Volume 26 Number 16, January 19, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

January 26th will mark the end of term one of the 2023/2024 school year at JCCS.   This means that the staff are busy during these weeks preparing for the term one report cards.  We hope to be sharing with you the progress that your children have made over the past term. Reports will be going home on February 9th.

The grade 8 class will get a gentle reminder that they are nudging their way into high school territory.  Mr. Tomlin will be coming to the grade 8 class on Monday to discuss the details of the transition to Guido.  This will include how they will chart their course going to Guido. This will be the first cohort of students only having the “Guido 2.0” experience.

Our first Early Years Morning for 2024 will be on Friday, January 26th.  We welcome parents with children who are preschool-age to pop in for a morning of fun in the gym.  The event starts at 9:30.

I believe that is all for the week.  May God bless the education that happens here at JCCS!


Monday – Mr. Tomlin visits Gr. 8

Tuesday – Board Meeting

Friday – Early Years Morning 

Classroom News


We have almost completed Unit 4 of the Core Knowledge Language Arts program and I am very excited to start Unit 5 as the students will be reading their first book with me! It would benefit the students greatly if you, as parents, could review the letter sounds that have been taught thus far. The more review the students have, the more set up they will be to read! In math we have completed learning about numbers 0-10 and next week we will be starting to learn about the teen numbers. In Bible we will be continuing to learn about the 10 plagues that God sent to the Pharaoh and the Egyptians to demonstrate that He alone is God. Here is a look at next week: Monday – SH: Elias; Tuesday – SH: Weston; Wednesday – Library; Thursday – SH: Ariana; Friday – SH: Lucas. Have a great weekend. JB

Grade 1

The children were super excited to receive their own Book of Praise this past week. They are having a lot of fun finding the Psalms and Hymns they have learned so far. Our Bible unit was finished with a test. We will begin to learn about some of the judges in Israel. The children are reading about Gran in our CKLA unit and from time to time they will take home a reading activity. Have fun listening to your child read to you; they just love to show you how much they are able to read already. Continue to practise reading the tricky words on a daily basis. In math, we are learning about place value. The children are adding and subtracting with bigger numbers. Keep up the good work, boys and girls. Ask your child about their hot dog and cool cat. Yes, art is a lot of fun!

Grade 2

We had a fun… yet cold week at school this week! This is just a little reminder to double check that your child has all their snow gear with them so they can stay warm and be bundled up at recess time. This week we continued learning about Nunavut in Social Studies. We talked about the Inuit people and what things were like for them living in the Arctic in the past and compared it to what it’s like today. The students also enjoyed learning about all the animals that live in the Arctic too. Please remember that Tuesday is library day. We have a few students who keep forgetting to bring books back and we would love for them to pick out new books each week too. Have a great weekend! MB & BV

Grade 3

Hello readers. Here we are again, at the end of a chilly week of fun and learning. Next week both classes will see how division is related to multiplication. We will be learning some strategies to help us with this new operation. There will be a Bible test coming up for Grade 3B so be sure to keep an eye on the agenda for that date, as well as the review that will be sent home.

Memory Work: Psalm 139: 13

Check the agenda for spelling words!

Grade 4

This week was a much brighter week at school and students’ energy levels have seemed to reflect that. We have reviewed routines and are settled into the expectations of school. The students enjoyed playing outside this week in the snow, sliding on the ice, and even tobogganing down the hill! We are continuing learning about the Kings of Israel and observing the themes that again and again they do not walk in the ways of the Lord. Students are enjoying the strong discovery theme in our Science unit on Light – be sure to ask them what experiments they have done recently! In French class, we are learning about grammar with pronouns and ownership, and beginning to use verb conjugations. Both classes will be having one French quiz a week to keep on top of all of the information being covered – regular review of these words is the best way to perform well on these assessments! In Grade 4A Math, Mrs. Stel is teaching the students Geometry, while Mrs. Baartman is teaching Multiplication and Division Facts. We are almost finished with a math drill booklet on the multiples of 2 and will be starting multiples of 3. We have also started reading From Anna in Novel Study; this is a long novel and sometimes the students will be assigned reading for homework. Have a great weekend, Mrs. VanAm/Mrs. Baartman/Mrs. Stel 

Spelling Words: calf, pups, squirrel, dinosaur, colt, beaver, shark, visit, chipmunk, trout, quick, chicken, sheep, mare

Tuesday: Reading Vocab Quiz Lesson 1-3 (4A)

Wednesday:  French Quiz: Clothing Vocab #21-34; personal pronouns (Je, tu, il/elle, nous, vous, ils/elles); Science Quiz (4B) – Light; Music Note Quiz & Note Value Quiz (4A)

Thursday: Library Books, Grade 4A Bible review

Friday: Spelling Test, Mission $, Memory Work (Psalm 3:2; John 1:1-4 4A), Grade 4A Bible Test

4A Devotions SS (Mon), JS (Tues), OR (Wed) MR (Thurs), ER (Fri)

4B Devotions: Waverly (Tues), Adele (Wed), Aiden (Thurs) Eli (Fri)

Grade 5

In our Bible lessons, we are learning about the parables Jesus taught his disciples and how they also apply to our lives. We will have a mid-unit test on Thursday. The students are sharpening their basketball skills in Phys. Ed. Please check that your child has their Phys. Ed. clothes on Tuesday and Thursday. Next week, we will begin our novel study, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.” This is always a student (and teacher) favourite! 

Devotions for the week are as follows: 5A – Alyssa (M), Kaylin (Tu), Lincoln (W), Joey (Th), Nadia (F). 5B – Meghan (M), Robby (Tu), Liam G (W), Liam H (Th), Denver (F). Enjoy your weekend! RK/KVL  

Grade 6

Starting next week, the students will be given a disease to research during school hours. We continue to be amazed at our Creator who has created our bodies to fight off the many pathogens around us. He has also given men and women the ability to discover ways of using His creation to make medicines. The students were given a challenge to find out how many bacteria is in our bodies after 8 hours with 1 bacterium divides in half every 20 minutes. Maybe you can try to figure it out. Have a blessed weekend, TB/CVA

Grade 7A

Our unit in Math exploring plane geometry is wrapping up. We’ll end the study by applying what we’ve learned to determine the area of irregular shapes. While David was a man after God’s own heart he did however fall into sin. We’ll learn about Bathsheba, Uriah and David. We’ll also learn about the LORD’s forgiveness and also living with the consequences of sin. The class has been progressing through their speeches and poems; please ask your child to share their poem with you or have them recite their memorized poem to you, complete with gestures and appropriate voice. In Science we’ll explore the thermal effects on matter; expansion, contraction, as well as specific heat capacity. Enjoy your weekend.   

Grade 7B

What is a loyalist? Why did they come here? Where did they end up? Why do some forests grow where they do? How does rainfall, soil health, and temperature influence where they grow? How do I ‘hook’ an audience into my speech? What tone does my poem need to properly capture its meaning and theme? These are a few of the questions Gr. 7B tackled this past week. Next week we look forward to the in-class speech and poetry competition. As practices for that day ramp up, take some time and inquire about your own son or daughter’s speech or poem! Have a blessed weekend! On behalf of the 7B teachers, Mr. J

Grade 8

We are full speed ahead with speeches and poetry memorization now. We look forward to seeing the fruits of all this time and dedication on Jan. 26th in the classroom. We would still love to have a few more judges on all three dates (helpful when we don’t have to grade the same speeches that we have been providing full support on). Thank you to those who have volunteered.  Keep your eyes open for emails regarding the planning of a grade 8 graduation celebration. We are starting a new unit in Science (Fantastic Fluids) and in Bible (Ministry of Christ part 2). 

Have a great weekend, RT, AL and RW

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