Volume 26, Number 27, April 5, 2024

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General News

My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour…, Luke 1:46b-47

Another week has flown by here at JCCS.   We welcomed Mr. Stan Sammy to present to us about the eclipse and received a lot of information about this eclipse.  It looks like the weather should be ok to see the eclipse and so we will be having a half day of school on Monday.  The buses will leave promptly at 12:30 and should have students’ home on time to see this event.

This upcoming week we hope to have a Pancake Day on Wednesday.  I am sure that students will be looking forward to this sticky delight.

On Friday several of our local chess winners will head off to the Chess Tournament which will be held in Maranatha School in Fergus.  We wish these students the best as they compete at the next level.

During Autism Awareness Month, let’s remember that each person is fearfully and wonderfully made by God, including those on the autism spectrum. We give thanks for the special gifts that God gives all of his children and marvel at how we can help children that are diagnosed with autism.  We look as a community to see how we support each other as we learn together and support each other in our tasks.

As some of you will have heard, we had to suspend bus service for bus #5 in the afternoon on Friday due to behaviour issues on the bus.   This prompts as a reminder that bus service is a privilege and we need to glorify God in how we use this service as well.  Regardless of which bus your child uses please have a conversation with them about how we magnify God in how we use this service as we show love to our neighbour.

Finally, you will have received surveys to fill out for the upcoming school review which is taking place.  Please use this survey as a way to help and support the school by providing your feedback.  We pray that this work will help our school continue to grow as we seek to educate covenant children to the fear of his name.

Praying that God refreshes you through the day of rest and may you be encouraged by the proclamation of his word.


Week at a Glance

Monday – ½ Day – Solar Eclipse

Wednesday – Pancake Day

Friday – Chess Tournament

McNally House Fundraiser

Many students have already begun fundraising for our upcoming Hike for Hospice! To collect money for McNally House, please be sure to:

  1. fill in the form with proper names and addresses. (not Oma & Opa, etc.)
  2. fill in the t-shirt order on the back of the form.
  3. collect all money before handing in the pledge forms.
  4. only bring the forms and money to school after the walk

Have fun collecting money for this worthy cause, boys and girls (and parents as well)!

Classroom News


This past Wednesday kindergarten celebrated a milestone in their learning by participating in the alphabet parade. They were so excited to welcome their parents, grandparents, and special guests to watch their performance and to see all of the work that they put into learning all the letters of the alphabet. Thank you so much to the parents for supplying the food for our alphabet feast. It was a great day! We also had a presentation from the astrological society to learn about the solar eclipse that will be happening on Monday. We will be starting a new show and tell next week. I will be sending home an email about how the new show and tell will work. Here’s a look at next week: Monday – SH: Ariana; Tuesday – SH: Letty; Wednesday: library day, Pancake Day; Thursday – SH: Quintan; Friday – SH: Logan. Have a good weekend. JB

Grade 1

This week was all about making connections in Grade 1! They students were so excited on Tuesday morning to tell about the songs they sang in church that had been learned as a memory work. Several ministers also preached on, or referenced Isaiah 53:6 which is the text we learned for today. Then on Wednesday, Mr VanIperen quoted Psalm 8:1 in the assembly as we learned more about the solar eclipse. Also on Wednesday, the students learned about halves in our current studies on fractions. This was followed by a Bible story where Solomon suggested cutting a baby into two halves so the women could share. It certainly makes assignments even more meaningful for the students when they can see all the connections! We finished this week by once again learning about the solar eclipse. (This time focused more on learning at the level of a 6 year old). Ask your child to demonstrate what will happen by using the model they’ve made in class. Our God is an awesome God!

Grade 2

We are looking forward to our exciting Detective Day next Wednesday – a dress up day filled with fun activities. We were still busy reading Nate the Great and finally finished the story, and figured out who took Annie’s missing picture! Grade 2 also wrapped up their Church History unit on John Calvin and will start our new unit next week. In Math we have still been working hard with double digit subtraction and regrouping. In Science we took a little sidestep to learn a bit more about what a solar eclipse is, and how God has placed everything in our universe in perfect order for us to admire and learn about. Next, we will be back to learning about Movement & Simple Machines. Have a great weekend and blessed Sunday! BV&MB

Grade 3

This past week we finished up our math unit on multiplication, which means next week we dive back into division. Be sure to practice these facts at home. We enjoyed a presentation where we were able to learn more about the sun, the moon, and what to expect to see during the eclipse next week. How wonderful are your works, O Lord! Coming up, we look forward to a pancake lunch served on Wednesday. Next week we will conclude our Bible unit about life in Egypt to Mount Sinai. There will be a test at the end of the week. JB/ KO

See the agendas for spelling words. Memory Work: Psalm 124: 1; Text: Psalm 23: 1-3

Grade 4

Grade 4, along with the rest of the school, attended a presentation by Mr. Sammy of the Royal Astronomical Society telling us all about the upcoming solar eclipse and how to enjoy it safely.
PE has been focused on basketball and we thank Mr. Vanderwoude for helping us learn how to shoot a basketball properly. We will continue with this sport for another week or so.
Grade 4B is currently learning about Daniel in Bible History and John Hus in Church History. We are also wrapping up a short unit on problem solving in math with a review and quiz on Wednesday.
Grade 4A is studying John Hus and learning about the reformation in the kingdom of Bohemia, 600 years ago! We have reflected how much we take for granted being able to listen to sermons in our own language, straight from God’s Word. We are switching over to fractions in math class – please continue studying math facts with your students! We will be increasing our quizzes to lead to mastery in the coming weeks.

Devotions (4B): Trenton (Tues), Lia (Wed), Oliver (Thurs),

Ezra (Fri)

Mon: Solar Eclipse!
Wed: Math Quiz (4B)
Thurs: Library; Spelling Test (4A – see agenda for words. Focus of lesson: words with the prefixes or roots un- non- en-)
Friday: MW: Hymn 6:2, Matthew 6:19-21(next week), Mission $, Spelling Test 4B; Math Quiz: 7s & 9s (4A)

Grade 5

Our Bible stories this past week have been very timely as the students came back from the Easter weekend. We have learned about the terrible suffering Jesus willingly endured in the final days before His crucifixion and death. We will be slowly working through these stories next week as well.  After our novel study, we are back into the World of Literature textbook, reading stories and poems from Unit 4: “Amazing Worlds in Creation”. In Art class, the students were introduced to Pointillism and how to make a variety of colours using small dots of red, yellow, and blue. We encourage the students to remember mission money on Fridays. Grade 5A is also dangerously low on Kleenex; if you’ve got a box to spare, we’d appreciate having it! Thanks in advance! Devotions for the week: 5A – Ashley (M), Brooklynn (Tu), Matthew (W), Mitchell (Th), Hailey (F). 5B- Robby (M), Liam G. (Tu), Liam H. (W), Denver (Th), Jonathan (F). Enjoy your week! RK/KVL

Grade 6

The students in Grade 6 have been invited to a ball hockey tournament on April 18. They will either be playing or watching. Those who are playing will be fine tuning their skills for they will be competing against students from Gr.7 and 8. In Science we have been studying matter. The students should be able to tell you some things about atoms, metals, nonmetals, metalloids, and noble gases. Next week we will look closely at the topic of compounds. Have a blessed weekend. TB/CV

Grade 7A

The presentations of the War of 1812 battles have begun. Each group will share a written component of their battle along with a visual component as they portray the battle on a model. As they describe their battle they will move pieces and armaments accordingly on the interactive battle map. Be sure to ask your young historian which battle they studied and are presenting. Intaglio print making will be our focus in Art as we continue to work with art media techniques. Students will select a motif and engrave in into linoleum; be sure to cut to your chum and not your thumb! While Solomon’s reign is a foreshadow of Christ’s glorious reign, it will nonetheless fail as he departs from the warning and advice of his Father. We’ll continue with poetry in L.A. and the devices used; alliteration, hyperbole and onomatopoeia. Enjoy your weekend. 

Grade 7B

We enjoyed a detailed and lengthy presentation from the Royal Astronomical Society. We look forward to Monday, at the very least to see what all the hubbub is all about. Last week we enjoyed a wonderful field trip to Stoney Creek and Nelles Manor. Thanks to the parents who joined us. We continue to work through our History projects and look forward to the 2nd leg of our trip at the end of the month to tour 3 other battlefields in the Niagara region. Have a blessed weekend, Mr. J

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