Volume 24, Number 34, May 26, 2023

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

On Sunday we will commemorate Pentecost.  We give thanks for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  God richly provides for us each and every day through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Tonight will be the final concert for our Ascension/Pentecost concert entitled “Give Thanks and Sing”.  The concert starts at 7:30.  I’m sure that we will see children all spiffed up and ready to perform!  We are looking forward to sharing this program with you.  Parents are reminded that children should be dropped off at their classrooms no earlier than 7:10 on Friday evening. The event will be live-streamed.  It will be on the Smithville CanRC YouTube channel.

Tomorrow our baseball teams will be heading out to Dorchester for the annual Baseball Tournament.  It looks like the weather will be favourable.  We wish our teams success and graciousness as they play in the tournament.

On Monday, Mrs. K. VandenOever will be celebrating her birthday.  May God continue to richly bless her in her various tasks.  I’m sure she will welcome

On Wednesday, we will be having a “Vacation” dress-up day.   We look forward to seeing students dressed up in their vacation clothes!   It should be a lot of fun!

On Wednesday, we hope to have Kindergarten Day.  We look forward to seeing the new students for next year.  

May God refresh us with the preaching of His Word and the rejuvenating power of the Spirit this Pentecost weekend!



Saturday – Baseball Tournament

Wednesday – Vacation Dress-Up Day – Kindergarten Day

Classroom News


What a busy week in kindergarten this week with concert rehearsals and concert performances. On Wednesday we had a special visit from Miss Jes’ parents, Mr and Mrs. Broersma. They brought with them special treats for the students…delicious popsicles enjoyed by all. The students performed very well at the concert performances! Well done, students! Grade 5A also spent some time with the kindergarten students working on their science dioramas. They are looking great and the students cannot wait to finish them! We continue to learn all about measurement in math and we will be starting a new science unit next week on plants! Here’s a look at next week’s schedule:

Monday: Pink day

Tuesday: Pink day

Wednesday: no school for kindergarten

Thursday – CYG: Evelyn

Friday – CYG: Jack

Have a great weekend everyone. JB/SV

Grade 1

It’s finally here! It’s the week of the concert. We hope you have enjoyed or will enjoy one of the performances!

This week both classes began Church History. Our current unit is entitled: Church Life. We hope to learn about the building, and the people who gather in the building. The Church within the church. We look forward to what’s coming next in our lessons!

Continue to practice those spellings words and the memory work for each week too!

Here’s this coming weeks items:

Memory Work: Hymn 72:3

Spelling Words: catch, green, people, says, teacher

Have a wonderful weekend! KK, EVG

Grade 2

We hope that everyone had a restful long weekend! We enjoyed having a short week in Grade 2 but it still felt very busy! We had a beautiful concert yesterday afternoon and are looking forward to our second performance this evening! Over the weekend our butterflies have entered the next stage of their life cycle! They are currently in their chrysalis and we’re patiently waiting for what happens next!  Next Monday our Grade 2, twenty day countdown begins! Ask your child what happens each day! We are wrapping up our Bible unit with Paul and our Math unit on Fractions, we hope to do some review over the final few weeks. We hope you have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! RG/BV

Grade 3

Oh, the stories the children tell about their long weekend. It sounded like everyone had a great time off. At the time of writing, the concerts have yet to happen. The children are truly looking forward to singing the praises to their Lord and Saviour. We hope and pray you will enjoy the performance. Miss Janine Breukelman taught us about a community within a community this past Wednesday. She did so by telling us about her work in a long term care/senior home where many work together to care for the residents. Thank you, Miss Breukelman. We continue to hear more about the LORD’s powerful deeds as He gives His people the land of Canaan. Local Field day activities keep us busy in phys.ed class. Nash and his family were blessed with a baby girl; a beautiful blessing from God. Congratulations! Wishing you a wonderful weekend and blessed Sunday.

Memory work: Hymn 82:1

Thursday: Library

Friday: Mission $

Grade 4

Tuesday: Perimeter & Area Quiz (4A)

Wednesday: Bible Test/work package due: Esther (4A); Recorder assessment #23 – 26 (4B)

Thursday: Bible Test: Esther (4B); Recorder assessment 4A (songs in agendas)

Friday: Library, Memory Work, Spelling test, Mission money

Memory Work: Hymn 68:1, 8; Revelation 21:1,2

Spelling words: standing, married, wrong, decided, driving, ghost, easy, tonight, number, tired, island, living, frightened, waited, paw

Grade 5

The school concert connects well to our Church History lessons on how God is spreading His Church throughout the world! 5A has finished up the math chapter about adding and subtracting fractions and will now be focussing on geometry. 5B plans to complete chapter 11 in the coming week. We continue to learn about Space and plan to finish this unit this week. 5B will be bringing in their planet projects and presenting them to the class. You can expect an email soon about the upcoming science unit, “Investigating the Endocrine and Reproductive Systems”, which will begin on June 5. The ladies will be taught by Mrs. Kelly, and the young men will be taught by Mr. VanIperen.

Devotions for this week are as follows: 5A – Camryn (M), Cooper (Tu), Eliza (W), Hannah (Th), Isaac (F) 5B – Elyse (M), Leena (Tu), Thomas (W), Geneva (Th), Arli (F). Have an enjoyable weekend!            

Grade 6

The students have been enjoying the beautiful weather playing baseball at recess and during Phys. Ed. With the concert practices done we can use our time to finish off our novel study. Our embossed foil art was very successful with one class displaying theirs in the hall and the other class hopes to do theirs next week. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7

We learned this past week of the burning of a heretic who denied the Trinity; this execution took place in the Reformed city of Geneva. We learned how John Calvin wasn’t responsible for the death of Michael Servetus and how the City Council over stepped their civil role in the area of Church government. Next week we’ll learn about the Genevan Academy and why our school is named after John Calvin. In L.A. the company of thirteen has cleared the Misty Mountains. and only has to travel through the forest of Mirkwood and reclaim the Lonely Mountain; should be rather uneventful… We’ve been placed into our events for the LCRSS Track and Field tournament on June 9, and we’ll practice during P.E. class. We’ll build our own ovens in Science and start to heat things up in connection with thermal energy transfer systems. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 8

With two weeks to go there is lots on the go in the intermediate wing… Track and field practices are underway, the Baseball tournament is this Saturday, several projects in Science and Art are underway and every day there is more discussion and preparation for the Ottawa trip. In and amongst it all the teachers are desperately trying to finish as much as they can! Today the student wrap up their last concert for their elementary career. May God be glorified and praised by our singing. Have a blessed weekend! AL, RT, and Mr. J.

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