Volume 24, Number 33, May 19, 2023

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

Our ascended Lord reigns! We see God’s power in all things.  Christ is in heaven preparing a home for us.   At our recent male chorus concert we sang the words, ”God’s not ashamed to be called our God, He has Himself prepared for us a place, Where Jesus is our salvation; there in our home we’ll see Him face to face!”   What immense comfort that we receive as we reflect on the work that our risen Saviour is doing for us.

This week is a busy week in terms of our school concert.   We hope to be focusing some of our pieces on Ascension and Pentecost.  We see God’s work with his Spirit in the renewing of creation but also the renewing of our hearts.  May God be praised in these concerts as well. The theme of the concert is “Give Thanks and Sing”. The concerts will happen on the following dates and times: Thursday, May 25th at 1:00 and Friday, May 26th at 7:30, not 7:00 as previously mentioned.  Parents are reminded that children should be dropped off at their classrooms no earlier than 7:10 on Friday evening.

On Saturday, May 27th the baseball teams will be heading London way for the annual baseball tournament.  We thank our coaches for their dedication to getting the teams ready for the upcoming year. We thank our coaches, Mrs.VanBrederode, Mrs. Groen, Mrs. Spoelstra, Mr. Mans, & Mr. Nobel.  Your dedication and enthusiasm are appreciated!

It appears that we have a seasonal bug running through the school.   The office has been abuzz with students going home.   We pray that this will soon pass and the student body will be back as a whole.

This week Tuesday Mrs. Van Amerongen will be celebrating her birthday!  We wish the LORD’s blessing and strength to her in the upcoming year.  I am sure that she will celebrate this birthday with her class in style!

Wishing you all a blessed long weekend!   JVI


Monday – Victoria Day – No School

Tuesday – Baseball Practice

Thursday – 1:00 – Matinee Concert

Friday – 7:30 – School Concert

Classroom News


The detectives of KA and KB solved the case of missing Macaw! Working together in groups, the students solved subtraction sentences to discover the answers to the questions describing how the macaw went missing. It was such a great way to send the subtraction unit. Next week, we will be starting our last math unit on measurement. In Bible, we have been learning all about Daniel and how the Lord cared for Daniel in all the difficult situations he faced. In Science, we have completed our animal unit and will be working on our dioramas with the Grade 5 students. Next week, the schedule for kindergarten is a little bit different. Here are the plans for next week:

Monday – no school

Tuesday – KB only – CYG: Emerson

Wednesday – combined KA/KB

Thursday – combined KA/KB, matinee concert performance

Friday – no school for kindergarten ONLY, evening concert performance

Enjoy the extra long weekend everyone. JB/SV

Grade 1

This past week we got to learn about our brief unit on Esther. The students were engaged and learned how God takes care of his people. We are now going to be switching to church history for the rest of the school year. We are well on our way into our “Green Fern Zoo” unit in CKLA. The students are enjoying learning about different animals, their habitats, and what they eat. Our addition and subtraction unit was wrapped up this past week and we are moving on to our graphs and maps unit! 

Spelling words: brother, sister, children, won’t, kick 

Memory work: Hymn 72:1, The Lord’s Prayer 

Have a good week! KK/EVG

Grade 2

Grade 2 has had a very exciting week! Our trip to Ripley’s Aquarium on Wednesday was enjoyed by all. It’s such a great experience and so neat to hear the students talking about the Science terms and concepts that we’ve learned. Thank you so much to our bus driver and parent volunteers for joining us. We also received a very fun package in the mail. The students enjoyed trying to guess what was inside the box based on the “Use with care” label. The great reveal showed that we now have little caterpillars to raise! Even in the first few days, they’ve grown quite a bit. We will enjoy seeing the life cycle stages over the next few weeks! Have a blessed weekend! BV/RG

Grade 3

We are learning about Joshua as the new leader of the Israelites in our new Bible unit. In Social Studies we keep busy creating a poster about urban, suburban and rural communities. The penguin posters are done. The children did a wonderful job writing about penguins. The posters will go up in our hallway in due time. We have begun reading about the “Open Road” in our CKLA reading program. Ask your child what personification means. Geometry (lines, line segments, parallel lines) takes up our time in Math class. In art we are talking about balance. Local field day activities keep us busy in phys.ed class. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and blessed Sunday.

Memory work: Hy. 77:1,2     Text: Joshua 24:15

Thursday: Library

Friday: Mission $

Grade 4

What a beautiful week! In grade 4, students have been busy starting new units and completing research projects in others. Grade 4a will be enjoying a pizza party to celebrate their french “la pizza” unit, as well as Mrs. VanAmerongen’s birthday. With the concert coming up on Thursday, lots of time will be devoted to practicing concert songs. The students are doing an excellent job singing heartily to praise our God. Enjoy the long weekend! Mrs. VanAmerongen and Miss Oosterhoff

Tuesday: 4a keyboard quiz (which letters are where?); 4A Birthday Party

Wednesday: 4a unit conversion quiz (conventional, metric)

Thursday: Recorder assessment (both classes); concert

Friday: Library, memory work, spelling test, mission money

Memory Work: Hymn 50:1; Revelation 21:1,2 (next week)

Spelling words: moved, move, movie, special, blue, true, threw, through, aunt, parents, son, won, sold, pictures, eight

Grade 5

We had a fantastic time at the Science Centre yesterday! What a wonderful world God has made, where all things work the way they do because He has made them in that way and continues to uphold His creation. Thank you very much to Mr. Kelly for driving the bus for us, and to all the parents that came along as volunteers. We look forward to the concerts next week and are excited to share the results of our hard work over the last few months with all of you! Grade 5B will be having a Church History quiz on Lessons 1-4 on Thursday. Grade 5A may also be having one; keep an eye on the agenda. 5B’s planet projects are due on Friday! We look forward to seeing the results of their hard work over the last number of weeks!

Devotions for next week are as follows:

5A – Tu. Sophia, W. Ashleigh, Th. Avery, F. Caleb

5B – Tu. Azlynne, W. Colton, Th. Quinten, F. Elyse

Have a wonderful long weekend! RK/KV

Grade 6

We look forward to presenting the songs we have been practicing in the concerts next week. What an enjoyable trip to Crawford Lake this week. During our morning we had a guided tour through the longhouses where the students could see and touch a variety of items that the natives made and used. They could also get the feel of how to use a lacrosse stick. After a picnic lunch, a walk around the lake with the challenge of finding a number of items on the scavenger list. We were thankful for the beautiful weather that day which made the trip even more pleasurable. Thanks to Mrs. Stieva for driving us that day. Have an enjoyable long weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7

We continued this past week with our study of John Calvin, in particular his reaction to Michael Servetus’ heresy regarding the Trinity. Next week we’ll learn about the Genevan Academy and why our school is named after him. In Math we’ll move from credit and debt to entrepreneurship. We’ll wrap up our Science study of thermal energy transfer systems by building our own ovens. Enjoy your weekend.

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