Volume 24, Number 35, June 2, 2023

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

We have reached the final month of the school year.  Time has been moving quickly as we look to putting a close to the school year.   We give thanks for the concerts in which we could celebrate Christ’s ascension and the pouring out of his spirit.  I would like to make special mention of Mrs. Kara North and all of the work that she put into the practices.  Thank-you for your dedication and the wonderful work that you did!

Last Saturday our boys and girls basebal teams went to Dorchester to participate in the annual baseball tournament.  There were some lovely games of ball.  The girls won two of their three games.  The boys managed to win all of their games and take some hardware back to the school.  Thank you to the students for their graciousness and the coaches for the work that was put into this tournament.

We had some excitement on Wednesday with a Vacation School Spirit Day, Kindergarten Day and a performance from the Guido band classes.

Speaking of getting closer to the end of the year we are getting closer to the year-end trips.  K-3 will be going to Marineland and grades 4-6 will head out to Wet ‘n Wild.   Those who would like to go along on the trip are to contact the office to be added to the list.  Please do not contact the teachers.   Those who go along will have to pay their own way.  The cost is $24.80 for Marineland and $31.50 for Wet ‘n Wild.  Students are to wear their JCS t-shirts.  Chaperones will be required to wear the blue John Calvin T-Shirts.  Please ensure that swimwear is modest. The protocol is attached with a deadline of June 9th.  We hope to leave the school at 8:15 and be back at the school around 4:00.  We’ll send a message out when we find out when the busses will arrive.

We are celebrating some more staff birthdays this week.  On Sunday, Miss Aalbers celebrates her birthday and on Tuesday Mr. Jongsma celebrates his birthday.  We wish you God’s continued blessings and we pray that you will be blessed in the work that you do here at JCCS.  Congratulations!

I’ll sign off for now.  Wishing you a blessed weekend! JVI


Sunday – Miss Aalber’s Birtday

Tuesday – Mr. Jongsma’s Birthday, Ed Comm Meeting

Thursday – HR Meeting

Friday – Grade 7/8  Track & Field

Classroom News


It was a very different week this week in kindergarten. We welcomed the 2023/2024 kindergarten students to JCCS! It was the first time that we have had an in school, in person kindergarten day since COVID started. We praise God for this wonderful blessing. A highlight of the day was visiting all of the classrooms in the school! Thanks to all the classroom teachers for welcoming us to your classroom for a short visit. Thank you also to Mrs. Deboersap for coming in to the teach on Monday/Tuesday as it allowed me to get some assessments done on all of the students! We look forward to having Mrs. Deboersap again on Monday/Tuesday as I will be setting these days aside to write report cards. We continue to learn all about measurement and look forward to measuring items outside. Next week again is another busy week as we will plan to go to Happy Rolph’s on Wednesday. Here is a look at next week’s schedule:

Monday – CYG – Naomi/Neve

Tuesday – CYG – Jack/Bennett/Sutton/Yelena

Wednesday – Happy Rolph’s

Thursday – CYG – Charlie/Dexter

Friday – CYG – Danika/Hayden

Have a great weekend everyone! JB/SV

Grade 1

Happy June! We enjoyed dressing up this past week like we were on vacation and the warm weather we experienced made it feel like we were on vacation. In math, we continue learning about graphs and maps. Students are doing well with understanding coordinates, venn diagrams, and bar graphs! As the end of the school year approaches, we are wrapping up phonics and will be focusing more on our CKLA. We encourage you to keep reading with your children at home!

Memory work: Hymn 79:1

Spelling words: house, morning, proud, took, verb

Have a great week! KK/EVG

Grade 2

The 20 day countdown has begun and Grade 2 has already enjoyed some very fun activities. We’ve drawn a super large picture as a whole class, brought our favourite stuffy to class, worked underneath our desks, shared jokes, and even tried picking a new name for a day! We also arrived to school on Monday morning to see that most of our caterpillars had changed into butterflies over the weekend! Amidst all the fun, we’ve also been working diligently in our curriculum. We’ve completed our Bible unit on the missionary journeys of Paul and have turned our attention to a study of his letter to the Ephesians. Have a blessed weekend! BV/RG

Grade 3

Summer is here with very warm temperatures. We had a beautiful day at the Bird Kingdom, as well as at Dufferin Island. God’s creativity was clearly displayed when we saw the beautiful birds. Our hike around Dufferin Island was greatly enjoyed by all. Thank you to Mrs. Melissa Bosscher, Mrs. Rosy Witten, and Mrs. Corrinne Schulenberg for coming along. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Brandi Stieva who drove us to and fro. On Wednesday, we could enjoy the Guido band. It was wonderful to see and hear great talent! Lots of grade 3 children will be signing up for band when they go to Guido, DV. Vacation dress up day was a great success, with lots of fun! Yes, we did work. We are continuing on with Joshua and his army who were busy conquering the land of Canaan. In reading we are enjoying the stories about Toad, Mole and Rat. Plane figures, congruent figures, and solid shapes keep us busy in math. Our spelling program is finished, but we will continue to practise the ones we have learned. Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday.

Thursday: Library

Friday: Mission $

Grade 4

Tuesday: Vocabulary Quiz *see agenda for words* (4B); Postponed recorder assessment (4A)

Thursday: Math Test on Measurement (4B & rA );  French quiz on animals (4B)

Friday: Memory work, Spelling test, Mission money; French quiz on numbers 1-100 (4A)

Memory Work: Psalm 27: 1; Revelation 21:3, 4 (next week)

Spelling words: Review: through, decided, mountain, pictures, surprised, suddenly, allowed, about, movie, true, frightened, wrong

Grade 5

Another week is complete! We thoroughly enjoyed the Vacation Day this week, as well as watching the Guido band perform. Mrs. Kelly and Mr. VanIperen will be teaching Science Unit 2 next week. Please read and discuss the unit with your child before Monday. Grade 5B looks forward to starting a unit on Financial Literacy in Math next week. They have also been learning about the war between the Jews and the Romans in the lead up to the fall of Jerusalem as God punishes the Jews for rejecting the Messiah. Grade 5A will start learning about this next week. Both classes look forward to starting/continuing our last novel study, Mystery at Cranberry Farm.

Devotions for next week are as follows:

5A – M. Jayce, Tu. Judah, W. Keziah, Th. Macen, F. Michael

5B – M. Lauren, Tu. John, W. Zachary, Th. Zion, F. Addison

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday. RK/KV

Grade 6

After dealing with some scorching temperatures throughout the week, we look forward to hopefully cooler temperatures next week. We continue down the home stretch as we are down to the final 3 weeks of school. We are wrapping up a number of units over the next week including our Church History unit on the Forerunners of the Reformation and our novel study on “Lost in the Barrens”. Over the next few weeks, there are a number of extra-curricular things happening including Field Day, end-of-year field trip, Staff verses Grade 8 baseball game, etc., so we look forward to a busy 3 weeks! Have a great weekend!

Grade 7

As we continue to look at God the Father’s creative work in rivers and oceans, we will learn about topographic maps and how to create two dimensional models of them. In History we will learn more about the Rebellion of 1837 and the flamboyant character, William Mackenzie. Why is our school named after John Calvin is the question to answer for the next few weeks in Church History. The big event next week will be the LCRSS Track and Field Tournament on Friday, June 9. Your child has selected events they would like to compete in and after practicing the events, they have been placed in final categories which they have practiced during P.E. class. The Track and Field meet will take place at the Mohawk Sports Complex; more details will be forthcoming next week. Enjoy your weekend.

Grade 8

Only a week of school yet and then we are off to Ottawa! It is definitely a sprint to the finish line now! Don’t forget Track and Field Day is Friday. Plan ahead with extra water, sunscreen and a hat. Also, if students intend to purchase lunch (pizza) and snacks/beverages, please be sure to send enough money along. Also a reminder that students are responsible for finding their own rides home… 

Wishing you all a blessed and refreshing weekend! RT, AL, MJ

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