Volume 26, Number 21, February 15, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

The school had a flurry of activity this week   We appreciate the support that we have from home in the education of covenant children. It is our prayer that the Parent Teacher Conferences bear fruit as we work hand-in-hand to fulfill our vows.   

This week will end with a PD day so the Chronicle comes to you a day earlier.  Tomorrow some of us will head over to Timothy Christian School to learn more about the Church History curriculum.  There is a new framework for grades 5 – 8 and the grade 1 – 4 curriculum, which has been in place since 2000, will be under the magnifying glass to look for areas that can be improved.   The rest will head over to Grace Christian School to learn about helping our learning resource students.  With a focus on workshops geared towards EAs, our support teams will fill their minds with new learning.  

At this time, I would like to announce some new teaching arrangements for the upcoming school year.  We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Hannah Bartels will be joining us next year to teach in the grade 7 class.  We wish her continued blessings as she finishes her learning journey at CCRTC.  Miss Broersma will be moving to the grade 4 next year and so that has left a vacancy in our Kindergarten program.  We are thankful to share with you that Mrs. Michelle Vis and Mrs. Deanna VandenOever will be taking on the respective KA and KB classes. With the help of Mrs. Visser, these classes will receive the educational support needed for the upcoming school year.   There are a few more pieces to the puzzle that are being looked at, but we realize that God continues to provide for the work that we do here.

During the upcoming week, we hope to focus our attention on Bullying Awareness.  The depth of sin is not missed here at JCCS either.  Hurtful words, thoughts, and actions affect the lives of our students as well. Ephesians 4:29 says ”Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up..”   Paul writes this in the context of the new life that we seek in Christ.  We hope that throughout this week we put in perspective God’s calling to us to love our neighbour as ourselves.  May we show Grace in Every Space as we seek to serve him.   Rev. Shin will lead a devotional assembly on forgiveness and reconciliation on Friday at 1:00.  You are most welcome to attend.

The Geography Challenge finals will be on Thursday, February 22, in the gym.  You are most welcome to attend this event, and event test your Geography prowess. Grade 4 -6 will have their competition at 10:30, while grade 7 – 8 will have their competition at 1:00. The finalists from 4-6 are Emmett, Waverly, Oliver, Jocelyn, Isaiah, Jonathan, Joey, Cason, Judah, Addison, Holden, and Leena.

The finalists from 7-8 are TBD at this point as their in-class challenge will happen after publication of this newsletter.

I believe that is all for this week.  May He be magnified in the upcoming week!


Week at a Glance:

Monday –  Family Day

Tuesday – Board Meeting

Wednesday – 

Thursday -Geography Challenge 10:35 – 4-6, 1:00 7 – 8

Friday – 1:00 – Forgiveness/Reconciliation – Devotional Assembly

Classroom News


It was a different week this week in kindergarten. Thank you to Mrs. Vis and Mrs. VandenOever for coming in to teach for Miss Jes this week. The students adapted well to the changes and from all accounts, they had great days! Parent teacher interviews also happened this week. It was nice to meet with so many of you and to discuss the progress that your child is making! Next week is a short week again with Monday being off for Family Day. Here’s a look at next week’s schedule: Monday – No school; Tuesday – SH: Leo; Wednesday – Library day; Thursday – SH: Logan; Friday – SH: Rosa. Have a great weekend everyone. JB

Grade 1

Thank you parents, for coming this past week to talk about the wonderful progress your child has made. It is by God’s grace; to Him be the glory. Our week was filled with learning, assessing, and of course Valentines fun. The high light for this week? We are 100 days smarter and brighter! The children looked amazing! Thank you, parents, for dressing your child as a 100 year old. The day was filled with counting to 100 in various ways. Ten stations were visited with each having a 100 day activity. We could make a necklace using 100 fruit loops, fill a ‘candy jar” with 100 candies, we made a 100 piece puzzle, and played with 100 magnets, stack 100 cups to make a building, construct something out of 100 cubes, write 100 words….It was such a fun day. To top it off, one mom baked cupcakes with the number 100 on it for snack time, and 2 other moms made oodles of noodles spaghetti for lunch. And, we had moms come in to help in the classroom. Thank you all for the help given. What a blessing we could celebrate 100 day!

Grade 2

Grade 2 enjoyed a fun, short week this week. The students were counting down the days to hand out their Valentine cards and treats! We are continuing to learn about Zimbabwe in Social Studies. So far, we’ve learned about the land, plants, and animals. In Church History we’ve heard the stories of John Chrysostom and how he became the bishop of Constantinople. In CKLA, we are working on our writing skills and are focusing on persuasive writing. Make sure to check out the News and Views to see our Nunavut art projects! Have a great Family Day long weekend! MB & BV

Grade 3

What a week! Wednesday was a lovely day with many cards, notes, and treats to enjoy. Thursday was a fun and patriotic dress up day with some special activities for flag day. We appreciated meeting with the parents on Tuesday and Thursday evening. This was a great opportunity to discuss the progress of our students and look forward to the next term. It was good to discuss how each child’s needs can be best supported so they may grow and learn to develop their talents.  In Church History we continue learning about Rev. Hendrik deCock and the secession in Ulrum, the Netherlands. Our math unit on division is just about complete. Each class will be having a test next week.  That’s all for this week! Enjoy your long weekend. JB/ KO

Memory Work: Hymn 2: 1; Exodus 20: 12 – 17

Spelling Words: *See agenda

Grade 4

What a bright week outside! We are grateful for the conversations that we could have with parents about working together for each child’s education. We look forward to meeting with more parents again this evening and applying all of these conversations in the coming weeks. At the time of writing, 4B is looking forward to a very special visit with Mrs. Tigchelaar and baby Claire on Thursday afternoon. We’re confident there will be much to catch up on with Mrs. T and we’ll all be captivated by sweet baby Claire!  Both classes are working on line graphs in math class, and are encouraged to focus on LABELLING their data points and features of the graph. Grade 4A is focusing on multiplication facts this week and will be quizzed on the 3 and 6 multiples on Thursday, while 4B begins their math drill booklet on the multiples of 4.  In writing, 4B is moving on to the concepts of metaphors and similes. 4A is working on creating a memoir of a significant (or insignificant) event in their lives. Please ask them about their writing process and encourage them to SHOW details, not just tell an event! Enjoy the beautiful weather and an extra long weekend! Mrs. VA, Mrs. S, Mrs. B

Wed – 4B Science Test: Sound 

Thurs –  4A: 3x and 6x Facts, Bible Test (Kings of Israel)

Friday – Spelling Test, Mission $; 4A Math Quiz; MW (Psalm 9:4-5) 4A Isaiah 40: 28-29; 4B Isaiah 40:30-31

Spelling Words: buttons, roses, mothers, houses, people, tanks, bushes, cherries, colours, steps, wishes, brothers, ponies, star

4A Devotions: Michaela (Tues) Tayson (Wed) Jocelyn (Thurs) Nash (Fri)

4B Devotions: Emmet (Tues) Trenton (Wed) Lia (Thurs) Oliver (Fri)

Grade 5

It was good to meet with many parents for the parent-teacher interviews! We are thankful for the opportunities to work together and are encouraged by these visits.This past Monday, we competed in the in-class Geography challenge to determine who would move on to the next level of competition, to be held next Thursday in the gym. Parents, you’re welcome to join us!

Grade 5A will have a Bible test on Wednesday to finish Unit 3. Devotions for the week are as follows: 5A – Kaylin(Tu), Lincoln(W), Joey (Th), Nadia(F). For 5B – Mark(Tu), Emma(W), Evan(Th), Corban(F). We hope you all have a great, restful long weekend! RK/KVL 

Grade 6

After a shortened work week, the students are excited for an extended 4-day weekend. In Math, we have moved from our Geometry unit and have now started our unit on fractions. We are also moving forward in our novel study, “Underground to Canada”, and students are busy writing their diary entries from the point of view of Julilly, our main character. This week we could participate in the Great Canadian Geography Challenge. Congratulations to Holden and Judah from Grade 6B and Leena and Adison from Grade 6A. The school final will be taking place next week Thursday! Have a great long weekend.

Grade 7A

What a wonderful opportunity for discussion this past week with Parent/Teacher interviews; home/work on the same page with the same foundation in our Lord Jesus Christ. This past week we held the annual Geography Challenge with Gr. 7/8 we’ll return to physical geography by listening to an interview with the Cornwall Alliance’s Dr. Calvin Beisner regarding climate change. In connection with the particle theory and phase changes in science, we’ve learned about warming and cooling curves. We’ll look next at energy transfer systems. In math we’re positively finished with integers and we’ll move on to equations and inequalities next. After learning about David’s last will and death we’ll move on to church history and the spread of the Reformation in the Swiss Confederation. Enjoy your long weekend. 

Grade 7B

We have wrapped up our Church History unit on Ulrich Zwingli and hope to start our Bible unit on King David next week. In History we have been looking at the settlement of Upper Canada and asked ourselves why immigrants would choose to leave their homes, families, and friends to endure the long journey to Canada. Students also took some time this week for a few fun Heritage/Flag Day activities which we celebrated on Thursday by dressing up in our flags colours. We completed the week in the gym with the Geography challenge as students prepare for the larger Geography challenge to come in the coming weeks. 

Music Test: Tuesday 

Enjoy the extra long weekend! 


Grade 8

We wish everyone a great extended weekend spent with family and friends. Count on a Geometry Quiz towards the end of the week. We are partway through our poetry unit in English. In Bible, we are partway through Christ’s Ministry part 2 which focuses on Jesus’ preaching, miracles and mastery over all. It is amazing how even though we are familiar with these stories, we still can learn so much every time we read these passages. RT, AL and RV

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