries, remember, cupboard, think, elated, deceive, absurd, vanquish.

Friday: 4B Bible Test Unit 5 lessons 1 – 11 Kings of Israel (4A Test on Tues. March 26)

Memory work is from Hymn 42: 2,3


Grade 5

While we are all looking forward to March Break, it will be exciting to come back to begin new units in Bible, Math, and Language Arts!  The students were very busy wrapping up many activities this week and have displayed their creative talents in their dioramas!  Well done, Grade 5!  Devotions 5A: M. Vanessa, T. William, W. Rebekah, Th. Lani, F. Rylee.  5B M. Nate, T. Theo, W. Gabrielle, Th. Mya, F. Isaac.  Wishing you all an enjoyable week! RK/KVL


Grade 6

The students and teachers are looking forward to their break. May we have a safe and enjoyable holiday. After the break our studies will include the book of Exodus, stories about various types of journeys, fractions and decimals, a Science unit on matter, and basketball. Have a blessed weekend. DB/CV


Grade 7

We’re honing our basketball skills in Phys. Ed. Basketball is a sport our community doesn’t formally involve itself in. Please consider letting your child watch broadcast professional or collegiate games, perhaps letting them partake in the “madness”. While the reign of King Solomon is highlighted by peace and prosperity, we’ll see in Bible History why it is not the Kingdom of peace. If all went according to plan, we learned more about Presbyterian church government and broader assemblies as we joined the open session of Classis Niagara and paid particular attention to the examination of Mr. C. Swaving. Interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts was our focus in Independant Study.; the students will be encouraged to use networking to find an expert or professional they can interview about their topic. Enjoy your Break.


Grade 8A

As we close out the week today, excitement is in the air for the upcoming break. It is our prayer that the Lord guard and keep all those families travelling near and far for vacation in the upcoming week. It was also the 3rd of 5 weeks for Mrs. Folkerts and her steady hand guided the students into some new territory. After the break is her induction week, meaning that she will be teaching 100% all week. We wish her strength as she prepares for that upcoming assignment. Have a blessed week break and we will see you in a week’s time D.V. Cheers, Mr. J


Grade 8B

Hopefully everyone will enjoy the break!  Unless the students haven’t handed in work that was due on Thursday, they have no homework during the break. Bible tests were written today and somehow, I have neglected to finish marking the Geography tests from last week, so I guess I will have homework during the break.😉  Look for these tests to be returned after the holiday.


Sobey’s/Foodland       X25     X50   X100  
Fortinos/NoFrills/ Superstore       X50   X100   X250  
Food Basics       X50   X100   X250  
Dutch Shop           X25  
Giant Tiger         X25     X50  
Pioneer         X50   X100  
Petro-Canada         X50   X100  
Tim Hortons         X10     X25  
Canadian Tire       X25     X50   X100  
M&M’s           X25  
Kelsey’s           X25  
Shopper’s           X25  
The Keg           X50  


Boston Pizza           X25  
Walmart           X50  
Costco          X100  
Starbucks       X25      


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