Volume 25, Number 12, December 1, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We are heading into the last few weeks before the Christmas Break.  With this the school is abuzz with Christmas concert practices.   Please keep your calendar free for a matinee concert on December 20 @ 1:00 p.m.  We also will have an evening performance at 7:30 on Thursday, December 21st.   It will be a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of our Saviour through music.

On Thursday Mrs. Taylor Ludwig had her last day here.  We appreciated all the work that she did as an EA.  She has contributed a lot to the resource department. May the Lord bless the Ludwig family as they await the new addition to the family!  May God continue to bless you, Mrs. Ludwig.

While you are reading this Chronicle the Volleyball Teams will be competing in the Volleyball tournament.  Staff had some enjoyable games against these teams this past week and we were impressed with how much their talents have grown over the last number of weeks!  Good work, teams!

We will be celebrating some birthdays this coming week.  Mrs. A. Ludwig will be celebrating her birthday on Sunday, December 3rd.  We wish her the Lord’s blessings in the upcoming year and may he continue to bless her in her work here.  She happens to share the same great day for a birthday as yours truly.  On Dec 6, one day after Sinterklaas Miss Broersma will celebrate her birthday.  It happens to be on a Wednesday which means she will celebrate it with all of the K students present.  Wishing you God’s blessings in the upcoming year, Miss Broersma.

At the membership meeting, we could say farewell to two board members.  Mr. Nick Vandenoever will retire as chair.  We thank him for his work and dedication.  Mrs. Grace Vandervelde will also retire from the board.  We also thank her for her work and dedication.   

I’m sure you will see some changes with our logos over the next months as we introduce the John Calvin Christian School logo. It looks clean and fresh and is a nice nod to the logo of the past while maintaining the rich meaning of what we do here at JCCS.

May God richly bless you in the upcoming week!  


Sunday – Mrs. A. Ludwig and Mr. Van Iperen’s birthdays!

Monday – Ed Comm Meeting

Tuesday – HR Meeting

Wednesday – 12 & 3 Skating, Miss Broersma’s Birthday!

Classroom News


It was such an exciting week in kindergarten. It was the last week of I Love to Read Month and it was, in my opinion, the best week. We had PJ Day, buddy reading and read in a fort with flashlights! Check out the Google Classroom for some pictures of our week! In math we have begun to learn how to identify and make numbers 0-10. We had such a fun time with this as well as we made the numbers first with marshmallows and then practiced making the numbers with dry-erase markers. The students learned these numbers so quickly. In Bible we finished our stories all about Joseph and next week we will be starting to learn all about the events surrounding the birth of Jesus as well as His birth. Here’s a look at next week: Monday – SH: Logan Br;Tuesday – SH: Leo; Wednesday – Library Day; Thursday – SH: Serayah; Friday – SH: Rosa. Have a blessed weekend. JB

Grade 1

Another busy week has gone by in Grade 1. We’ve been busy with much learning, and many fun activities also. In math class, we learned about clocks and telling time. In Science, we learned about the amazing way that God created our bodies in giving us 5 senses that allow us to experience the world around us and also warn us of danger. In Bible class, we heard about God raising up Moses and sending him to His people in Egypt. Learning about the 10 plagues was particularly awe-inspiring! We also enjoyed buddy reading with Grade 4, pyjama day, and skating. Thank you to all the parents who came out and joined us, tying skates and/or getting on the ice with students. Grade 7 also helped us, which was a great experience for both grades!  More sight words have been added to the students’ word rings. Please practice these at home, but also remember to send them back and forth so we can add the new words as we learn them. That’s all for this week! Enjoy your weekend!

Grade 2

How is it already December? Next Wednesday, December 6th, we are scheduled to go skating from 12:15-1:15. We would love to have lots of volunteers to help tie skates. Please make sure your child takes along their skates and a helmet!  In Bible class we have switched over to working on our first Church History unit which is about the Worship Service. We have been learning about the order of the worship service and discussing things like the votum, the salutation, and the benediction. With the wet weather off and on we would appreciate extra socks / clothes in your child’s backpack. Thanks! Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! BV&MB

Grade 3

We thank the Lord for another week in His service.   On Wednesday, we got comfortable in our Pajamas and did some buddy reading with grade 6B.   On Thursday, Rev. Bouwman came in to talk to us about his task as minister.  We thank him for his presentation and wish him the Lord’s continued blessings.  In our Science classes, we continue to explore forces and movement.  Ask us about friction, gravity, and magnetism.   That’s it for now. Have a blessed weekend.

Hymn 20:1,4

Christmas Program song   Psalm 34:1,3,4

Spelling Words:  they’re, their, there, recycle

Grade 4

We warmly welcome December, and all the festivities it brings! Christmas program practice is in full swing, and both classes will be focusing on memorizing the words of these songs this week in lieu of memory work. We have begun a fun unit on Geometry in math, and a unit on King Solomon in Bible class. We continue to plug along in our unit on Canada, with Grade 4B finishing up presentations on different provinces. Beautiful work! We are also finishing our fun and adventure-filled novel study on Owls in the Family. Hopefully no pet owls will be entering your home any time soon! Lastly, just a friendly reminder to dress for the chillier weather! Mrs. VA & Mrs. T

Monday: Grade 4A field trip – Gleaners
Wednesday: French scripts due (4A & 4B)
Thursday: Library
Friday: Spelling Test; Canada Test L1-5 (4A)
Spelling Words (Unit 13): hunting, learned, heard, climbing, dreamed, reading, stuffed, watching, passed, thinking, watched, talking, started, falling

Grade 5

December is here already! We enjoyed Reading Month in November, and this week we enjoyed buddy reading in PJs with blankets and flashlights to finish off the month! Grade 5B will be having a Bible test for the end of Unit 2 on Thursday. In Science, we are learning about nutrition and what the 6 different nutrients are that our body needs. God has made our bodies very complex, and we stand in awe of His creative work! 

Devotions for next week are as follows: 

5A – M. Dylan, Tu. Allison, W. Luke, Th. Isaiah, F. John

5B – M. Mark, Tu. Emma, W. Evan, Th. Corban, F. Micah

Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KV 

Grade 6

Another busy week has been completed in Grade 6. We had an excellent trip to the Canadian Heritage Warplane Museum on Thursday to wrap up our Flight unit. Students were able to review a lot of the concepts we learned during our Science unit as well as get an up close view of a lot of really interesting warplanes. As we move into the last number of weeks before Christmas break, we will be wrapping up a number of different projects and units. Our Bird Research Project will be our main focus, as well as our novel study and Bible History unit. Enjoy your weekend!

Grade 7A

This week the class will test the structural efficiency of their stir stick bridges using flat or hanging weights. They will also learn about climate graphs and as well as climate factors. In Math we will discover the connection between patterns and functions as we continue with expressions and equations. Next week Luther will appear before the Diet of Worms; will he recant or stand firm in the “solas”? Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

Greetings from 7B! We have just wrapped up a busy week of learning and head into the weekend looking for some much-needed rest from our daily work. In History Mr. Vanderwoude led us through the Seven Years War and we now look forward to starting a new group project next week. In Language Arts we began a new unit on Public Speaking and spent some time ‘introducing’ one of our peers to the classroom. On Wednesday we were given an opportunity to help our Gr. 1s go skating, afterwards we enjoyed our own time on the ice as well. Next week will be a Geography test. Have a blessed weekend! Mr. J

Grade 8

We are starting a new unit in Science on Body Systems. In math, we have resumed our regular scheduling and are working on multiples and factoring and fractions with regular numbers and algebraic expressions. We have already started on our next writing assignment, a persuasive research essay (5 paragraph structure) on the necessity for recess. After this, we will be starting our preparation for the Speech and Poetry contest. Count on a Bible test on the beginning of Christ’s life and early ministry on Tuesday (postponed from this past Thursday). Students are presenting History projects starting on Tuesday. Have a great weekend, RT, AL and RV.

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