Volume 26 Number 19, February 2, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

It has been a busy week at JCCS.  We were notified over the weekend that Mrs. Tigchelaar and her husband welcomed a baby girl to the family on January 27th. They have named their daughter Claire Ingrid. We look forward to when Mrs. Tigchelaar can stop by the school and we can share in their joy. We pray for God’s guidance and strength to the Tigchelaars as they raise this covenant child to the fear of his name.

We also welcomed Jenna (Gr. 8), Lauren (Gr.5), and Hailey (Gr.5) Lof to our school on Wednesday.  We pray that they feel welcomed and that their transition back is smooth.

On this same day, we had our inside-out and backward day. For those who like planning our next School Spirit Day will be “Beach Day”.

We will have soup day on Wednesday. I have been told that there will be a gluten-free option. Students who want to enjoy this option will just have to ask the ladies in the kitchen. There will be soup and buns. No snack or drink will be provided. Here is your rhyming reminder of what students need to bring to school for this savoury delight: 

Grab a mug, don’t be a buffoon,

Add a spoon, for soup to swoon.

On Wednesday Mrs. Visser will be celebrating her birthday.  May God bless her with her various roles in the upcoming year.  I am sure she will have a wonderful day in k.

On Thursday the JCCS Defenders will be at the 1st of two hockey tournaments. I believe, if all goes well, they will be wearing some newly branded jerseys.

The grade ⅞ students who have won from JCCS, ACRES, Timothy, Bellstone, and Ambassadors will be participating in the Regional Speech Contest on Friday, February 9th at noon in the Smithville Church. 

Report cards will be heading home on Friday.  We look forward to interviews on the 13th and 15th. Please book your interviews by February 7th.  May God continue to bless the education that is happening here at JCCS.


Classroom News


Another wet week for the students playing outside. Please remember to provide extra socks and extra clothes so your child can change if needed. This week in Bible class, we learned how the Pharaoh changed his mind once again and chased the Israelites to the Red Sea. There God demonstrated His great power once again and the Pharaoh and his men were killed while the Israelites were safe on the other side. In Math we continued to learn about teen numbers. It would be very helpful if the students could practice writing from 0-19 at home on the days that they are at home. Here is a look at the schedule for this week: Monday – SH: Samarah; Tuesday – Logan; Wednesday – Library day, soup day, and Mrs. Visser’s birthday!; Thursday – SH: Mathias; Friday – SH: Kinsley. Have a good weekend everybody! JB

Grade 1

It was a short but busy week for the children. In Bible History we learned that the LORD used weak and sinful Samson as a judge in Israel. We have begun our unit on measurement in math. We are enjoying reading the stories about Gran in our CKLA binder. Continue to practice spelling words and tricky words on a daily basis. It was so fun to see the children dressed in backwards and inside out clothing. Another 9 school days, and then we have 100 day! The countdown is on. An information letter will come home soon with your child with some of the details for that day.

Grade 2

We enjoyed a nice short week this week. We started the week off with a fun inside-out and backwards dress-up day. In Language Arts, we have started a new unit called “The Job Hunt”. The students have enjoyed reading the stories so far, and we’ve had lots of conversations about the subway and New York City, where the story takes place. On Wednesday, we look forward to soup day! Please bring a mug and a spoon. Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday! MB & BV

Grade 3

We come to the end of another week that led us right into the month of February. Wow, time flies! In Church History we are learning about Thomas Cranmer, a man who died a martyr because he stood firm in his confession that Jesus is Lord. This unit will be wrapped up with a test soon so keep an eye out for the test date. The students have become more fluent in their multiplication facts and that has been helpful as we continue to work with division facts now, too. It will be beneficial to keep practicing these at home! With report cards going home next week, we would like to thank parents for supporting their children’s work as well as our work, as teachers. We look forward to the parent – teacher conferences that will follow, as an opportunity to discuss the progress of our students and the challenges they may be facing. Grade 3 can be a challenging year for some, as they are asked to use their ability to read and comprehend to gain some independence in their learning. That’s all for this week! JB/ KO

Memory Work: Psalm 95: 1; Exodus 20: 7-11

Spelling Words: *See agenda

Grade 4

Grade 4A: We completed our science quiz on light this week – excellent work studying and preparing! Students are finishing up this unit by completing small research projects on bioluminescent creatures and light technology.
Grade 4B: Our Science quiz on Light and our Bible Test on the Kings of Israel were sent home this week. Please sign and return the Bible test. We will be reviewing Multiplication and Division Facts in the upcoming week and having a final test on Feb. 13.
Monday: 4A Art Tessellations due
Wednesday: 4A Bible Test (Kings of Israel pt1); French quiz: Porter; vocab
Thursday: 4A Comprehension Quiz: Brown Girl Dreaming L1-7
Friday: Memory work (Psalm 107:1(4A&4B); John 3:16-18 4A)  Mission $, Spelling Test
Spelling List: goose, flew, songs, saved, shoot, grew, bush, chirp, cuckoo, robins, knew, caught, places, nest (ew / oo sounds)
Devotions (4B): Maelle (Tues), Helayna (Wed) Kolten (Th), Peri (Fri)

Grade 5

This past Wednesday was a very exciting day for the grade 5 class as we welcomed two new students into 5A! Hailey and Lauren Lof have come back to JCCS after having spent some time away. It is good to see friendships rekindled as the girls settle into the classroom setting. We pray that you will be at home here and adjust to the new school routines! In the coming week, we plan to wrap up the “Investigating Cells” Science unit and move on to “Ancient Egypt” in Social Studies. We have read the beginning of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and the students are enjoying the story very much!

Devotions for the week are as follows – 5A: Mitchell(M), Peter(Tu), Dylan(W), Allison(Th), Luke(F). 5B: Oden (M), Jaelyn(Tu), Quinn(W), Jodine (Th), Amryn (F). 

Enjoy the weekend! RK/KVL  

Grade 6

After a nice break we are ready to continue with our studies. In Science we are looking at diseases that do not spread from person to person. We continue to research a disease and will then put our information on slides. We enjoyed listening to some of the speeches and poems of the upper grades. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CVA

Grade 7A

While we enjoyed the extended weekend, we are happy to be back at work; indeed, to enjoy one’s work is a blessing from God. This past week we began our study of the “Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”. This fascinating autobiography tells us how a most influential person became a success in politics, economy and society. In Math we began a new chapter on integers, which ties in nicely with our study of climate factors and elevation. We’ll learn more about specific heat capacity in Science and discover why/how the Great Lakes moderate our climate here in southern Ontario. While David falls away from the LORD, we’ll learn how His promises never change. Enjoy your weekend.  

Grade 7B

Congratulations to Brooke, Judy, and Izzy for succeeding in the in-class Poetry and Speaking contest and representing 7B at the school final on Friday afternoon! The mantra from the grade 7 teachers has been that in our grade we strive to do hard things! Indeed, for many, public speaking fits that bill! Well done to all the students as they pushed themselves out of their comfort zone over the past few months. In History we wrapped up our study of the Loyalists and are headed for an assessment next week. In math we are taking a break from algebra as we move into a geometry chapter. Chapter 6 tests will be going home and will need to be returned with a signature next week. In science we continue to focus on how thermal energy affect particles. Have a blessed weekend! On behalf of the grade 7 teachers, Mr.J

Grade 8

Count on a math quiz in Financial literacy (HST and Simple interest) coming up this week. We look forward to watching the Regional Speech Contest in the JCCS gym at 1 pm on Feb. 9th. It is sure to be an enjoyable afternoon. On Feb. 12, the grade 8 students will be heading off to Guido for our Gr. 9 Visit Day. Please make sure that you have filled out the grade 9 registration form so that your child can take it to the Guido office. If you have any questions, contact Mr. VanIperen or Mrs. Tesfaye! We are happy to help. Have a great weekend! RT, AL and RV

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