Volume 25, Number 09, November 10, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

Our theme for book month is around camping.  It’s intense! 🙂We have had great opportunities for students across grades to read together and make broader connections.  Reading is so important to what we do. This week we plan a few more activities around our Reading Camping Event.  At Camp-Read-a-Lot we will have a DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) on Monday.  The main event will be on Wednesday where we will have a dress-up book character day!  We’ll wait and see how that looks but I’m sure it will add s’more excitement for reading!

We continue to practice for the Christmas Concert, so if you hear any humming or singing of new tunes it is due to our practices for the concert.

We have several birthdays coming up.  Miss Kingma will celebrate her birthday on Sunday.  We wish her blessings on her birthday and strength for the upcoming year.   Miss VanderLaan will celebrate her birthday on Thursday.   I’m sure her class will ensure that she has a memorable birthday.   We wish her continued blessings as well!

This coming Friday will be a PD day. Staff will be implementing new material from the Teachers Convention and will continue to build Science units.   

I believe that is all that I have for this week.


Sunday – Miss Kingma’s Birthday!

Tuesday – Volleyball Practice

Wednesday – Book Character Day, Grade 8 Skating

Thursday – Miss VanderLaan’s Birthday!  Volleyball Practice,  

Friday – PD Day

Classroom News


We, as the kindergarten class, absolutely loved Teddy Bear DEAR, this week! Bringing our favourite stuffies and teddy bears to school brought so much excitement and joy. Thanks so much to the organizers of “I Love to Read” month for planning this special day. Next week Wednesday we look forward to book character day where we will come to school dressed as a book character. In Bible class this week we started learning all about the life of Joseph. We learned how the Lord revealed to Joseph in a dream that one day Joseph would become an important man but we are also learning how, sometimes, the promises of the Lord are not fulfilled immediately but rather may take many years to be fulfilled. In math class we started to learn 3D shapes and are learning how to make them using toothpicks and playdoh. Here is look at next week:

Monday – SH: Ariana 

Tuesday – SH: Lucas

Wednesday: library, Book Character Day, combined

Thursday – SH: Quintan

Friday – SH: Letty

Have a great weekend everyone. 

Grade 1

Hello readers. We are enjoying the stories about Maria in Church History. The stories are teaching moments about why we go to church, and who belongs to the church. We are learning about Jesus Christ as our Shepherd and we are His sheep. We are truly blessed to belong to our Saviour. We are working on addition and subtraction in math using fact families. Learning about plants and their parts kept us busy in science. We planted some seeds and taped them on the window on the sunny side of our school. We look forward to seeing the seeds sprout. We have begun reading stories from our CKLA binder and the children are super excited about it. Our first unit is called Snap Shots. Ask us all about it. In the meantime, we had a library scavenger hunt with the help of grade 5A and grade 6B and did some buddy reading. And, reading to our teddy bear was super cool as well. 

Grade 2

In Bible study this week we learned about Jesus’ transfiguration and how he began to prepare his disciples for his death.  In Math we were reintroduced to the concept of measurement.  As simple as measuring may seem, it takes a bit of practice using our rulers with accuracy. . In Language Arts, we look forward to  starting a new unit called “Kids Excel”. In this unit we will be learning about the different ways that all children can grow in their talents and skills to also serve their Lord. The weather seems to be consistently colder these days, please remember to send along warmer outdoor clothes. Have a wonderful weekend!  BV & MB

Grade 3

Looking ahead to next week, we will be hearing more about the church as the body of Christ and how every member is important within the communion of saints. That fits nicely with the opportunity we will get this week with parent-teacher conferences to discuss the progress of each student, as well as goals for the future. How beautiful that we may work together to educate the youth in this Christian school.

Library books in book bag: Wed. (3A), Thurs. (3B)

Spelling words: 3A Review: city, community, countries, exciting, getting, pretty, prettier, prettiest, laughed, schools, to, too, two / 3B Syllables: community, celebration, laughing, elephant

Memory Work:  Psalm 39: 1; Genesis 15: 5, 6

Grade 4

We had a great, full week here at school this week. We spent time completing a number of Remembrance Day activities in writing and in art to reflect on the beautiful gift of freedom that we have. We also enjoyed some skating on Wednesday.  This coming week we have Book Character Dress-up Day in celebration of Reading Month. Students can come to school as their favourite character, and taking the book along is encouraged!  We continue our Owls in the Family unit in reading, and our Canada unit in Social Studies. Lots of fun! We are continuing in volleyball in Phys. Ed., and will be starting a Financial Literacy unit in Math. We are also looking forward to starting our first Church History unit this coming week. 

Since we have been learning many Christmas program songs, students won’t have a memory text assigned for memory work. 

Mrs. VA & Mrs. T


Tuesday: Reading Quiz Chapters 1-6 (comprehension) (4B)

Wednesday: Book Character Day; Mapping Quiz #2 (4B)

Thursday: Library; Spelling Test; Psalm 56:1

Friday: NO SCHOOL 
Spelling Words: piece, yard, friend, leave, believe, they, rest, teach, please, sleeping, chief, meet, creek, dream

Grade 5

We are enjoying having our student teachers as they develop their talents in our classrooms! The students have been busy constructing the Roman building projects. Be sure to check out their work during parent-teacher interviews, or in the next issue of the News and Views! 5B is planning to write a Bible test on Tuesday. 5A can expect a quiz soon; the date is yet undetermined.

Devotions for the week are as follows: 5A – John (M), Sam (Tu), Alyssa (W), Kaylin (Th). 5B – Meghan (M), Robby (Tu), Liam G. (W), Liam H. (Th).

Have a great week! RK/KVL  

Grade 6

The students had a great time skating this past week. Thanks to the parents who came out to help. For this month of reading, the students are challenged to read a variety of genres. They are reminded to dress up as a book character this Wednesday. Today the progress reports go home. We look forward to discussing the progress of your child in the coming week. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7A

This past week Thurs. we toured Turkstra Lumber as part of our Science unit, Structural Strength and Stability. We saw how trusses are made and how they spread forces and loads. We will begin our bridge construction next week. As we wrap up our study of the Seven Year’s War in History, we will get ready for our New France project. Students will have the option of choosing one of six projects; everything from acting to constructing. Students will act out parts of the story, “Home on the Range” next week, pretending to be two brothers helping their family by making a mess in the kitchen. Luther’s struggle to be righteous before God will be the topic next week in Church History. Enjoy your weekend.   

Grade 7B

Today the progress reports will head home. For many the transition into grade 7 can sometimes be a real struggle. Take the time to review the report with your child and we look forward to sitting down with the parents next week to review the first few months of the school year. Have a blessed weekend!

Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8

This will be a busy week with PT conferences and finishing up assignments and chapters. This will also be Mr. Kampen’s last week of student teaching. We thank him for his time and dedication during his placement here. Have a great weekend, and a great short week next week! RT, BK, AL

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