Volume 25, Number 02, September 15, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We have already completed two weeks of the school year under the LORD’s blessing.  It has been a busy but blessed two weeks.   We are thankful for the work that we could do as staff under his blessing.  We continue to remember Mrs. Elgersma as a school and are thankful for her continued recovery.  We pray for patience and peace during this time for her, her husband, and her children.   

Monday is Picture Day, not to be mistaken with Pyjama Day.   We look forward to seeing some dapper students. Communication about this day will have already come from the office.

This week we will also begin the West Lincoln Community Care Fall Food Drive.(that’s a mouthful:)  We will spend time as classes reflecting on the gifts that God has given us and look at ways that we can share that with those who are less fortunate. This is an excellent opportunity for us to learn about living a life of service to God and our neighbour.

The soccer and cross-country teams are busy practicing for the upcoming events.  The Golden Horseshoe run will happen on October 12th.   In preparation for the run, we will have a run at Southward Park on Saturday, September 23rd at 8:00 a.m.  Bring your child there for the run.  If you would like to join them, bring your running gear along and you can also enjoy the run.

I have an update for the soccer teams as well.  If you would like to watch them play an exhibition game, they will be playing at the Leisureplex against Cairn on Thursday, September 21 from 2:55 – 4:00.   Spectators are welcome

I believe that is all.  Wishing you a blessed week! JVI

This week:

Monday – Picture Day! Soccer practice after school

Tuesday – KB Picture Day, Board Meeting

Thursday – Soccer Exhibition Games @ Leisureplex

Voice Lessons

Greetings, my name is Cossette Gritter. I’m a classically trained vocalist with many years of experience in classical music and choral performance, and I have been teaching voice for over five years. I am pleased to be able to offer voice lessons to students here at John Calvin Christian School.My goal, whether in performing or instructing, is to promote healthy singing techniques and to aim to glorify God through music. Lessons will consist of vocal exercises, working through different songs and touching on aspects of musical theory. Please contact me at cossettegritter@gmail.com with any questions/if you wish to sign up.

Classroom News


Another week complete in kindergarten. We are very thankful to the Lord who blessed the first combined Wednesday. It was smooth day filled with so many new experiences for the students such as art, physical education class, library and iPad time! We continue to spend much of our day practicing the routines and expectations of the kindergarten classroom.  One thing that I have noticed after the first 2 weeks of school is that many of the students struggle with their pencil hold. If you dedicate some time every day at home for your child to practice colouring or writing their name with a proper tripod hold, that would be a great benefit to them at school. Picture day will be happening next week Monday and Tuesday. Originally I had written on the September calendar that KB would come to school on Monday morning but the photographers are willing to come 2 days to accommodate our kindergarten schedule.  Show and Tell/Special Helper will be starting next week. The brown bag that you received on open house is what your child will need for their first show and tell. We eagerly look forward to getting to know each of the students.

Here is the schedule for the week:
Monday – Special Helper: Samarah

Tuesday – Special Helper: Lucas

Wednesday – Library day, combined day

Thursday – Special Helper: Mathias

Friday – Special Helper: Letty 

Have a great weekend everyone. JB

Grade 1

The Grade 1 classes have done well in adjusting to their first 5-day week of school! We’ve reviewed more of the letters that were learned in Kindergarten, and have even tried a Bible test for the first time! In our Social Studies, we learned about safety while riding the bus.  Next week we plan to talk about fire safety. This is often a big topic for the students, and some children find it very frightening.  Please reach out to us if you think your child will have some difficulty. Remember to send along any forms, Kleenex boxes, or headphones if you haven’t done so yet. Thanks! Have a blessed weekend! 

Grade 2

Wow we’ve finished the second week of the school year already! The students have become more comfortable in the classroom and with the daily routines. This week, we had our first Bible quiz and continued with New Testament stories about Jesus. The students enjoyed their first library visit this week! Please remember to bring library bags to school on Tuesdays, to bring books back and forth safely. Have a great weekend! MB & BV

Grade 3

Bonjour!  Au Revoir!  The students had some fun with French this week.  In our Church History unit, we are hearing stories of John Eliot.  Ask your child how the Lord is using him to bring the gospel to the Natives.   We are exploring the ways of the pioneers in our Social Studies unit.  We’re thankful that God uses other people to pave the way for us. Math is all about numbers and patterns.  Ask us about odd and even numbers. Who is Sir Gus?  Perhaps your children can tell you all about his adventures.

That’s it for now. Have a blessed weekend.

Memory Work: Psalm 17:3

Text:  Old Testament Books (two weeks)

Spelling Dictation Words:  want, very, until, said

Mission Money, Memory Work, and Spelling Dictation on Friday.

Grade 4

Classroom rules are becoming routines and work is going smoothly in both grade 4 classrooms. We are already finishing up our first units in some subjects! Grade 4 is in charge of the Fall Food Drive for West Lincoln Community Care this year and has been busy making posters this week. Beautiful posters, students! In art, students are exploring lines by creating a line turtle. We are wrapping up our first unit in Bible next week, and students will be preparing for their first test. We are continuing working on place value and rounding – please ask your children if they need any help at home; the first unit of math can often be overwhelming! In French class, students are having their first oral assessment on the pronunciation of the alphabet (en francais!), and will be tested on numbers 1-20 as well (they will need to recognize what a dictated number is). Great work on your first full week of school, Grade 4! Mrs. VA & Mrs. T

Monday: Picture Day! French oral quiz – l’alphabet (both classes)

Wednesday: French quiz – #1-20 (both classes)

Thursday: Library

Friday: Bible Unit 1 Test (4A); Spelling Test;  Psalm 66:1; Text: Psalm 32:1-2 (next week) 

Spelling Words: late, nails, paint, safe, saying, tkes, wait, were, guns, past, hate, stayed, crayon, holes (*Note: Grade 4A has spelling class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Spelling words for the following week will be in the agenda on Friday). 

Grade 5

We are thankful that the Lord has blessed us with another full week of teaching and learning. We’re moving right along in all subjects. In Bible next week, we will be looking at the birth of Jesus and the events after that. We look forward to seeing the students looking extra nice on Monday for Picture Day. We also look forward to the Fall Food Drive starting next week, where we have an opportunity to share with those who do not have as much as we do. Devotions for next week are as follows:

5A – M. John, Tu. Samuel, W. Alyssa, Th. Kaylin, F. Lincoln

5B – M. Liam G., Tu. Liam H., W. Denver, Th. Jonathan, F. Sawyer 

Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday. RK/KV 

Grade 6

We enjoyed the cooler weather this week. Many of the students have been practicing for the cross country run. In Church History we are learning about the start of the R.C. Church and we had a close look at what was meant when Christ said, “On this rock I will build the church.” Ask the students what this means. We were also wondering why the Black Sea was called black. Do you know? Make sure that the library books come back in a bag to keep them in good shape. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7A

This past week we marvelled at God’s mercy as, instead of justly punishing His wayward children, the LORD shows compassion and mercifully sends a judge in the form of Samuel. Next week we’ll learn about the Isrealites request predicted by Moses hundreds of years before. Who is the real “Father of New France”?. Is it Jacques Cartier or Samuel de Champlain? We’ll decide next week in History. Next week in Math we’ll work with estimation, inverse operation and problem solving. Say “cheese” on Monday! Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7 B

Our first full week is in the books. Today a few of us had fun with #camo day (o.k Mr. J had fun, most of us just humoured him 😉). Next week we have our first round of assessments, particularly a Bible and History quiz. Have a blessed weekend, Mr. J

Grade 8

We are roughly halfway through our first chapter of Math, so count on a Math Quiz on Tuesday. In Bible we are working through the Intertestamentary Period and have just begun our studies of the Maccabean Revolts. There will be a Wordly Wise Ch. 1 quiz Thursday, and our first Literature Test will happen Thursday as well. Students are also working on their first major writing assignment, a personal essay. Students have enjoyed their first opportunity to use the school’s microscopes. We hope to continue exploring the world that has been opened up to us next week. Students who have volunteered to bring in pond water are asked to do so for Monday. Memory work is Psalm 10: 7 and John 1: 1-7 for this week. 

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