Volume 20, Number 38, June 21, 2019

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General News

We have come to the end of another school year.  When we get to this point, we always feel that the school year flew by. That is good news, for when time seems to pass by quickly is that we are usually actively engaged and interested in what we are doing. To be sure, there were days that seemed like drudgery for students and teachers and parents as well.  Teachers work hard to make their lessons come alive for students and many of the students’ responses are a delight to their teachers. Many of the ‘extra’ activities that we planned this year also either enlivened the everyday work or provided a brief distraction from it. How many didn’t do their school work for a day, wearing their pajamas or with crazy hair-dos (Really!  How do you manage to put a real bun in your hair).  Remember the day we had pigs in the school? Or book character day? In the last weeks of school we dealt with the happy distraction of families of puppies coming in for an impromptu show and tell.  (I was probably the most distracted of all!) Walking down the hallways of our school almost always gives you a glimpse of some of the beautiful work our students do.

More recently, all of us experienced beautiful days for our year-end field trips.  The trip by K-6 and their teacher and parent helpers was enjoyed by all. Grade seven was able to complete the one item of their itinerary that was missed by making up the Hornblower trip. Unfortunately, they hit some traffic snags on their way back and delayed the buses by about twenty minutes. Sorry everyone who was inconvenienced.   Thank-you to parents who helped out on all of the field trips and field day. 

At the conclusion of this school year, we will have to say goodbye to several families and students.  As always, we bid farewell to the grade eights who, at the time of this writing, are still in Ottawa. They will come home in time to clean-up, dress-up and and enjoy their graduation celebration. You are welcome to join them at a ceremony to be held in the Smithville Church at 7:45 p.m. on Monday evening.

We also will bid farewell to Tristan Wielink in grade 7, Kaden, Ezra and Elias Ravensbergen in grades 5, 4, and 2, Jasynne, Jamian, Lyra and Nelson VanSydenborgh in grades 3, 2, and K, and the Neveah, Micah, Zachary, Tristen, and Hailey Gouldstone in grades 7,5,4,3 and 1.  We also say farewell to the Chien family who are moving to Calgary, Nyajuok , Marna and Nyawech in Grades 1,4 and 6 and to Sawyer Nichol in Kindergarten.

These families were an active part of our school community and they will be missed. We wish them all the LORD’s blessing as they take up their studies elsewhere in September.

The end of the school year will also bring last days for some of the staff as well. We will say good-bye to Mrs. Oosterhoff (again), Mrs. Visser, Miss Ravensbergen, and  Mrs. VanSydenborgh. Thank-you for all that you have contributed to the school. You, too, will be missed and we also wish you the LORD’s blessing in the tasks that you will take up when you leave this school.

Many of the students have received their McNally House t-shirts this week. If I might offer some advice…. please put your name in the shirts as soon as you get them. Students often have a difficult time knowing which shirt is their own when so many of them are identical.  In connection with that, please make an opportunity to have a last look through the lost and found.  Items left on the table and in the box, will be donated to a charity next week.

If you have not paid for your child(ren)’s school trip, please do so asap! Library books also have to be returned. And if you have borrowed a JCS shirt for the Marineland trip, please return that as well! Staff will be at school next week Monday through Wednesday, so money,  books and shirts can be brought to school then.

During our year end assembly we will again reflect on our school theme:  “I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”  Ephesians 4:1 NIV We will talk about the two paths we can take in life and how the Holy Spirit equips us to take the right path. 

Students will be taking home their term 2 reports this afternoon. Class list will be emailed this afternoon. The list indicating what class your child will be in will be sent out this afternoon. Please remember that teachers have spent a lot of time and care in preparing these lists. They are well aware of the level of importance this matter plays in the life of your child and family. If you have pressing concerns about your child’s placement, please first review the protocol sent out earlier this year. If you still feel the need to discuss this matter, make an appointment with the principal rather than approaching the classroom teachers.

We wish all of the families a blessed time this summer.

Classroom News


And just like that, 41 students have graduated kindergarten and are off to Grade 1 in September! We are very thankful for an enjoyable year where we have experienced God’s goodness on our daily tasks. All the best to all of the kindergarten students who are going to Grade 1! We are saying goodbye to Nelson and Sawyer who are going to continue their education at their homes with their families.  We will miss you and wish you all the best as you start your new adventure! Thank you to all of our amazing parents; your support and involvement in the school doesn’t go unnoticed. We wish you all an enjoyable summer! NR&JB

Grade 1

We have had a great year in Grade 1 and it has gone by so fast. Our students have learned a lot and are ready for Grade 2. Thank you so much to our class moms, Mrs. Jocelyn Bijlsma, and Mrs. Michelle Schulenberg in Gr. 1A, Mrs. Melanie Mans, and Mrs. Melissa Bosscher in Gr. 1B for all your hard work and dedication this year. We really appreciate it. Thank you so much for all your support, cards, and gifts we have received. We wish you all a safe, enjoyable, and relaxing summer vacation. We pray that God will keep us all safe and in His care and bring us back to school in September.

Grade 2

At the end of this school year, it is our pleasure to bid you all farewell for the summer. We have appreciated the support, kindnesses, and most especially the prayers that we have been blessed with. Thank you for a wonderful year! We pray that our time teaching these covenant children will be blessed. May God’s name be praised in all that has been done! We also say goodbye to Mrs. VanSydenborgh today. We will miss her sunny and dedicated enthusiasm! May she be given strength as she takes up a new task! Have a wonderful and safe summer! BV/RG

Grade 3

We began this week with singing together with Mr. C. Heemskerk. It was so beautiful to be able to praise the Lord with voice and guitar. Thank you, Mr. Heemskerk. That same day, Mrs. Gansekoele and her son Caiden taught us about plant life. Wow, we learned a lot about seeds lying dormant, germination and much more. Thank you so much, Caiden, and Mrs. Gansekoele; also for the beautiful begonia. They are all planted in our gardens and pots. On Tuesday, we could enjoy a sunny and warm day at Marineland. We could go on rides, see beautiful animals and have good camaraderie amongst the groups. Thank you, bus drivers and volunteers for helping us have a fantastic day. We had lots of special things happening in class; ask us all about it. We say farewell to Tristen and his family. Tristen will go to a new school. We pray God will continue to hold you close, Tristen.  A hearty goodbye to Jasynne and Jamian as well; they are being home schooled next year. God bless you richly! We have come to the end of the school year, and we may give thanks and praise to God for having been there for us each step of the way.  He has blessed each of us with talents, and with these we could serve and praise Him. Thank you, parents, for the many prayers, love and support from you. Thank you also for the wonderful gifts and thank you cards. May God be with you wherever you go this summer. Until we see each other again, DV. MP/JB

Grade 4

As we finish off the last week of our 2018/19 school year, we hope that you all have a blessed summer. Keep working at your times tables over the summer, so that you are ready to go to grade 5! Keep reading as much as possible. Thank you,  parents and family members, for your support and encouragement over the past year! We wish you a blessed summer with friends and family!

Grade 5

We made it to the end of the year! Thank you to all of your for all your support and encouragement over the course of the year. Have a wonderful summer! RK/KV

Grade 6

And so once again we come to the end of another school year. We wish all our students and their families a fabulous summer and Gods blessings on your  plans for the summer. Thank you so much for your tokens of appreciation. From Mrs. Oosterhoff…thank you so much for all your support this year and I am truly going to retire this time around. 😏 CV/SO

Grade 7A

In our study of Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography we learned some secrets on how to do life well. Franklin revealed to us what he did; he read, listened, was industrious and kept good company. Bible History showed us the way to really do life well with examples from the divided kingdom, Israel and Judah. We thank God for the faithful leadership we have in our parents, teachers and office bearers, as we saw what happens when that leadership is not given and kings (and people) go astray. We finished our Independent Study visual component in which we reviewed what we did throughout the year with regards to our book, doc, journal article, author profile and interview/experience. We say goodbye to Nevaeh as she leaves our grade and we say hello to a summer ahead of us. We were able to do so much under God’s care. May He add His blessing to it. Enjoy your summer.

Grade 7B

The end of the year is here already! It has been a great year and I wish all the parents and students a safe and blessed summer!

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