Volume 25, Number 13, December 8, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We are working through our second week of December already and approaching the Christmas break.  We are working faithfully at school and hope that our work continues to magnify him!

On Monday we welcome Jonathon Van Maren who will make a presentation on the digital age, social media, and pornography.  All parents are strongly encouraged to attend.  You will have received an email with the details of the invite.  The event will take place in the JCCS gym at 7:30 p.m.

Students will be treated to a Pizza Day on Wednesday.  We thank our Ladies Auxiliary members for providing the delectable delight.  I know our students will enjoy this special treat.

We give thanks with Seraya Schutten for the progress that she has made so far post-surgery.  She is recovering faster than expected.  May God continue to bless this.   If you would like to catch up on her progress you can see it on this blog.

May God richly bless you in the upcoming week!



Monday -Van Maren Presentation @7:30

Wednesday – Pizza Day

JCCS School Concerts – “O Magnify the Lord”   

December 20 @ 1:00 p.m.

December 21 at 7:30 p.m.

Classroom News


This past week we celebrated my birthday! Thank you so much for all of the hugs, the cards and the presents! I was so spoiled! Thank you so much everyone! This week we started learning all about the stories surrounding the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We also continue to learn all about numbers 0-10. KB had so much fun using M&Ms to count to 10. KA can look forward to doing that next week. Here is a look at next week: Monday – SH: Andrew; Tuesday – SH: Theo; Wednesday – Library Day; Thursday – SH: Hannah; Friday – SH: Pierce. Have a good weekend. JB

Grade 1

Grade one had another busy week. The children concluded their unit about the Israelites in Egypt with a test. We have begun learning about the Israelites as they journey to the promised land.  We’ve finished our clock reading unit in math and now move on to our financial literacy unit. Our first reader is finished in reading class. We are turning to our next reader called “Gran”. Continue to practise reading the tricky words together every day. In art we have enjoyed making a snowman painting. Ask us about it. Next Wednesday we hope to wear festive colours (red, white, green, gold, silver)  as well as enjoy a pizza lunch provided by the Ladies’ Auxiliary. And wow, the children are learning the songs for the upcoming Christmas concert with relative ease. We have a lot to look forward to in the coming two weeks.

Grade 2

We’ve had a fun – yet soggy week at school this past week. Thanks so much to everyone who came out on Wednesday to lend a hand tying skates! The students loved the time spent skating. We have started our Social Studies unit on Nunavut. So far, the students have really enjoyed looking at maps of Ontario and of Canada. In Bible/Church History studies we continue learning about the worship service and the sacraments this week. Your child will have received a paper to take to church with them to mark steps that they see happen in their churches on Sunday. Next week we’re looking forward to a pizza lunch provided by the ladies Auxiliary. To add to the excitement, we plan to have a school Festive colours dress up day on Wednesday as well. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! BV/MB

Grade 3

This upcoming week, we will hear Bible stories about God’s faithful promises to Jacob. The Lord upholds His covenant and, through Jacob, begins to fulfill the promise that a great nation will be born of Abraham’s line: “a Saviour, who is Christ, our Lord.” Students are working hard to learn the Christmas concert songs, where we hope to share with you and celebrate our Saviour’s birth. What a wonderful time of year! JB/ KO

Spelling Words:  went, when, anyone, are

Memory Work:  Psalm 72: 1; Text (Dec.22): Genesis 49: 10

Grade 4

Another wonderful week has gone by, and it’s difficult to believe we only have two more weeks of school until the holidays! As we look ahead to time off, there are still lots of fun activities happening at school. Both classes are continuing in our math unit in Geometry, as well as our Bible unit on King Solomon. We are working on book covers for our final projects for Owls in the Family. It’s neat to see Grade 4’s creativity. Our large social studies unit will also take us to the end of this calendar year, and we have enjoyed learning all sorts of things about our beautiful country. French presentations will be happening on Wednesday – if your children would like to bring any accessories to help them get into the role of “news anchor”, please bring them along! Once again, our concert pieces will be our memory work for this coming week so we can iron out any last-minute kinks! Have a great weekend, Mrs. VA & Mrs. T

Monday: Field Trip to Seminary, Shalom & Anchor (4A/B)
Tuesday: Book Covers due (4A)

Wednesday: Festive Colours Day; Pizza Day; French Presentations
Thursday: Library
Friday: Spelling Test; Bible Test, Mission $
Spelling Words (Unit 14): chased, moving, scored, laughing, dressed, taking, laughed, coming, used, racing, missed, making, pushed, until 

Grade 5

This past week we continued to learn about the work of Jesus as He taught and healed the people. He showed His power over the waves, the demons, and even over death itself! In Science, we will continue to learn all about the nutrients found in foods and the benefits they provide. Phys. Ed. class has been very fun as the students are learning volleyball skills through a variety of games and drills.   

Devotions for the week are as follows: 5A – Samuel (M), Alyssa (Tu), Kaylin (W), Lincoln (Th), Joey (F). And for 5B – Meghan (M), Robby (Tu), Liam G. (W), Liam H (Th),  Denver (F). Enjoy your weekend! RK?KVL

Grade 6

Only 2 weeks to go before Christmas Break! Where has the time gone? Over the next couple of weeks, we will be completing a number of different units/projects. Our Bird Research Project continues to be at the top of the list, with the students working diligently on writing paragraphs about their various birds. We are nearing the end of Chapter 3 in Math, which means that there will be a test coming up in the near future. Our novel study on “Number the Stars” will be wrapping up in the coming weeks as well. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7A

We’re bringing our Science unit to an end with the culminating activity of designing/constructing stir stick bridges and determining their structural efficiency. Our next unit will be, “Thermal energy and heat technology”. We’ve moved on to public speaking in L.A. and agree with Mark Twain, “There are two types of speakers: those that are nervous and those that are liars”. We’ve brought expressions and equations to a close in Math and we’ll move on to plane geometry next. For the History: New France project, of the six options the class decided on two; “New France Monopoly game” or “Seigneurial System model”. Be sure to ask your child which option they chose. Enjoy your weekend

Grade 7B

In geography this week we studied the patterns of vegetation around the world. In History we formally began our New France project and students are busy preparing their various models for display and presentation. In P.E. we started with cooperative games which are always a hit. As expected, the concert is taking centre stage and practices have taken on a sense of urgency. Have a blessed weekend! Cheers, Mr. J

Grade 8

Students can count on a geography test on chapter 4 later next week. We have started a new unit in Church History on the Reformation in England and hope to have a short quiz before Christmas yet. We will be retaking a quiz on factoring of algebraic expressions on Wednesday. In writing, we are working on the second 5 paragraph essays and it will be due on Friday by the end of the day. We are a little over halfway through Tom Sawyer. Have a great weekend, RT, RV and AL

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