Volume 25, Number 14, December 15, 2023

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

We are heading to the last week of school before the Christmas Break.  The school has been abuzz with concert practices and we are excited to be sharing this music with you.   There will be two concerts: a matinee on Wednesday at 1:00 and a concert on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.  

Here are a few notes for the Thursday concert.  Remember that the school doors do not open until 7:10 to allow children in. Please be respectful of this time. Children are to be dropped off at the school and report to their class in order to get prepared for the concert.  Students are asked to wear dress clothes as specified in the dress code.  After the concert, the students will return to the classroom where their parents will be required to pick them up. We ask grade 7/8 parents to help with bringing the risers back to the school after the concert.  

We celebrate with Mr. Breukelman his birthday on Monday.  May God continue to bless you in your various tasks and roles, Mr. Breukelman.  I’m sure your students will help you celebrate your birthday!

On Friday we hope to have a Christmas Assembly at 11:20. You are all welcome to join us for this final assembly of 2023.

I believe that is all for this week.  May God richly bless us in this final week!


Week at a Glance

Monday – Mr. Breukelman’s Birthday

Tuesday – Board Meeting

Wednesday – Matinee Concert 1:00

Thursday – 7:30 Evening Concert

Friday – 11:20 Assembly – Early Dismissal

Classroom News


The students have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about the events leading up to the birth of Jesus. Many of the students were amazed that Jesus was born in a barn and was placed in a manger. We have been very busy practicing our Christmas concert song selections and have mastered them all. We can’t wait for everyone to hear us sing praises to our Lord and Saviour. Please note that the schedule will be different for next week. Here is a look at next week’s schedule:

Monday – KA only

Tuesday – KA & KB

Wednesday – KA & KB
Thursday – NO SCHOOL for kindergarten only!

Friday – Half day 

Have a great weekend. JB

Grade 1

Grade 1 has had an eventful week with a festive dress up day, a delicious pizza lunch, and a few small concert practices. We’ve also been working diligently in our learning development. We began a new unit in our Language Arts program, adding 5 new words to our tricky word rings. Please continue to practice these words with your child. This is also a task the students can easily complete with an older sibling.  

In Bible, we learned about the Ten Commandments and the building of the tabernacle. 

In Science, we are wrapping up our unit on Living Things and look forward to completing a test early next week. 

We are excited to present the Christmas program next week. Our class LOVES to sing and it shows! May God’s name be magnified as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour! 

Grade 2

We are working through the beginning of our Social Studies unit on Nunavut! So far, the students have really enjoyed learning about, and looking at maps of Ontario and Canada, and learning more about our earth, and the globe. We also have come to the end of the unit about our worship service in Bible studies. Next week in Grade 2 we’re looking forward to a fun Gingerbread themed week in Language. On Wednesday afternoon we will be busy with singing at our matinee concert, and Thursday at 7:30 the evening concert.  Looking forward to seeing you all there. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! BV/MB

Grade 3

We continue to enjoy singing our Christmas Program songs.  Looking forward to the concerts next week.   On Monday, grade 3A, welcomed Mrs. J. Feenstra into our classroom.  We thank her for reading to us a beautiful book and for her time spent with us.  We also had some scones and fresh berry jam with whipped cream. Thank you, Mrs. Schulenberg!  What a beautiful way to experience the communion of saints. On Wednesday, we were treated to pizza and festive dress up day!!  Thank you to the ladies aux. for your generosity! Grade 3B has a Bible test on Thursday. 

Spelling Words:  can’t, don’t, won’t, wouldn’t

Memory Work:  Hymn 21:1-6 and Psalm 132:6,10 and Hymn 15:2

Grade 4

It’s hard to believe that we only have one week left of school in 2023! This week has been busy with concert practice, our final field trip of 2023, and wrapping up projects. Students, teachers, and volunteers had a fantastic trip on Monday, where they had the opportunity to interact with different members of the household of faith. Grade 4A is wrapping up their Canada brochures on their specific provinces and will be presenting them next week. Both French classes have done an excellent job presenting their news report, it was great to see the fruit of their labour shown! Most of our units are wrapping up in the coming days, and we are enjoying some different festive activities in the classroom. It’s just one big party in Grade 4 😉

Have a great weekend, 

Mrs. VA & Mrs. T


Tuesday: Math Quiz (4B); Canada Pamphlet due (4A)

Wednesday: Math Quiz (4A); Matinee Concert @ 1 pm

Thursday: Library; Mission $

Friday: Half Day!! Merry Christmas 🙂

No spelling words this week!

Grade 5

We enjoyed having Festive Dress Up Day this past week, and the pizza lunch was delicious! Thank you very much to the Ladies’ Auxiliary for that! After a lot of hard work over the last few months, we are excited to be able to perform our Christmas concert twice next week! We pray that God may be glorified through them. Both classes are wrapping up our Science unit about nutrition, and we hope to have a test later on in the week. Grade 5B will also be having a mid-unit 3 Bible test on Thursday.

Devotions for next week are as follows:

5A – M. Nadia, Tu. Logan, W. Seth, Th. Ashley 

5B – M. Jonathan, Tu. Sawyer, W. Oden, Th. Jaelyn 

Have a wonderful weekend! RK/KV 

Grade 6

With only one more week to go before Christmas break, we have a lot of stuff to cross off our list in Grade 6. A number of units will be coming to an end next week. Our novel study of “Number the Stars” will be wrapping up. By the end of next week, you should be able to see all of our Bird Research Projects hanging on the walls outside of our classrooms. In Math, we are coming to the end of Chapter 3. The big event on the agenda next week is the Christmas concert! We look forward to the matinee performance at 1:00 PM on Wednesday and the evening concert on Thursday at 7:30 PM. A reminder that students will not be allowed in the school on Thursday evening until 7:10 PM. Have a great weekend!

Grade 7A

As we head into the final week before a well-deserved break, we’ll continue working our way through the “plane geometry” unit in Math. We’ll also wrap up the Reformation in Germany before moving back to Bible History and the reign of King David. The students have enjoyed the low order co-operative games in Phys. Ed. These games are fast paced with maximum student involvement and few rules. Using a motif as a tessella, students have tiled the plane and created a creative, interesting pattern in Art. After learning about climate graphs, we’ll work our way through climate factors in Geography. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

Christmas concert. History project. Geography assignment. Public Speaking. It was a busy week in Gr. 7B and yes, the break is now only a week away and you can definitely feel it when you walk through the school. Don’t forget about the Bible test next week! As we wrapped up our work on several fronts, we now turned our attention to the concert and putting the finishing touches on it. May our Lord receive all the praise! Have a blessed weekend, next week is sure to be a doozy.

Cheers, Mr.J

Grade 8

Wishing everyone a great weekend! We only have one week left before our Christmas break. Count on a Science quiz on Wednesday and a Ch. History Quiz on Thursday. RT, AL, RV

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