Volume 24, Number 37, June 16, 2023

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General News

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men,… You are serving the Lord Christ.  Colossians 3:23, 24b

With the grade 8 class out of their regular wing for the week, while they were in Ottawa, we had a quieter week at the school.  It was particularly quiet when grades 4 and 7 were out on field trips on Wednesday.  Grade 7 enjoyed a Niagara outing that went well by all accounts.  The grade four class enjoyed a trip to the Schulenberg farm.

As I am typing out these notes the annual Field Day is taking place.  So far the weather has been cooperating.  The benefit of an overcast day is that no one will come home with a sunburn.  We want to thank the Ladies Auxiliary for their work in catering food for the day.  The cupcakes were presented in spectacular fashion.  Congratulations on the beautiful work, and thank you very much for the delightful treats and lunch!

Tuesday.  K-3 will be going to Marineland and 4-6 will be going to Wet ‘n Wild   If you do not have one you can contact the office or have your child wear a royal blue shirt to match.  This makes it easier for our students to be identified.  There will be no bus service in the afternoon.  We hope to have the students back by 4:00.

I would like to remind parents that we would like to have all of the library books returned to the school so that we can have them all put away and ready for the upcoming school year.  I’m sure we made a dent in it this week but there are still some outstanding books.

The staff will challenge the grade 8 class to a baseball game on Wednesday, June 21 at 12:30.  The rain date is June 22nd.  You are more than welcome to join and watch us for this event.

Our closing assembly will be on June 23rd at 11:15 a.m. in the school gym.  You are cordially invited to that as well.  We hope to have the buses leave at 12:00 in order to usher in the summer vacation. The Lost and Found items will be laid out in the front hallway for your perusal.   What is left over after school is out will head over to West Lincoln Community Care.

On June 26th our grade eight class hopes to graduate.  The graduation ceremony will be held in the Smithville Canadian Reformed Church at 6:30 p.m.   You are all welcome to join in this celebration! JVI


Tuesday – Marineland, Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wednesday – Staff vs. Grade 8 Baseball Game@12:30

Friday – Assembly at 11:15

Saturday – JCCS Golf Tournament

Classroom News


The students were so excited to have Play Day on Friday! Thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary for the hotdogs as well as the ladies who provided us with cupcakes. Thanks to the leaders and the runners for all of their hard work leading us. We have been busy cleaning up all the toys in the classroom. Thanks to Mrs. Huizinga and Mrs. Crystal for all the work you did helping kindergarten wash the toys!

Next week we plan on going to Marineland. Please ensure your child come to school with closed toe shoes, hats if sunny and their JCS shirts or a blue shirt. If your child has not returned their library books, please do this as soon as possible. Thanks also to Miss Vanluik for helping out in the kindergarten classroom while Mrs. Visser was in Ottawa. JB/SV

Grade 1

This past week we could start our newest church history unit on how the Lord uses people from all times and places with our focus being on Guido de Bres and Martin Luther. The students also eagerly have been awaiting play day and have been practicing the events during Phys. Ed.. Next week, we plan on going to Marineland on Tuesday. Please ensure your children come to school with closed toe shoes, hats (if sunny), and their JCS shirts or a blue shirt. We thank the parents that have volunteered to come on this trip! As we wrap up the school year, students will be bringing some of their books home throughout the week to hopefully lessen the load they have to carry on the last day of school. We also ask to bring an extra bag next week Friday for the students’ belongings.

There will be no memory work or spelling words due next week, rather a review of everything we’ve learned. Have a great week! KK/EVG

Grade 2

Another exciting week has flown by! Our countdown activities brought a treat for track and field day, reading with the other Grade 2 class, an extra recess, a day in the dark with flashlights and glow sticks, and a day with educational videos. Did you know that gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for seven years; but also never breaks down in your stomach since it’s main ingredient is rubber? 

We’re thankful to the staff members and Ladies Auxiliary who organized such a fantastic day today! We’ve been practicing these activities and looking forward to it immensely!  In our Science classes this week, we began a research project to study an animal and learn more about its habitat, predators, family life, appearance, and diet. Thank you to Grade 6 for helping us!! Partner work is such a great experience and the students learn a lot from their older peers. We are looking forward to one more week with our students! BV/RG

Grade 3

The children continue to marvel as God shows His great mercy to His unfaithful people by sending judges to remind the people of God’s faithfulness. We continue to enjoy the classic stories as well as stories about the Viking era in our CKLA units. Division and geometry keep us busy in math. In art, we could finish our project with emphasis. Come and check it out in our hallway. At the time of writing, Local Field Day has not yet happened. We are looking forward to this fun event.  Thank you to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for spoiling us again with the many goodies throughout the day. Thank you also to the grade 7 class as they were able to assist teachers, students, and Ladies’ Auxiliary.  Of course, going on our class trip is another highlight.  Remember to use sunscreen lotion and hat if needed, and bring a labeled water bottle along for the day.

Thursday: Mission $

Grade 4

The week ended with a bang by enjoying Field Day on Friday! Grade 4 had a fun field trip to the Schulenberg farm on Wednesday, where we saw farm animals and observed abiotic and biotic factors in habitats. We are looking to Wet ‘n’ Wild on Wednsday and watching the Staff verses students baseball game as well. It is incredible that the school year is already coming to a close. We look forward to our last week of learning in grade 4.

Mrs VA & Ms. K

Grade 5

We are already looking forward to the last week of school! Time has flown this year. We are excited to go on our year-end trip to Wet ‘n’ Wild, watch the teachers play baseball against the grade 8 students, and enjoy our year end assembly before we go home at lunch on Friday. We hope to get some learning done yet in between all the fun things 🙂

Devotions for next week are as follows:

5A – M. Caleb, W. Cooper, Th. Eliza

5B – M. Azlynne, W. Colton, Th. Quinten

Have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday! RK/KV

Grade 6

It was wonderful to see all of the students participating in Field Day on Friday, especially watching the Grade 6 students stepping up and leading their respective groups. As we enter the final week of school, Grade 6 will be busy with final projects, the year end trip on Tuesday, the staff vs. Grade 8 baseball game, and cleaning up the classroom in preparation for next year! It is a busy time of the year, and we pray for the LORD’s strength as we close out the year! Have a great weekend!

Grade 7

At the time of writing, we trust that our Class Trip to Niagara went well. The trip included a bit of history, geography, commaradarie, and whole lot of fresh air. Thank you to the volunteers who came along. We also trust that the class was able to assist the Staff with the Field Day activities. The pressure is on to wrap up our novel study on time and to conclude our Church History unit. In Math we’ll move on to investing, insurance and identity theft. Enjoy your weekend.

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