Volume 24, Number 3, September 23, 2022

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

We remember the Tesfaye family this week.   The father-in-law of Mrs. Tesfaye passed away after dealing with cancer for the last number of months.  We pray for strength and comfort as they bury a loved one.

“Work heartily” – We have been working this week under God’s blessing and guidance.  It is a blessing to enjoy all of the different activities that we can do at school.  We have had students competing in the cross-country run.  There were a few exhibition games between JCS and Cairn in preparation for the soccer tournament.   This is a reminder that the soccer tournament will be held at JCS and the Liesureplex this year.  The games will occur on Saturday, October 1st.  If you would like a copy of the schedule please talk to your child or contact the office.

For cross country runners there is an optional practice tomorrow, Saturday, September 24th at Southward Community park at 8:00 a.m.  Parents, please bring your child prepared to run.  You may bring a coffee along, or you may lace up your shoes and enjoy a run with your child!   The run should be reflective of the run that we will do with the Golden Horseshoe Cross Country Run on October 13th.

On Wednesday we had our first successful fire drill.  The students were quiet and orderly and it went very well.  Well done, JCS!

Some of you may not have thought about using the gym for a school rental.  It is available and you can book it for a friendly night of sport, a family event, or for various other functions.   Booking can be done through the office.

On September 30th we will have another “Early Years” morning in the school gym. Preschool-age children and their parents are welcome to attend! Last time we enjoyed a wonderful morning of playtime with toys and circle time. We read a story and then sang with Mrs. Kara North. The morning was enjoyed by all and we’re looking forward to enjoying this time together again You’re welcome to drop in at any time. The doors will be open at 9:30 and we’ll head out to play on the school playground between 11:00 and 11:30.

I missed letting you know last week that it was Miss VanderVeen’s birthday.  It was a fun day for her to celebrate with her class.   On Thursday of this upcoming week, we will be celebrating Mrs. Gansekoele’s birthday.   We wish both teachers God’s continued blessings in the upcoming year.

I believe that is all for this week.  We pray for God’s blessings over this upcoming week.

Classroom News


We learned about the promise of a rainbow this week and how God continually cares for His people! In Bible next week we will begin learning all about the life of Abraham and  how God blesses the life of His servant Abraham. This past week in Math, we were learning all about positional words like top, bottom, middle, left and right. Next week we will begin our unit on patterns. In science we will be learning all about our senses and how the Lord uniquely created the human body! Have a great weekend! JB/SV

Grade 1

We welcomed fall this week! With the ups and downs of the weather and just being back together again after the summer, we have been having more sniffles and coughs. In the classrooms we have been working hard on all the different subject. Grade 1b had three tests this past week. Grade 1a will be having tests this coming week. We have a field trip book to the safety village coming up near the end of October, so stay tuned for more information on this. Finally, the food drive continues here at school, please send those non-perishables! Have a blessed weekend everyone.

Grade 2

Another week has flown by! In Bible we have been focusing on the stories of Jesus, this week we heard about Jesus’ baptism, the calling of the first disciples, and His first miracle!  In Science we’ve learned about the different types of joints in our body! Ask your child to name some of the joints for you! Autumn has arrived this week and the weather is getting cooler! Please dress your child in layers, sometimes the classroom is still warm but it’s cold outside! Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! RG/BV

Grade 3

Hello again dear readers! Grade three worked very well this week.  We finished our Bible unit with a test and now move on to Church History.  Ask us about John Eliot.  What did he do?  Guess what?  We used ipads!  For the first time in the history of JCS, ipads are now in use in K-3.  What a blessing!  A BIG thank you to Miss Jes for helping us set them up!  We’re using a program called Reading Eggs.  Ask us what dongles are?  We continue to learn more about the pioneers and their way of life.  Ask us what their homes looked like? Just a reminder to bring in food for the FOOD DRIVE.  Thanks. J.B./M.P.

Memory Work:  Psalm 50:1; Text:  Old Testament Books

Spelling Words:  again, because, could, favourite, have, into, off, people, said, they, until, very, want, who

Gym on Monday and Wednesday.

Library on Thursday.

Spelling Dictation and Mission $ on Friday.

Grade 4

Grade 4A, will start the new week off on Monday with a Math Test on Unit 1: Place Value. Both Grade 4’s will have a Bible Test on Tuesday, looking back on God’s faithfulness to His people, the Israelites, despite their lack of faith. In particular, we will look at the lives of Samuel and Saul.

Spelling words: late, nails, paint, safe, saying, takes, wait, were, guns, past, hate, stayed, crayon, holes. Test on Friday.

Memory Work: Hymn 25: 1; Text: Psalm 32: 1, 2

Upcoming Memory Work: Hymn 13: 1, 2


Grade 5

Just like that, another week has gone by! We have learned more about the world around the time Jesus was born, and we are thankful for God’s providence in making sure everything happened just the way He planned. Next week, we’ll talk more about how God used John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus, and then we’ll be getting into the beginning of Jesus’ ministry on Earth. We’re also learning more about Ancient Rome and what life was like in the empire. Grade 5A will be having a Math test next Tuesday, Sep. 27.

Devotions for next week are as follows:

5A – M. Sophia, Tu. Ashleigh, W. Avery, Th. Caleb, F. Camryn

5B – M. Quinten, Tu. Elyse, W. Leena, Th. Thomas, F. Geneva

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday! RK/KV

Grade 6

In our Church History lessons, we learned about Gregory the Great. Ask the students why he was called great and what he wanted the people to call him. We have been challenged to solve some word problems in Math, as well as, continuing to use our mental math to help solve them. In Art we will be working on a good copy of the t-shirt which will include some of the things we like. While watching several videos we noticed the features given to the creatures by God to help them fly or glide. Please encourage your child to prepare properly for quizzes and memory work. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7

Our study of Samuel and King Saul in Bible History changes focus as we transition from the Prophet to the King. In the mean time, the LORD will raise up another leader. Math Ch. 1 “Number Sense” will wrap up shortly, we move on to number theory next. We’ll learn about and work with forces in science as we delve deeper into “Strength, Forces and Efficiency”. At this time, Independent Study topics have been selected and students are now looking for books to read about their topic; be sure to ask your child how that search is going. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 8

This week in Gr. 8 students spent time studying the patterns of human settlement in Human Geography. In Bible History we continued our study of the intertestamental period and learned about the Maccabean revolt. In Language Arts we read another story with an ironic twist. This time involving a young boy named Laurie and a troublesome classmate of his, Charles. Our condolences go out to Mrs. Tesfaye and her family as they mourn the loss of a Father and Grandfather. Have a blessed weekend! Cheers, Mr.J and Mrs. Ludwig

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