Volume 25, Number 06, October 13, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

With Thanksgiving in the rearview mirror and Fall weather gracing us at school we could have a short albeit productive week of school.  I am writing this reflecting on the Mental Health in Reformed panel discussion that was held last night.  Getting together to learn and support each other as Christians is important as the body of Christ.  The evening gave much food for thought and I am sure more resources will come out of the evening.  There are more resources from this event that can be shared.  Please ask me if you would like a list of the recommended books that were shared by the panelists. It was our hope to livestream or record the event, but due to tech problems, this did not happen.

The Golden Horseshoe Cross Country race was completed on Thursday. Our students performed well and could magnify God in this sport as well.   We also enjoyed a friendly soccer game with the grade 8 class.  The staff team was victorious, although some of us felt the pain of this victory the next day. 

This coming week will be our agricultural-themed week.   The year it will be Chicken Week.   Our staff team that organized this did not chicken out but came up with some eggcellent ideas.  The feather in the cap for the events is the egg drop and chicken call competition which will happen on Thursday shortly after lunch recess. You are welcome to attend this fowl event.  Yes, I’ll be making sure there are enough chicken themed jokes a as well!

On Thursday Mrs. Tesfaye hopes to celebrate her birthday.  We congratulate her on this event and pray that God will bless, uphold, and grant her what she needs in the upcoming year.

Our school will smell like soup greens on Thursday.   The grade 8 class hopes to go to the gleaners on Wednesday to dice the vegetables and plan to put them in bags on Thursday.

On Saturday, October 21st the school will be abuzz with Fall Fest.  We look forward to this event.  Please mark your calendars!

May God rejuvenate and refresh us with His Word and Spirit this weekend!


This week:

Wednesday – Grade 8 to Gleaners – Soup Greens

Thursday – Soup Greens 

Egg drop and Chicken call at 1:00

Saturday – Fall Fest

Classroom News


Next week we are eagerly looking forward to Poultry week. We have been working on a number of chicken crafts and the hallway is looking “egg”cellent. One of the highlights next week will be building chicken coops with Grade 5A. In Bible we continue to learn all about Isaac, Esau and Jacob and next week we will be learning about the trick that Jacob and Rebekah play on Isaac. In math we will be completing our unit on patterns and will be starting learning all about shapes, both 2D and 3D shapes. This unit forms the foundation for the illustration unit done in Language Arts. Here’s a look at next week:

Monday – Special Helper: Hannah

Tuesday – Special Helper: Theo

Wednesday – combined day, library

Thursday – Special Helper: Avery

Friday – Special Helper: Pierce 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Grade 1

It was wonderful to see the students on Wednesday morning. They were full of stories and memories to share with their teachers! We have been busy with Science lessons, learning about the difference between living and non-living things. The students enjoyed taking mini-whiteboards outside to search for examples of each. This coming week, we look forward to a school-wide theme week about chickens. We are hoping to see the eggs in the incubator hatch! We are planning to do a chicken themed art project, as well as try out our best chicken or rooster calls!  If any of you are interested in providing us with something chicken or egg related for snacks/food, please contact the teacher. We’d gladly welcome it! It promises to be an egg-citing week! Have a great weekend! 

Grade 2

We hope you all had an enjoyable thanksgiving and a restful long weekend! In Bible we’re still continuing with the ministry of Jesus and we’ve heard stories showing his power over demons, sickness, and sin! This week we wrapped up our Bones and Muscles Science unit with a test and are looking forward to our new unit on Solids and Liquids! We are excited for Chicken Week next week and can’t wait for all the chicken themed activities! Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! MB & BV 

Grade 3

Hello again dear readers!  Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  For the Bible, we are starting a new unit dealing with Abraham and Isaac.  We thank the LORD for making His covenant with him and his offspring.  We continue to enjoy the novel  Sarah, Plain and Tall.  Who is Piet Mondrian?  If you are in the school, check out our artwork in the hallway. Just a reminder to the students to bring their library books in their LIBRARY bags on Wednesday.  Thank you. On Friday, Mrs. Chelsea Bartels made bread and butter with us in the kitchen.  We were also spoiled with a topping of homemade jam! Thank you so much for sharing your time and yummy treats with us.  This connected to our pioneer unit.  

Words:  was, two, too, to, schools

Memory Work:  Psalm 8:4,5

Text:  Genesis 12:1-3 (two weeks)

Memory Work, Spelling Words Dictation, and Mission $ on Friday.

Have a blessed weekend!

Grade 4

We enjoyed a short week of school this week, a highlight being our field trip to Community Care to drop off our food drive bins. It was neat to see how people in our community can benefit from simple donations. This coming week is Poultry Week, and lots of chicken-themed activities will be enjoyed throughout. We are also starting our new social studies unit on Canada, as well as our novel study “Owls in the Family”. Grade 4A and B has a math test on addition with up to 5 addends, including adding $ (pay attention to units and decimals!). As the temperature becomes cooler, please ensure your child has warm outdoor attire. We are finishing up our soccer unit in Phys. Ed, and we hope to do class outside this week. It would be great for students to come in a warm sweater and pants

on Monday and Wednesday to stay warm! Mrs. VA & Mrs. T
Monday: Phys Ed. outside
Tuesday: Bible Test (4A)
Wednesday: Phys Ed. outside; French Quiz (Days of the week; months of the year)
Thursday:Math test (4A+B); Library
Friday: Spelling Test; Hymn 76:3 (4A) Psalm 130:2 (4B); Bring mission money.
Spelling Words: rode, cabin, sail, throat, camp, rope, said, know, boats, blow, alone, float, own, closed

Grade 5

We enjoyed a short week this week, made even shorter in some ways by the cross country run on Thursday. Well done to all who participated! Next week, we look forward to learning about chickens, doing chicken activities, including calling chickens/roosters and doing an egg drop, and perhaps eating some chicken food. If anyone would like to prepare chicken or egg related food/baking for either 5A or 5B, please let us know! Among all the chicken activities, we will still be doing some work. Grade 5A will be having a final quiz for Unit 1 in Bible on Tuesday, and 5B will be having it on Thursday.

Devotions for next week are as follows:

5A – M. John, Tu. Sam, W. Alyssa, Th. Kaylin, F. Lincoln

5B – M. Robby, Tu. Liam G., W. Liam H., Th. Denver, F. Jonathan

Have a blessed weekend! RK/KV

Grade 6

After a short week, we look forward to a full and very busy Poultry Week next week! The committee has put together a lot of great and fun activities for us to participate in, such as an egg drop, rooster calling, and much more. It should be a great week. Congratulations to all those who participated in the cross-country run on Thursday. The LORD blessed the event with some wonderful weather and the participants ran well! Regular classroom activities continue next week as well. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday. TB/CVA

Grade 7A

After learning about forces and efficiency in Science, we will move on to stability and centre of gravity, including forces and failures. In History we will learn about everyday life in New France; specifically,  the seigneurial system, the towns of New France, transportation and Acadia. We’ll bring Chapter Two, “Number Theory”, to a close in Math and move on to fractions and decimals. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

Our short week has blurred right past. This week several assessments were had in Math, History, French and Geography. Next week promises to be an eggciting week with our annual agricultural theme week focusing on all things chicken. On behalf of the Gr. 7 staff, have a blessed weekend! Mr.J

Grade 8

Next week is a busy one. We look forward to seeing parents on Wednesday and Thursday for our veggie chop fundraiser. In most of our classes we are starting new units. In Bible, we have begun the Ministry of Christ part 1. In Geography, we are starting a unit on natural processes in settled areas. Count on a History Test next Tuesday. 

Chaperone Request forms for our Ottawa Trip have been sent out. Please make sure that they are completed and returned to Mrs. Tesfaye by the end of the month.  Have a great weekend, RT AL

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